The Bad Girls's Good Boy

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" What the hell?! " I said while reaching for my phone that the devil took " you really need to start living. You can't live through your phone " he lectured me, AGAIN " you can't tell me what I can't an can do! You're not my dad or mum! I hardly even listen to my mom and dad so why should I listen to you?! " I spat at him " because I care " he said and took a deap breath " and because you're a bad girl, and I'm a good boy "


1. Chapter 1-Bad Girl Ways

Sofia's POV

" Sofia, are you sre about this? " my overly scared bestfriend, Khryss, asked me " yes, I've been doing this almost all my life. All we gotta do is sneek into the store, get whatever we want and sneek out, easy " I said while opening the lock of the backdoor using a bobby pin " ok if you say so " she sighed and looked back to see if anyone saw us, luckily no one did

" Ok, it's opened " I announce to the rest and they noded.

If you guys still didn't notice, we're robbing a store. A convinience store to be exact, why? because we're bad and that's how we roll. We rob, smoke, tresspass, swear, drink and cheat. It's fun, until you get caught that is. My friends all had sex before, except me, I never had sex and I'm still a virgin. Though none of them know that. It's embarrasing if they find out. I may be bad, but I'm scared to get pregnant.

" Ok, heres the plan " I said and they listened " me, Chloe and Danielle will go in first. Then, Eleanor, Perrie and Rein, you guys follow and we'll act like we're talking near the fridges or whatever the fuck those are called. Then, Khryss, Ashleen, Selena and Taylor will be the guard while we steal the drinks " I announced and they agreed

Me, Chloe and Danielle entered the store and took a basket while we filled it up with drinks, chips, cigarretes ect. After that, Eleanor, Perrie and Rein came in and started talking to us. After we talked for about 2-3 fucking minutes. After that, Ashleen, Khryss, Taylor and Selena came and guarded us out the back door. They covered us until we got out then followed us out

" Another good job " I said while lifting one bottle of beer. We already drove to some backyard. I don't know where we are actually. But it's ok, we'll just use google I guess.

" Yeah! " they all cheared while bringing up a bottle of beer each to mine.

We were drinking and smoking when we heard cop sirens. Fuck!


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