Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


27. Lorebook - On Domination, Book Two

On Domination, Book Two
by Carvusia

It is with great risk that one takes it upon oneself to learn the discipline of Domination up to its second stage: the domination and commanding of Saenoch servants beyond the barrier. Note that the domination of Saenoch servants already scattered across the Nine - whether guarding holy places or otherwise - is a fool's errand, for those permitted to descend are often under stricter control by their appropriate Saenochs, and those already dominated by a mage do not respond well to the sudden shift in mastery.

Different Saenoch servants require different strength bindings and enchantments, and each binding must be tailored to the Saenoch in command. The acute group of Saenoch servants are not recommended for any mage of a rank under Evoker, and some require ever higher ranking.

Lesser Servants:

Taurus are the docile, four legged servants of Saenoch Cimozar, Saenoch of Cycles and Motion. In encounters, they are described as having the head, shoulders, and arms of a man growing from a bull's neck, with almost a mane of black, curly hair and two bull horns on either side of their head. They rarely resort to melee, preferring to use their natural talent for geomancy to manipulate the earth beneath a target's feet, burying them alive in rockslides or impaling them upon stalagmite eruptions. Bindings for a Taurus require coltsfoot leaf, holly berries, and ground chalk.

Sagittarius are the amphibious servants of Saenoch Geobach, Saenoch of Repulsion and Rejection. Described as being teal-grey horses with slimy ropes of waterweed serving as its mane and tail, dripping with viscous, black slime and with serrated teeth. Sagittarius are the most commonly dominated of all Saenoch servants, with some able to be completely tamed and ridden like regular horses. If provoked though, they can unleash volleys of scalding steam and boiling water, or deliver powerful kicks with their broad hooves. Bindings for a Sagittarius require lady's petticoat leaves, eye of shark, maple sap, and horse hair.

Leo are the humanoid felines servant to Saenoch Gorazach, Saenoch of Desire and Satisfaction. These servants take the form of mortal women covered in short, golden brown fur, with a cat's upturned triangle of a nose, and a mane of golden hair to their knees, covering their nude bodies. These wildcats are quick to turn upon an enemy, blasting them with pure light burning away flesh, or biting into them and latching on with their sharp fangs. Bindings for a Leo require sunflower seeds, gold leaf, sap from Paliephor's grasses, and yeast.

Capricorn are the quiet, hoofed servants of Saenoch Mepasir, Saenoch of the Scapegoat. These Capricorn rarely assume a form aside from the blue mists common to Hunger's Rattle, but if they choose to, they appear as short, stocky women from the waist up, and woolly goats from the waist down. Their pupils are rectangular, their hair is short and fine, and they have two pairs of short, slightly curled horns. They are docile and timid, preferring to serve as support thanks to their ability to heal themselves and allies, but if threatened, a Capricorn is capeable of charging an opponent, butting and goring them with their horns, or delivering a powerful kick from their back legs. Bindings for a Capricorn require snakeskin, myrrh, bramble thorns, and coyote fur.

Serious Servants:

Pisces are the formless, fathomless servants of Saenoch Zaeglar, Saenoch of Collection and Knowledge. These servants appear as masses of swaying waterweed with an underwater current weaving through the plants. They have no corporeal form. The Pisces is capeable of poisoning attackers, unleashing acidic, toxic mists when brought out of Zaeglar's section beyond the barrier. Bindings for a Pisces require sand, weeping willow vines, waterlily nectar, and Haliae scales.

Aquarius are the ever-changing, translucent servants of Saenoch Moran, Saenoch of Maddening Secrecy. These servants appear as men and women made entirely of clear, blue water, wearing rather minimal armour made of porcelain that exposes plenty of liquid flesh. These aquatic warriors serve mostly as guards, and can defend by spraying enemies with high-powered jets of water, shredding flesh in seconds. Bindings for an Aquarius require red wine, ice, eagle feathers, and rainwater gathered during a lightening storm.

Gemini are the luminous, fluid servants of Saenoch Tozahr, Saenoch of Betrayal and the Mind. These servants appear as men and women made entirely of buttery yellow light, somewhat blinding to look at for too long. The glowing ones attack through arcs of lightening, electrifying enemies in very little time. If considerably threatened, a Gemini can split in two, revealing an opposite-sex version of themselves that can attack as a pair. Bindings for a Gemini require mirror flower petals, willow sap, ground aquamarine, and colourful bird feathers.

Scorpio are the shadowed, shrouded servants of Saenoch Tinur, Saenoch of Lies and Bad Omens. These servants assume the form of men and women naked under long, black cloaks with eagle beaks, black, glossy skin, and a long scorpion's tail. They attack first by biting, nipping into enemies and tearing off chunks of flesh, then by poisoning with the neurotoxin stored in the gland within their stinging tails. Bindings for a Scorpio require dried jasmine, black salt, a tea made from rosehips and mugwort, and a whole amethyst.

Acute Servants:

Aries are the brutish, aggressive servants of Saenoch Skaxal, Saenoch of Strength and Ambition. Appearing as short sheep with the torso of a red-skinned man, fiery red hair, and two curled horns growing from their heads, Aries are brutish melee fighters. They are lightening fast, able to charge straight into a hostile opponent and butt a hole clear through their chests, smashing through ribcages and turning organs into pulp. Binding of an Aries is not recommended for any mage under Evoker rank, and requires powdered bone from any skull, ground amber, dandelion clock seeds, three teeth from an upper jaw, and five ounces of human hair.

Libra are the metallic, emotionless servants of Saenoch Baeldun, Saenoch of Control and Order. They appear as if carved out of blue metal, like statues of tall, skeletal men and women, but one arm attaches to a circular shield that bulges outwards and is large enough to block their whole torso, and another arm takes the form of a hollow-headed axe large enough to cut a man in half from head to foot. They attack mainly as defenders, hiding behind their giant shields and slashing with their axes only when foes have been staggered by a shield charge. Binding of a Libra is not recommended for any mage under Warlock rank, and requires copper ore, lamb skin, honey, and Saenoch blood.

Virgo are the vile, twisted servants of Saenoch Thixur, Saenoch of Immorality and Ravage. Unlike others, Virgo were once mortal women who did not survive the ritual of absorbing Thixur's power and were resurrected as corpses. They appear as red-lipped women in white, hooded cloaks, with long hair braided with flowers tumbling out from beneath the hood. Their appearances are deceptive though, for when threatened a Virgo will fling off their cloak and expose their corpse-like, rotting, crone-like body bent over and dripping their own blood. Their organs will be sewn in by thread, blood will drip from between their legs, and their hands are more like bird feet with long, hooked talons. They attack by flinging themselves at the enemy in a haze of banshee screeches, doing tremendous damage with their claws and fangs, shredding a foe limb from limb. Only a Master Mage is capeable of binding a Virgo, and must use human blood, the bones of a stillborn child, live spiders, and a taglock of their own flesh to do so.

In preparation for the currently-unpublished fourth book in this series, I shall be investigating the use of Domination magic upon an actual Saenoch. However, unlike the mythical Queen of the Heart, I shall not be attempting to dominate a Saenoch myself, rather studying the myths and legends surrounding the previous attempts. Fear is reserved for that which cannot be controlled, and with that, a Domination mage knows not of fear.

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