Lustosis ( 16+ )

Y Harry Lust Syndrum Sex Sofia Stay OneDirection Fanfic

Sofia Hilvano was just your average teenage girl. Goes to school, doesn't listen to her mum at times and most of all, single. She was actually desperate to be loved. Ofcourse she received love from her mum, but she wanted some other kind of love. She was so desperate, she took love from someone who had Lustosis

* Lustosis is not a real syndrum. I just made it up *


9. Chapter 9-Hell ( Part 1 )

Sofia's POV

I waited a few more minutes and after a few rings, he finally picked up

" *cough* Hello " he answered and coughed again

" Hey, this is Sofia. I have my answer " I said and sighed, I dread to think what kind of smirk he has on his face

" *cough* Really? What is it? " he asked and I took a deep breath

" Fine, I'll do it " I said and he coughed again continiously

" Great *cough* Tell your friends to drop you off at the address I'll text you " he said and coughed again, is he sick?

" Sure " I said, I didn't wanna ask if he was sick, I really don't care

He hung up and I faced Rein, Ashleen, Khryss and Chloe who all had annoying smiles on their faces. I just wanna punch it off each their faces if I can

" Will you cut those out?! " I asked irritated

" Stop denying it. We know you wanna live with him as much as you're denying it " Ashleen teased and I gave her a disgusted face

" Eew, listen to yourself, do you even know me? " I asked and they noded their heads

" Yup, and you want to live with him " Chloe said while the rest noded, oh give me a break

" Whatever, he'll text me his address, drop me off there " I said and took my phone out to see he already texted me

Harry: Here's my address ( his address ). See you later babe ;). Don't try to bale on me, I can track you down

I made a sick face at his text. He did not just call me babe. I don't know what I'm feeling. There's butterflies in my stomach and it's not the good kind

" Here's his address " I said and gave Khryss my phone since she's the one driving

" Good, we're not far away from there, you'll be there in 10 minutes " Khryss said and I groaned, is it really that fast

" Can we uh, drop by my flat first? " I asked while she looked at me suspicuously

" Is this an excuse so you won't have to go early at Harry's? " Khryss asked suspiciously while I just rolled my eyes. Half of that was true but the rest wasn't

" No, I need to get clothes genius " I replied back while she just shrug

" Alright then. We'll drop by yours first and help you pack " she said and started driving to my flat


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