Harry Potter's Twin: Book One

Hi I am Athena Diana Minerva Potter. Harry's twin sister. While we're twins we could not be more different. Yet we are a lot alike. Our parents did die but Wormtail was caught and we live with our guardians Remus Lupin and Sirus Black (Moony and Padfoot) , their wives Lupa and Casacopiea respectively, and their children Roma and Lycaon Lupin; Andromeda(after Padfoot's favorite cousin) and Orion Black. This is the story of our life.


3. Getting our letters


Harry was yelling at me as usual. Most mornings start with him yelling at me for something I had done that morning. 

"I can't believe you did that to me! You know that my worst fear is having to go back to the Durselys!" Harry yelled

"Well, Harry it was actually very easy. All I had to do was change my voice like I do my appearance or form (I am a metamorphagous and a mulitmigious(a mulitmigious is like an animagous but I can become any animal))" I said as I transformed into Uncle Moony's daughter Roma, who was actually born a werewolf, "and yell in to your ear. Your reaction was really funny!" I told Harry

"Really? Like when I told Nevill that you fancied him?" my brother asked cockily 

"Yeah like that was fun for you. I still haven't gotten my payback for that I'm buying my time. Now let's think about how we could get Padfoot and Moony" I said

"What have you got so far?" asked my brother

"Well, I've shrunk their clothes and put whoopie cushions in their chairs." I explained 

"Really! That's all you, The Mistress of Pranks, has got!" My brother laughed

"Oh no, no ,no, no! That's all I've got done so far. My idea is to make them think that this is your idea. Then we hit them so hard the flinch at the thought of it for years. I'm thinking that we pretend that I have run away because I got excepted into Durmstrang. All we have to do is is fake a Durmstrang letter and write a note explaining why I ran away." I explained 

"I see this is going to be great but where will you be durning all of this? I know you love to see the result of your pranks." asked Harry

"Here. Duhhh!" I said 

After a mo' of consideration Harry dumbly said " But even if we use the cloak Moony will still smell you." 

Gahhh Harry you are so dense sometimes "I will use magic to make me unsmellable" said I

"Oh! Wait! You can do that!" Exclaimed Harry

"Yeah, I have been doing it for a while. How do you think I do so much with out getting caught. Look! There are our owls! Let's write those letters." I said

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