Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


7. Born Superior - The Karicarya

"Golden skin, snotty expression, and tall as a streak of piss is long. You must be Karicarya! So much for purity and dignity, eh? Only pure thing in that cell is the rat shit, and you're stuck in there with it. Only time you'll get it off you is when they throw your body in the lake! Oh, didn't you hear? You're going to die in there! Die like a sick dog!"

With white sand beaches framing the coastlines, colourful flowers as large as a man's hand, and wild fae peeping out from the tropical forests, it's easy to become awestruck when one visits Pellen. Yet where other races try to blend into their lands, the people of Pellen will always be noticed.

Karicarya. Say the word to most people and their minds will conjure up images of a golden skinned folk towering over all others, looking down their slender noses at the other races struggling to come up to their shoulders. This image is not entirely inaccurate. Karicarya are the tallest race of mortals on the Nine, towering over even the lofty Evemeni women, the willowy Nakleel, and the brawny Kjolica. Their almost eight feet tall frames are slender and impeccably proportioned, every inch of them is kept well-groomed at all times, and their pale gold skin shimmers in the light. Such an eye-catching sheen makes it difficult for a Karicarya to become a thief or assassin - not that any self-respecting creation of Pellen would dare sully themselves with such an unbecoming profession. The Karicarya were created to stand out as the living embodiments of perfection, and whilst they certainly stand out, it's not always for the right reasons.

The Karicarya are known for being the most intolerant people, especially towards their own kind. Pellen created them to be the incarnates of perfection, so anything different from what the Land set out must be imperfect, and cannot be allowed to sully the bloodlines and reputation of the Karicarya people. Anything that stands in the way of creating perfect, pure-blooded Karicarya offspring must be eliminated no matter what it is, and no matter the cost. Interracial breeding, infertility, and homosexuality are all punishable by death on Pellen. After all, to not produce natural, pure-blooded Karicarya children marks you as an abomination against the natural order of things, sabotaging the perfection of the Karicarya people. There are some refugees from Pellen that provide inside evidence on the treatment of Karicarya that diverge from their strict rules on racial purity. One report from an eighteen year old lesbian refugee claims parents of homosexual children are rewarded if their "little mistakes" remove themselves from the gene pool. The government of Pellen deny this is true, but many young refugees fleeing Pellen come with similar tales of the desperate measures the Karicarya resort to when 'purifying' their own race. Yet the only impurities in the Karicarya bloodlines are their own fault.

When the first attempt at a calendar had started, Karicarya priests, mages, and assorted masters of the otherworldly arts began conspiring with the Saenoch of Immorality and Ravage. The Karicarya had been plotting to sabotage the Evemeni bloodlines since they heard of the first Evemeni. Their Land's harsh environment meant very few other races chose to settle on Remand, meaning less mixing of the races. On the other hand, Pellen's balmy climate, white sand beaches, and tropical forests attracted many immigrants from the other Lands, allowing for plenty of racial mixing. In order to give the Karicarya an unfair advantage, Saenoch Thixur was set upon the Evemeni city of Qohamn, stealing away the population in one night and returning their half-Saenoch corrupted descendants to spread chaos and ravage amongst the untouched. On Pellen, the guilty Karicarya celebrated their victory over the Evemeni in their quest for the purest bloodlines, but the celebrations were short lived. The Returned Evemeni, children and grandchildren of Immorality, had a streak of unbridled cruelty within them that came to the surface when given the chance for revenge.

A matter of months after realising the Karicarya were behind Thixur's ravage of Qohamn, the Evemeni sent their revenge to Pellen aboard a passenger ship. Docking at Pellen's capital of Deseret, the redhead girl seemed to move across Pellen with no true purpose in mind. The only consistency to her journey across Pellen was when she stopped at ordinary family homes along her route. Each time she stopped she asked the homeowner for a simple favour: to use the phone, borrow some matches and candles, and other innocent requests before heading on to the next house. As she left, the homeowner always saw a flash of a dog's tail poking out from the skirt of her red dress, and they knew that they had allowed Saenoch Gorazach, Master of Desire and Satisfaction into their home.

Once the Saenoch had finished her visitation of seemingly random homes on Pellen, she vanished with a wag of her canine tail. As she disappeared, strange feelings began to crop up in the family homes she had visited. Desires that had been forgotten and suppressed since early childhood now rose to the surface, causing sons to see mothers like Oedipus, daughters to see fathers like Electra, and siblings to see each other through Lannister eyes.

For many generations the Karicarya were affected by the most taboo desires, breeding within their own families and causing rumours and gossip about the so-called perfection of the Karicarya race to spread. Across the Lands, but especially on Remand, "Karicarya" became a euphemism for "motherfucker", and rumours of birth defects and genetic disorders becoming prevalent amongst Karicarya children passed through the people. Eventually these tales reached the Returned of the Evemeni - who had contacted Gorazach and beseeched her for her assistance - and they decided their fun was at an end. At least the first stage was. Once more they knelt in worship to the Saenoch, offering up gold, gemstones, and tokens of luck in exchange for one more favour. As the sacrificial fires consuming their offerings burned low, all the affected Karicarya snapped out of it, springing apart from their family members as the bubble of forbidden lust popped and the reality of their actions sank in.

To this day the effects of the Returned's Retribution are still felt throughout Pellen. Yet they have nobody to blame but themselves for the disaster. If they had never sabotaged the Evemeni race with Saenoch Thixur, the Returned would never have taken vengeance with Saenoch Gorazach. Still viewing themselves as the embodiment of perfection, the Karicarya continue their bitter rivalry with the Evemeni, and the Evemeni continue anticipating attacks.

While the Karicarya and the Evemeni continue to see each other as a threat, most of the other races watch unamused but unaffected at the sidelines. Yet between Remand and Pellen lies a land caught in the middle, and the most technologically-gifted people upon it are seeking to return fire...

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