Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


21. Two Faced - Saenoch Tinur

Diviner. Deciever. Scryer. Liar. Saenoch Tinur sees all within her sphere of deception and bad omens, for she is the Seven of Swords, Tarot's Devil, the black cat, and the self-devouring snake. The guardian of the decievers and the witches, Saenoch Tinur is often credited for giving mortals the ability to use magic for nefarious purposes, and is seen as the reason why mages turn evil.

Unlike the rest of the Saenochs, Tinur partly maintains one constant form of a woman in a black, lacy ballgown with sheer bell sleeves, crochet panels, and floaty layers spilling onto the floor around her. The only part of her that ever changes is her face, which she can remove and replace with another at will, locking them into place with two silver earrings. Tinur's unique method of changing forms may be what has earned her the name 'Two-Faced Liar', alongside her methods of amusing herself. Like most Saenochs, mortals know grave danger when she gets bored.

Such was the case for one Konrada Padith, an Areadil who believed his adherence to the rules of luck had been the secret to his success in Kazidzo's casino city, Vava Vanos. Since the start of his gambling career, Konrada had always been a superstitious sort, but he had never lost a single bet. Such a loyal puppet to Tozahr's influences deserved her reward, and so she sent him a bad omen, warning him not to play the next round. As usual, he refused to play, realising only at the end of the round that he had in fact...lost out. Next round, he recieved no bad omens, and lost half his funds in one go. This kept going for many rounds, all former bad omens becoming good and good omens becoming bad, until the last round. Down to his final few coins, Konrada Padith thought he had mastered the fact all had switched around, betting on the last round after spotting a bad omen in the dealer dropping a card before reshuffling. As the Areadil bet all he had left on this one round Saenoch Tinur had decided She was done twisting the bad omens around, and returned everything back to the status quo at the very last moment. Konrada Padith was left without a single coin to his name, destitute, and ruined simply as it entertained the Saenoch.

She has directly lied to the mortals before, appearing as a fortune teller and fate reader for the aristocracy of the Amaena. Attended to by her Scorpio servants, their tails hidden beneath flowing robes, Saenoch Tinur drew out her Onyx Deck and told the collective fortunes of seventeen generation of aristocrats yet to be born. Before she could say which generation had which fortune, she vanished in a wisp of smoke, leaving behind a scattering of amethyst chips.

It is said that the purple gemstone is sacred to the Saenoch of lies and bad omens, and offering a chunk of hollow amethyst to Tinur is a guarantee of getting told an honest answer to one question. By lying to her with a hollow gem she thought was solid, she is forced to be honest to the giver, as you can't lie to a liar. For this very reason, it's rare to find a shrine to Saenoch Tinur that isn't guarded by her Scorpios, who test any offerings of amethyst by attempting to crush it in their eagle beaks. Those that do offer her a hollow gemstone then face their trademark stingers, and had better come prepared with the Amethyst Carapace. A shield made of amethyst bearing the design of a scorpion's back, capeable of making the bearer immune to all poison attacks by storing the venom within. When enough venom is stored, the Carapace is able to release all the gathered venom into a concentrated neurotoxin that paralyses all opponents in the vicinity. It's said the only way of finding this powerful shield is by scrying through Saenoch Tinur's own Onyx Deck, and she is very picky on who she lets touch the deck of black cards detailing pistols, magic, coins, cups, and various figures in life. Like Tinur herself, the two-faced omens lead to the Carapace.

Saenoch Tinur's habit of using mortals to amuse her when bored is not unique to her. There is another who sees mortals as nothing but games to be played, especially when bored. And you wouldn't like them when they get bored...

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