[K] Slate

The gold King kept the Slate under his control for over half a century. But he did not do it alone, instead he had help.

Momozawa Izumi is the whole reason why the gold King has been able to keep the Slate under his control. Made from the power of the Slate, Izumi can control and create auras of all the Kings. Supposedly, she's stronger than all of them.

But after the Kagutsu Carter incident, Izumi disappeared.

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2. Prologue

"Do not let the power of the Slate control you, Daikaku." Izumi warned the gold king. Looking at the Slate, she could see the amazing aura it was realizing. A greenish-blue color. The Slate seemed almost alive. And it was. "The Slate holds many unimaginable powers beneath the beauty of it. And that power can be what destroys you."

The gold King nodded in agreement. He already knew that. Izumi had warned him many times already, but she kept on warning him anyways. Like she didn't trust him to control the Slate's power fully. But he dared not say anything against her. Izumi was the result of the Slate's power over a decade ago. After the explosion at the lab, she had been created from the Slate by the Slate itself.

"Tell me," Daikaku looked up to meet Izumi's glaring red eyes. "What's the status on the red King? I've recently sensed his Weismann levels going to an extreme level."

Daikaku narrowed his eyes at her but answered her question. "The red King is still in full control of his powers." Daikaku replied simply. "There is no need to worry yourself in trivial matters as the likes of him."

Izumi blinked but did not say anymore. Turning back around and looking through the glass to the Slate. A soft glow in her eyes, she wondered if what Daikaku was saying was true. The red King. Izumi hadn't yet met him, but she's heard rumors about his wild and rough actions from the Rabbits that worked for Daikaku and his golden clan.

Once or twice, Izumi had felt the rising power of the red aura more than once in signal just one month. The power of the red King was to be feared. But also, the power of the red King was also to be loved. It had a special warmth to it that Izumi hadn't yet felt in many years since being created from the Slate. She longed to feel that warmth again. She envied the red King for having it.

Sighing, Izumi turned back to Daikaku, the softness in her eyes had faded and now replaced with a pacing fire. "I'm going to be leaving for a while," Izumi announced.

Daikaku raised an eyebrow and asked where. Izumi hissed but answered. "I'm going to Germany of course! I need to investigate some things! And don't ask me what they are!"

Daikaku grinned with amusement at her reaction and Izumi recoiled to her cool and calm temper. "And remember," Izumi growled crossing her arms. "Do not try to control the Slate. Or let the Slate control you."

Daikaku only nodded. Izumi smiled at him for the first time. After talking to each other about a few other things, Izumi left Timeless Tower.

After talking to each other about a few other things, Izumi left Timeless Tower.

A Week Later....

A week later after Izumi had her talk with the gold King, the Kagutsu Carter incident took place. Taking the lives of 700,000 civilians as well as many Scepter 4 members. Izumi, who happened to be there when the Damocles sword of the red King fell, disappeared.

Even though the gold clan searched for her among the rubble, she could not be found. So they presumed her to be missing in action. But most of the gold clan believed her to be dead. But Daikaku and a few others believed her to be alive, somewhere.

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