Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


1. Beginning - The Creation

Blind All Father. He was there before everything. Many know him to be the spark of life that created it all after mother. Though titled 'mother' in all texts, the unnamed spark is technically the sibling of All Father, and is known as 'mother' for without her there would be no life. No lands, no warring Saenochs, and no mortals bickering over the smallest of things. Yes, nothing would exist without her jealousy.

For All Father was God of Change. An ingenious mind, were he able to have a form. Where mother, goddess of Stasis, lay barren and unable to create, he made worlds of his own. Ones in red, violet, metal, wood, water, and all he could imagine. Such acts of creation and joy boiled into venom in mother, which of its own will formed the first blade, and the first act of hers.

With all her wrath, mother swung her blade, her sweat running down the sharp edge and blinding All Father with a single blow. Wounded, his slashed eyes shed a single tear blended with mother's sweat, falling into nothing until it had grown big enough to be something. In shocked whispers he bestowed his teardrop ocean a name, 'Deosedea', and taught it the secret of stable creation. In turn, Deosedea would make nine women, naming them one after the other, and they too would create mortals to match their lands. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

Wounded, the All Father chose to further defy his attacker, and made a blade of his own. Yet this would not know mother's flesh, as he plunged the weapon into his own heart, changing from God of Change to God of Death as the blood from his heart spilled down into nothing.

Yet Deosedea denied All Father's heart-blood the chance to pollute its fathomless depths and formed a barrier over itself that reflects its watery hues. Trapped, the All Father's heart-blood took form of its own. Each droplet was different, each took its own form, each had a unique personality that lived within like a mortal lives upon a land. The mortals named them 'Saenochs', and thus they took that as a title. The Saenochs took names for their own, scorning mother's attempt to have control over them, picking aspects of existence that in some cases should not exist but do.

And they make sure to show that they exist.

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