Summer rain

Who is this girl? Well I am Ashley Leon, 17 soon 18. My family members are mom, dad, Chad and.... Ashton, Ashton Irwin, my half brother. What will happen when Ashton wants me to move to Australia, so we could do all the brother sister things... Well things will get complicated when I fall for one of his band mates... But he's just everything I ever wanted. He gets the pain away and gets all the mean things what people say or to to me go away. But I don't want to loose my brother because of that...


11. X


Ashley's POV

I knock on the door and it opens.

''Hey Ash, can I come in?'' I ask shyly.

''Yeah sure.'' I walk in and hug him. 

''Whats up? He ask still in the hug 

''I thing I messed up.'' I say feeling a tear fighting to get out.

''What do you mean?'' He pulls out of the hug and looks at me worried. 

''I thing I... I have feeling for one of your band mates... Please don't be mad.'' And now the tear get out too and I see Ashton he doesn't look mad, he looks sad.

''I am not mad, but I am just worried. We are here only till next Thursday and then have to go back to Australia. You know long-distance relationship is hard.'' Wow, he is taking it really good, I was expecting that he would be mad or not talk to me or something. 

''I know.'' After that we watched couple of movies till I drifted to sleep. 

*next morning*

I open my eye and understand that I am in Ashton's room. I look at the clock 12 pm 


''Hey, don't swear and don't shout I am sleeping.'' Ashton says on the couch next to me, half asleep. 

''I have to go now, I have to grab my stuff from home and go to the dance performance!'' I scream and now Ashton gets too what the hell is happening and get quickly up.

''Okay, go get your stuff from Luke's room and then go to the car, I'll be waiting there.'' He says and gets ready. And I start running towards Luke's room. I start beating the door till Luke opens it or at least I thought it was Luke. 

''Hey what's going on?'' I see Calum standing there. 

''I don't have time to talk, I am going to me late for my dance performance.'' I say and run past him.

''Wait I am going too.'' Calum says and I hear Luke yelling from the bathroom ''Wait for me!''

''Fuck come to the car, you have two minutes!'' I yell and start running to the car with Cal. 


Ashton's POV

As I run to the car I bump into Michael.

''Where do you have such hurry?'' Michael ask me 

''Come, Ashley has hurry to her performance.'' 

''What?'' So we run outside to the car. Just as we reach to the car we see Ashley, Luke and Calum run out. I sit to the car and start it. Everyone sit in to the car and I start driving. 

As we arrive to Ashley's home she goes out and runs in. Goes maybe a minute or two and I see door open I hear Ashley argue with dad. Ashley kisses her moms cheek and runs to the car. 

''Where the performance is?'' I ask as we start driving again.

''At my school.'' She says.

We pull in to the schools parking lot and Ashley jumps out of the car and runs in. Me and the guys get out of car too. The guys start walking to the school. 


''What?'' Calum turns around and looks at me, Michael and Luke do the same.

''I just wanted to say that if one of you is going to hurt my sister I am going to kill you. I don't care right now who is the one she has a thing with, but just so you know. I am her big brother, it's my duty to keep her safe.'' The guys nod and then we all go inside and buy our tickets. We go and sit in our seats and then the show started. The first one was Ashley. Her dance was so beautiful. It was a ballet piece It was dark piece. The girls loved one had died and this dance was about her missing him, but in the end she got up and understood that she has to go on even thru it hurts. She was wearing this black and gold. She looked absolutely beautiful. After the show we went to the hallway to wait her. In the way there we saw this one lady who sold roses and Calum suggested that we all give her one. So we bought four red rouses.

We have waited ten minutes. Finally doors opened and Ashley run out and hugged me.

''Your dance was so beautiful Ashy.'' I said

''Ashy?'' She looked at me 

''Yeah, I am Ash and you need a nickname too, so you are Ashy. Don't you like it?'' 

''I love it'' She said and hugged me once more and then we all gave her the roses and started walking back to the car. It was 1.30 pm. 

''So what do you want to do now?'' Michael asks her as we walk 

''Well, I want to go home. My mom and Chad miss me. And you guys haven't met Chad, my little bro.'' We all agree to go to Ashy's. 

*skip the car ride*

Ashley opens the door.

''Mum, Chad I am home.'' She yells and I hear someone run from the kitchen. It's her mum, she comes and hugs her. 

''Don't ever disappear like that, ever! I was so worried.'' She says and hugs Ashley like it's the last time.

''I know mum, I am sorry.'' 

''It's okay as long as it's the last time. But now who are your friends here?'' Ashley's mum looks at us. I see Ashley's... our dad come down the stairs. 

''Mum, we need to talk. And you're going talk with us dad.'' 

''I know.'' He says 

''You guys go play soccer with Chad, I think he's in the backyard, ok?'' She asks us

''Ok, do I tell him?'' I ask her and she thinks a bit and nods. So we go to the backyard and there he is.

''Hey, how are you?'' I ask and he looks at us.

''I am good. Are you the Australian band?'' 

''Yeah, how you know?'' Luke asks

Well, Ash has poster of you on her wall and girls at school talk about you a lot.'' He says and takes his soccer ball from the ground. 

''Ash?'' Michael ask confused. 

''Ashley my sister. And you are the guy who was here one morning. I came to take some things I forgot home and when me and my friend were walking when we saw you get out of our house.'' He said not sure what to think. 

''What? You didn't leave the night when you were cleaning up here, didn't you. You spend the night here.'' Calum says really mad. 

''She asked me to. She didn't want to be alone.'' Michael explained.

''Yeah right, she is often alone at home. She likes it when she gets to be alone.'' Chad laugh. Calum looks really mad and then he hits Mikey. Me and Luke try to calm him down, but then Michael hits him back. 

Ashley's POV

''I am sorry Helen.'' Dad says and hold mums hand. Mum just nods. 

''We can't change anything now. You have to get know your son and help him when needed, because that's the right thing to do.'' Mum says. How can she be so calm? Then I hear yelling from the backyard, I stand up and go to the window. I see Michael and Calum fighting and Luke and Ash trying to brake them up. 

''Shit!'' I run down and I hear mum and dad follow me. I open the door to the backyard and run out. I try to help break them up. But they are so much stronger than me. So I take a step back and try to make a plan. I look at our pool and suddenly I know what to do. I run to the other side of the backyard and start to run towards the guys. As I ran I got enough power to push them to the pool. As they fall into the pool I get up from the ground, because I fell after I pushed them. The guys look at me ashamed. 

''What the hell guys!'' 


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