Being a famous bassist is not always easy, especially not when you are forced to go to some stupid summer camp you never wanted to attend in the first place. Determined to get revenge over the person who ruined his summer, Calum begins to plot his revenge. However, not even in his wildest dreams did he think that it would actually turn out to be the wildest summer of his life. Twists and turns and no going back is what Calum ends up facing and heartbreak was never a part of his plan.

"It wasn't like that and you know it! I- I can explain!" My voice shook as I tried to keep myself from shattering in front of her.

"No need, I know everything about your little plan. I can't believe that I actually trusted you, I'm such a fool." With one last burning stare she turned around and ran away, leaving me to gather my own broken pieces this time.


2. Meeting A


If I had to be honest with myself, the place was bigger than I had imagined and looked cooler than my imagination had made me believe. It wasn’t going to change anything though, Luke was going to pay for suggesting this even if it was the last thing I would do. Glancing out of my window, I couldn’t help but notice all of the different people that was running around the nearest camp area. They had people in all shapes, sizes and ages. Some of the older ones were running around with shirts that read Camp Leader on them while others just had Camp Counselor written on the back.

The car had barely stopped moving before Luke ripped his door open and jumped right out, ready to do whatever the hell he did at the gods forsaken place. Knowing I had no other choice, I followed the other two who had gotten out without my notice, obviously less excited than Luke.

Barely had my feet touched the ground before Luke grabbed his duffle bag and wandered off towards what I assumed was the main building. A sigh left my lips as I followed my friends only wishing for the summer to be over already.

It was like I had entered a whole new world as we walked towards the building, people everywhere glanced in our direction, pointing their fingers at Luke with a huge smile on their faces, but no one seemed to notice the rest of us, and if there was one thing I wasn’t used to, it was the lack of attention. I am normally more desired than Luke is, but not at this place. I rolled my eyes at the thought but I continued walking, if I wanted to get revenge over Luke, I needed to lay low for a while until I figured out how I could ruin it for him.

We soon were settled in at the registration, the woman behind the counter was of course trilled to see Luke back again this year, however I couldn’t care less. The woman offered to show us to the cabin we were going to be sharing, but since it was the same one Luke always stayed at, he told her not to worry about it. Our walk to the cabins were cut short by a voice yelling Luke’s name, and as I turned around, I couldn’t help but think that I finally understood why Luke liked this place so much, the girl walking towards us were smoking hot.

“Luke I can’t believe that you’re actually here again this summer!” She wrapped her arms around Luke’s neck, pulling him tight against her body. “I thought you would be too busy travelling the world being the rock star that you are.” She continued, nudging her shoulder against Luke’s torso. He simply smiled.

“It’s great to see you too babe! And of course I’m coming back, couldn’t let you and the other guys have all the fun now, could I?” Luke winked causing the brunette beauty to laugh.

“I guess not. Well I sure am glad you’re here, it wouldn’t be the same without our Lukey to play guitar around the camp fire,” she said and glanced in our direction, her expression getting puzzled, “and I’m guessing that these are the remaining seconds? I hadn’t heard you were bringing friends. Would have been nice to know, ya know.” She poked his stomach jokingly. Luke just shook his head, apparently he was used to her being like this.

“A, this is my friends Michael, Ashton and uh, Calum is the one looking like he would rather die than be here, just ignore him, he looks like that most of the time anyway. Guys, this is A.” Luke laughed causing my jaw to clench at his words.

“A? What an odd name,” Michael blurred out only to realize how rude it sounded, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to sound rude or anything.” He hurried to say, she waved it off like it wasn’t a big deal.

“It’s okay Mikey, can I call you Mikey? I like nicknames, which is why everyone just addresses me as A. It’s no big deal I just don’t use my real name.” She explained.

“Well I’m sure your name is just as amazing as that body of yours.” I commented, thinking my joke was funny. She didn’t. She glared in my direction for a few seconds before turning her attention to the other guys.

“I sure hope your jokes are funnier than whatever his name was. But I’ve gotta go, I’ve got a class in a few, just wanted to say hi to Luke before I headed off! But I’m looking forward to getting to know you two, Luke speaks highly of you.” She hugged Luke before she said goodbye to Ashton and Michael and walked away, just as if I wasn’t standing right beside them.

Luke’s lingering eyes gave me all the information I needed to make this a horrible summer for him. I was going to take his summer love away right in front of him. There was only one problem with my plan; she clearly already hated my guts. I needed to figure out how to make her like me. Glancing around, I figured that Luke was my best option for getting that kind of information. I guess that sometimes you really do gotta hold your friends close, but your enemies closer. 

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