Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


16. Dead to be Born - Saenoch Cimozar

The slaying mother, the nurturing killer. Saenoch Cimozar is both everything and nothing when the time is right. Subtle and explicit. Growing, nurturing, and aging, just like the sun as it cycles through the daytime sky.

Depicted as a black-haired mother in an ankle-length white top with deep red bottoms, Saenoch Cimozar is frequently associated with birth, fertility, death, both the solar and lunar cycles, and the changing nature of the mortal body. Unlike other Saenochs, the Saenoch of Cycles is one of the few to constantly show benevolence towards the mortal races, and as such is openly worshipped across the Nine. Chapels to Cimozar, commonly known as 'compassions', can be found in most cities all over the Lands. Most compassions also double as hospitals, particularly for women enduring childbirth and the dying to pass in peace. After all, the circle of life is one of Her main influences, after the shifting of the moons.

Suspended above the Nine Lands are the clearest sign of Saenoch interference. The two moons Plateau and Abyss were gifts to the ocean Deosedea when it was still newly formed. Cimozar saw how the ocean struggled to remain balanced in its juvenile state and crafted two moons. Allowing them to float just beneath the barrier, the oceans of Deosedea could focus on the two lilac moons and use them as a focal point for her to keep her balance. In return, Saenoch Cimozar was allowed to let Plateau and Abyss interact with the shadows of all Lands the ocean created, changing phases and granting Cimozar another cycle to work with when mortals were created.

And work with them She did. When Her only daughter began approaching womanhood, Cimozar had gathered a grand array of Her devoted followers from all across the Nine. Appearing at Her main compassion in the Karicarya city of Lavender, Cimozar told Her most devoted that they had earned Her favour, and those who wished to recieve Her gift would gather in the open air beneath the light of the twin full moons. Her daughter would bestow her mother's blessing upon the devout, binding them forever to the sacred cycle of the night sky and the purity of wild nature.

When the night came, the devout worshippers came out all across the Nine, bathed in the light of the full moons. As the time approached midnight, Cimozar appeared before them all as a titan in the sky. Cloaked in white from her artifact, the Periodicity Veil, and clutching her draconic blade, the black haired amazon smiled at the wailing masses and lay a hand on her daughter's shoulder. With a whisper, she transferred the blessing she had prepared to her daughter, allowing her to take her first steps upon the Lands. With the cycles of the moons, the blessed would be granted the keen senses and abilities of prey animals found across the Nine, strengthening and weakening as the moons wax and wane. The circle of life will never end, either in the purity of nature or mundane complexity of mortal lives.

At least that was the plan. As the white light of Saenoch Cimozar tumbled from her daughters arms upon the devout, it burned icy blue, blistering like fire as it touched their skin. Under the light of the full moon, the blessing was at its most potent, forcing the victims closest to animals. Yet they were no prey. The savagery of the predators that caused the Nine themselves no end of hatred had been infused within them, turning them monsterous. Fanged creatures with either scales or toothed skin plunged into the seas of Pellen and Hateya, taking the unwary swimmers into barrel rolls. The tusked and feathered of the sibling Lands gored through mortal flesh, scavenging the bloody remains as the tissue began to die. Lupine, vermin and ursine on Remand and Aquentor raided the towns, the packs and the loners fearing none in their way. From Kazidzo's plains came a feline roar, and the lions upon the red cliffs hid away with tails between their legs. The desert sands of Shamni rattled and hissed as they slithered, before finally the ice upon Menti cracked with an evil hiss. Those touched by the twisted blessing would never know death unless forced to, their bodies rotting and teeth bared as fresh blood dripped from their tongues.

This was wrong. Ravaged. The Saenoch of Cycles had never wanted this to happen. But another one did. One who warped the blessing of Saenoch Cimozar, and laughed...

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