Harry Potter's Twin: Book One

Hi I am Athena Diana Minerva Potter. Harry's twin sister. While we're twins we could not be more different. Yet we are a lot alike. Our parents did die but Wormtail was caught and we live with our guardians Remus Lupin and Sirus Black (Moony and Padfoot) , their wives Lupa and Casacopiea respectively, and their children Roma and Lycaon Lupin; Andromeda(after Padfoot's favorite cousin) and Orion Black. This is the story of our life.


2. Nine years Nine months later


Hahaha. I laughed to my self. This was perfect! I was going to use my magic to sound like Aunt Petunia and scare the living daylights out of Harry. I snuck into his room under our dad's invisibility cloak. We got the cloak for our birthday last year. 

"Get up! Up Harry! Time to make breakfast for Dudley!" I yelled as Aunt Petunia into my sleeping brother's ear. We had gone to stay with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon last summer for a week while Uncles Moony and Padfoot went on a trip with Aunts Lupa and Merlinia for their anniversaries. They made us cook every meal and just treated us horribly. Aunt Petunia kept dropping hints about us coming and living with them. 

"Noooo! I live with Moony and Padfoot! Padfoot help me! Moony get me out of here!" yelled Harry as he shot up in bed.

I couldn't help laughing as Uncles Moony and Padfoot came in trying to figure out what was wrong. Uncle Moony heard me and smiled. 

"Harry, it's okay. Athena was just playing a prank on you" said Uncle Moony trying not to laugh

"What! I don't see her Remus. Where is she?" Asked Uncle Padfoot

"Over there somewhere. I can hear her laughing." Uncle Moony wheezed out. He had finally given in to the need to laugh and was laughing really hard 

"Come out from under the cloak, Athena." commanded Uncle Padfoot 

I came out from under the cloak and saw that both my uncles were nearly crying from laughter. 

"Am I really that good? I asked 

"Maybe" both uncles wheezed with beet red faces

"There is one thing you must learn." said Uncle Padfoot who had just gotten over laughing at my joke

"What is that?" I asked innocently 

"Not to give your self away by laughing when invisible." said my uncles in unison 

"Moony only heard me because he's a werewolf and has super hearing. Bet you didn't hear me Padfoot." I replied 

"No I didn't. I guess that's true Athena." 

"You know it is. Anyway I just wanted to tell Harry it's our birthday. But I couldn't wake him up. I've been trying for hours. You know it's four in the afternoon." I said

"What?!" Yelled my uncles and Harry

"Yeah look at your watches" I told them. I had used Padfoot's wand to change the time on all their watches 

"Lupa! We're we missed lunch with the Bones'" Yelled Moony to his wife Lupe who is also a werewolf 

"Casacopiea! We're late for our meeting with Molly and Aurthor!" Yelled Padfoot to his wife 

"Guys! Just thought you should know it's four in the morning." I said putting the cloak back on and running out of the room

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