Lustosis ( 16+ )

Y Harry Lust Syndrum Sex Sofia Stay OneDirection Fanfic

Sofia Hilvano was just your average teenage girl. Goes to school, doesn't listen to her mum at times and most of all, single. She was actually desperate to be loved. Ofcourse she received love from her mum, but she wanted some other kind of love. She was so desperate, she took love from someone who had Lustosis

* Lustosis is not a real syndrum. I just made it up *


8. Chapter 8-Papers

Sofia's POV

" WHAT HAPPENED?! " they all shouted in unison once I hopped in " Ouch " I whined while putting my hands on my ears " Sorry, alright, what happened. No detail is too small. Tell us EVERYTHING " Khryss said while I sighed

" He offered me a deal. He said one of you maniacs told one of the guys about my past and why I acted like that. He said he'd help me bring my social life back and everything else that left when my dad died. In return, I gotta spend a year with him " I explained and they looked at me in disbelief

" No fucking way! Really?! " Rein asked and I sighed " Yes, not the point, who told Louis? " I asked while all of them stayed silent " We all kinda did " Ashleen said and I looked at them in disbelief " Why?! " I exclaimed while they looked at each other guiltily " We kinda, thought it was for the b-best " Chloe chocked out, oh no, I made her cry " Oh, don't cry, c'mere " I said and hugged her, which turned out to be a group hug

" But honestly Sofia, maybe you should consider the offer. It will help you get your social life back. Maybe Harry's the one who can help you by popping that bubble of yours " Ashleen argued while I rolled my eyes

" But I don't want to pop it. It prevents me from getting hurt over and over again " I argued while she sighed

" You may not want it, but you can't deny the fact that it's what you need " she argued further while I sighed. She was right

" Ok, to make it fair, we'll use papers " Rein said and I sighed again. This day is the best ( sarcastically )

" Fine, we'll use papers " I said. Papers is where you take 2 pieces of paper and right ' yes ' or ' no ' on each paper. You're friends will ramble them up while you close your eyes and you gotta choose a paper after asking a ' yes or no ' question

I took out two small pieces of paper and a pen and wrote ' yes ' and ' no ' on each paper

" Here's the papers " I said and handed it to them. I took a deep breath while they shook the papers together

" Ok Sofia, pick a paper " Ashleen said and showed me 2 small folded papers that were already shaken up

" Here goes " I breath out and closed my eyes " Should I call Harry? " I started and took a poece of paper

Once I looke at it, it said ' yes ', ofcourse

" Should I say yes? " I asked while they shook it up again and took another on. Ofcourse again, it said ' yes '

" Can I say no? " I asked lastly and they shook it again. Please be a yes

Once I got it, it said ' no '. Really?!

" Ok Sofia, the papers decided, Call. Harry. Styles. And. Say. Yes. " Khryss said one by one which pissed me off

" Fine " I breath out and took my phone

Next phone call will be the worst one in my Whole. Entire. Life.

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