Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


17. Born Villain - Saenoch Thixur

M'nigh Horror. Lalith. Blue Horn. Saenoch Thixur has many names across the Nine, but all cultures see Him as the villain in their mythology. Taking the appearance of a creature both lizard and mammal, with a scaled tail and insect-like pincers, the blue-skinned giant is regarded as the enemy of anything good and wholesome. He is the Ravage that stalks the Lands, the claws that guide the wicked to perform their deprived acts.

Choosing to lord over the depraved sphere of Immorality and Ravage, Saenoch Thixur enjoys nothing more than warping a life and forcing the unfortunate mortal to exist indefinitely, frozen in their personal hell whilst he watches, amused. Like all Saenochs, whatever He does cannot be undone, and thus He thoroughly enjoys inflicting permanent curses and ravages upon the mortals of the Lands.

Though preferring to rape and pillage at His own leisure, He has at times been summoned to aid particularly twisted individuals. Such was the case when the descendant of a Returned named Azaerona refused to honour her Saenoch ancestor and cause chaos since the death of her brother, Iarrad, at the hands of a sect of hunters dedicated to wiping out those who honour Thixur. Uncaring about whether the grieving sister caused carnage or not, it was only after offerings from the poor girl's parents that Thixur took the form of a blue-skinned Evemeni and appeared before them. Rather than see Azaerona dead as per her parents' wishes, the Saenoch of Immorality preferred to see her return to her ancestral roots. Thixur knew the girl could not bear to hear her brother's name besmirched, and instructed his loyal Returned to disrespect their son at his grave. The Saenoch had arranged for a length of cable to be near the boy's headstone when His two loyal followers fulfilled their purpose and drove Azaerona to strangle them both with the metal rope. Broken in both family and self-belief, the young Azaerona fled into the wilds of Remand, and her fate is unknown to this day.

Though always feared, at times Saenoch Thixur has been revered by mortals, particularly the Evemeni upon their native Remand. Evemeni tend to make up a sizeable portion of Thixur worshippers, for without Him they would not exist. At least half of all Thixur's previous champions have been Evemeni, wearing the Claws of Thixur and wielding the aptly named Lariat of Violation until one or both have been stolen from their body. Both tools have been frequently utilised over the years, often for cruelty, but once they defied their master's wishes.

Thixur has never willingly aided a mortal unless it benefited Him, but there was one time that the Saenoch's very mind was ravaged like the mortals He toyed with. An Evemeni mage, Master of Domination magic, had used her art of commanding upon the Saenoch, forcing the blue skinned giant to His knees in front of her. It was His own clawed hand that reached into his chest and pulled out His own heart, gifting it to the future Queen of the Heart before returning to His section - Hunger's Rattle - beyond the barrier. Once her spells had worn off, Thixur raged, sending waves of his twisted Virgo servants down to Remand. When none returned alive after the centuries of holding siege to Mount Uhryxi and the old Mages' Guild entombing Queen of the Heart, Saenoch Thixur turned the theft of His heart to His advantage, infecting the pulsating organ with direst cruelty.

It was to His misfortune that Remand's Hero slew the Queen of the Heart within her prison, destroying the Saenoch's heart with his own artifacts. And they were not easy to come by. The Saenoch of Immorality and Ravage had kept the chain whip and horned gauntlets close by his side since His last champion attempted to betray Him and melt the artifacts down. Remand's Hero had to enter Hunger's Rattle and steal both Lariat of Violation and Claws of Thixur from out under the Saenoch's scaled form. But he wasn't alone.

Betrayal never comes from anyone distant, and Thixur was betrayed by the one closest to him - whether she wanted to be or not. On the end of an iron chain, the Unwilling Bride touched by the twisted blessing stands at Immorality's side, a disfigured beacon for those who suffer.

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