Why me ?? πŸ’“

When a 18 year old girl named Carolina fragger is thrown out of her house , she goes to a local coffee shop and meet a boy . She finds out his past and doesn't want anything to do with him . They end up falling for each other . What happens ? Read to find out . BTW THIS IS MY FIRST MOVELLA SORRY ��


1. chapter 1 πŸ’“

Cristina P.O.V :

Hey everyone my name is Cristina fragger and I'm 18 years old . I'm a senior at cow state high school . I'm the kid that usually doesn't get noticed . I've been kicked out of my house because I snuck away and didn't come home . My parents don't particularly like me . They always say I'm a mistake and to go die . So this is my story πŸ˜›

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