The Blood Bath of a Broken heart

How does a broken heart feel?
I felt a broken heart, and this is what it feels like to me..
This is a one shot. Please leave a comment saying how you felt about it!


1. The Blood Bath of a Broken Heart

As his dark, emotionless eyes pierces my heart, I can see.

But I can only see, what is in front of me. A man, who no longer love me, and never will do. There are no color in this world, in my world. Everything seems as monotonous, as the voice, he is speaking down at me with.

Where is the bright, happy world, that I used to love? Everything around me is darkness and memories. Happy memories that hurts, even more now I'm facing the, once loving man in front of me.

Those happy memories are forever gone and makes the world of mine seem just as dark, as his eyes. I'm broken. He was my weak spot, and glaring into such eyes rips up my rib cage and tear in my heart. I can litterely feel this pain, as its killing me, leaving wounds all over my body.

I have been standing here for ages, with nothing to say, and even though my eyes begin to fill up with tears, I still can't make any sound. I can't stop looking at him, not even blink, but my sight is blurry from the salty water, now running down my cheeks, leaving my makeup in a total mess.

With no facial expressions nor sound, he then turns around and walks away. And I then falls to the ground, in a blood bath, of a broken heart.

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