Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


19. Bloody Rose - Saenoch Mepasir

She was young the night She was ravaged. Innocent, guileless, and possessing an honest prettiness that would have served Her well once she came into Her own. She was taken without mercy, ripped away like flesh from bone, and left on the other side of the barrier where Her mother's tears and nothing more could reach Her. Some say that Her screams as She was abducted still hang in the night sky as the cries of wolves and coyotes roaming the snow and sand, echoing for every night She remained sealed away.

Seized by Saenoch Thixur, the only daughter of Cimozar was dragged to Hunger's Rattle and wed to Her captor in an elaborate plot to spite Cimozar's benevolence. Having carried Her mother's blessing when it was twisted, young Saenoch Mepasir recieved the full force of Thixur's corruption and She too was twisted into an abomination. A humanoid coyote infested with mange, crossed with a rattlesnake and horned like a goat. Patches of burned brown fur falls off Her when it's time to shed Her skin, and Her husband extracts venom from Her fangs when He wishes to cause further suffering. The only remains of Her former life as Cimozar's daughter hang in tangled, black knots around her bloodstained snout; Her hair remains despite the shedding of scales and fur, trapped in the iron collar keeping Her on the end of Thixur's chain. Saenoch Mepasir is the imprisoned bride, Her fingers sliced off by Thixur's Lariat of Violation so She may never leave his side. Even if She wanted to.

Saenoch Mepasir has had many opportunities to flee from Thixur, but each time She has refused. Such was the case when Her mother made alliances with her fellow Saenochs - Gorazach, Tozahr, Tinur, and Zaeglar - to get her daughter away from Thixur. Mepasir knew that those who consumed flesh from Thixur's section of Hunger's Rattle could never leave, and She had refused to eat since her abduction. Before Her mother could reach Her, She ate thirteen mortal hearts - one for each month in the confirmed calendar - and sealed Herself within Her husband's realm where She could not be torn away. The youngest Saenoch has Her own reasons for staying, and though Cimozar despairs, she knows Mepasir means nothing but good.

Like Her mother, Mepasir always attempts to act on the side of moral good, or at least with good intentions. As the youngest Saenoch, Mepasir has only just found Her sphere to rule, but rule She does. As Saenoch of the Scapegoat, Mepasir takes the pains felt by the Outcasts, the Victims, the Downbeaten, and the Oppressed, and feels them for herself. As an immortal being, she can survive anything. Those who She relieves pain from - like a husband who isn't believed when his wife beats him with a fire poker, or the child of vegan Areadil parents treated like an animal and caged like one for choosing to eat them - most likely can't. By acting as the scapegoat for their pain, Mepasir grants those in need precious time when their head is clear and free of pain to put their situation right.

Though Mepasir is benevolent, She does not appreciate being taken advantage of. Like all Saenochs, She has little patience for those who dare to waste Her time, and those misfortunate enough to try playing the victim and crying oppression where there is none often regret it. The blood of Thixur still floods Mepasir, and through his power She can force those who cry false oppression to experience it for real. She despises what She does, but She has no control over it, and thus makes the ritual to contact her require some hard-to-find ingredients. Willow bark, goat horn, and myrrh all must be burned to hear Mepasir's voice.

The innocent and benevolent nature of Saenoch Mepasir contrasts with one whose very nature is to betray and play with the minds of those around them. One who loves nothing more than to cause the suffering Mepasir seeks to alleviate, yet who also guards the Unwilling Bride. Mepasir's betrayal of her husband Thixur is like sweet music to the Mind Mirror, and the beat isn't about to stop...

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