Lustosis ( 16+ )

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Sofia Hilvano was just your average teenage girl. Goes to school, doesn't listen to her mum at times and most of all, single. She was actually desperate to be loved. Ofcourse she received love from her mum, but she wanted some other kind of love. She was so desperate, she took love from someone who had Lustosis

* Lustosis is not a real syndrum. I just made it up *


11. Chapter 11-Hell ( Part 2 )

Sofia's POV

" Take care mom, I promise, I'll visit whenever I can " I said before hugging my mom. We were about to leave for hell. I wonder what was the thing I did that was so bad that I have to go to hell

" Take care honey, I'll miss you and I love you " she said and kissed my head

" I'll miss you too. I love you mom " I replied before walking towards Khryss' car

" Visit honey! " my mom shouted while I replied with an ' I will ' before hopping into her car with my bags

" Sofia, I know it's pretty weird, but I think you're decision to stay with Harry will help you alot " Ashleen said and I rolled my eyes

" How will being away from my only parent for almost a whole year be able to help me? " I snapped back in an annoyed tone

" Maybe, from how you're looking at it now it doesn't sound good. But trust me, I can see you having fun and getting your social life back " she said and I rolled my eyes while putting my head phones in

" Wake me up when we're at hell " I said before closing my eyes. I wasn't really gonna sleep. I just wanted them to stop saying all these things about me being with that jerk for a year be a good thing

~~At Harry's House~~

" Here we are Sofia. Wake up! " Chloe screamed making me groan. I was not asleep so she didn't need to shout

" Alright, I'm awake! " I shouted back in an annoyed tone while the rest got out of the car. I was the last one who got out of the car.

" Let's get this over with " I said while taking my bags an walking towards his front porch

" Open up " I said while ringing his doorbell for the 5th time

" Hold up! " a girly voice said. Alright, that is NOT him. Does he have a girlfriend or something? Either way, I don't really care

After a few minutes, Harry finally came out with a girl in his arms

" Another great job. See you next time " he said before slapping the girl in the bum making the girl smirk and kiss him on his chest since he was only in his boxers. Did they forget that other people can see them

" Ehem " I coughed making them look at me. Harry completely emotionless and the girl with an annoyed look " I can come back another time if you're busy, maybe tomorrow " I said, mentally praying he'd say yes

" No, she was just leaving. Right? " he said and looked at the girl who sent me a death glare before leaving " Good to see you actually came " he said an placed his hand on my waist but ofcourse I pushed him away from me

" Don't touch me. Rule 1 " I said before entering his house. At this point, my friends all left. Trust me, they're real friends 'cause if they weren't then they would have pushed me to come here just to see Harry but they didn't even look at him. I mean, with what he's wearing, who can?

" Oh, so we got some rules aye " he said while walking towards me

" Yes, and rule No. 2: Personal Space " I said and pointed to the space between me and him

" Alright, can I show you to your room? " he asked and I nodded " Here's your room " he said and opened a door revealing a room with a king sized bed, a walk-in closet, dresser and other stuff. It was complete except for clothes

" That's your bathroom, there's my room, and the dining room and kitchen are downstairs on the living room. There's also a pool outside and a theater room. Have fun " he said before leaving to get changed I'm guessing. I mean, he is only in his boxers

" Well, we gotta make this home " I said while hopping into my king-sized bed " Better unpack some clothes " I said while taking my bag and zipping it open

~~After Half An Hour~~

After half an hour, I was finally done unpacking my things which were: make-up, clothes, shoes, bags and gadgets

" Hey, dinner's ready " Harry said while entering my room making me jump in surprise

" Jesus Christ, don't you know how to knock? " I asked annoyed while he just shrugged

" Not used to visitors " he said making me roll my eyes

" So that girl wasn't a guest? " I asked matter-of-factly

" Is someone jealous? " he asked mockingly making me let out a dry laugh

" Jealous of her? Because of you? I would kill just to get out of here " I said and walked past him

" Deny all you want babe, we both know you want me too " he said making me shiver. Something about tonight is scaring the hell out of me


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