Summer rain

Who is this girl? Well I am Ashley Leon, 17 soon 18. My family members are mom, dad, Chad and.... Ashton, Ashton Irwin, my half brother. What will happen when Ashton wants me to move to Australia, so we could do all the brother sister things... Well things will get complicated when I fall for one of his band mates... But he's just everything I ever wanted. He gets the pain away and gets all the mean things what people say or to to me go away. But I don't want to loose my brother because of that...


10. IX

Michael's POV

''So where do you want to go? I am pretty new to London so I don't know any places here.'' I say as we drive. 

''Oh, let's go there, it's my favorite. The serve amazing lattes.'' She points to a little coffee shop. I park the car and we start to walk towards the coffee shop. When we have walked the half way I grab her hand. When we get in I see a group of friends, two girls and two guys. One of the girls is dark skinned and black haired, athletic, probably dancer. The second girl and one of the guys look alike, they are probably twins, I guess. They have light brown hair. The girl has France braids and I can tell she has really long hair. The guy has glasses, what really suits him. Then there is the last guy, who is looking at me and Ashley, he looks really mad. Fuck, he is probably Ashley's boyfriend. God damn it. Of course a girl like that has boyfriend. I look at Ashley and see her looking at the guy. I sigh. 

''Do you know them?'' I said with a little sadness in my voice.

''Yeah they are my friends, the first one is Madison, then there are Renee and Ron and'' she sighs ''and then there is Marcus.'' 

Then the dark girl, Madison, looks at us and start to come towards us almost running. 

''Fuck, I was so worried!'' Madison says to Ashley

''I am ok Maddie. This is Michael, like you didn't know already, but still.'' She introduced  me.

''Hey.'' Everyone, but Marcus said at the same time. I Hayed them back and smiled little, but still thinking, how dumb I was hoping for a thing with this girl.

''So where were you last night?'' Renee asks

''The gays took me to see Twenty One Pilots and I even got to meet Tyler and Josh. I had so much fun.''  Ashley said with the sweetest smile. 

''Oh, so you had fun. Good.'' Marcus said and walked away. And I realized that I was still holding on to Ashley's hand till she let go and ran after Marcus.


Ashley's POV

''Wait Marcus!'' I yelled as I was running after him. Finally I got to him and grab his arm. He looked at me with anger in his eyes. 

''Whats going on Marc?'' I asked with worried expression on my face.

''So you go out with your new friends slash boyfriends and you forget us totally? So did you have fun? Huh? Oh, sorry stupid question, of course you did. Why wouldn't you.'' He said. I haven't seen this mad since second grade, when I took is favorite toy car. And then I get it.

''Fuck, I am so sorry. I totally forgot.'' I said, I can't believe this... 

''Yeah you did.'' He just said with disappointment and anger in his eyes

''You can't be that mad at me for missing a party. You have them all the time. And yesterday, yesterday was something I still can't believe.'' I said and I felt the need to just start to cry. 

''Oh, yeah, because you got the opportunity to shine last night at the concert? Because Ash Leon singed at Twenty One Pilots concert. Congrats.'' He said sarcastically. 

''You know about that?'' I ask surprised

''Yeah whole twitter is talking about mystery girl at Twenty One Pilots concert.'' 

''Okay,  I was there, but before that happened something what changed almost everything in my life.'' I said, trying to make thing right.

''Of course. So it changes everything when you start dating someone from 5SOS?'' He laughs sarcastically.

''What?! No!''

''What then, tell me!'' He says getting madder every minute.

''Ashton is my brother!'' I finally scream out and I feel everybody looking at me. I quickly walk to Michael and grab his hand and walk out of the coffee shop. When we are already at the car I hear Marc call my name, but I don't look back. I just sit in the car and Michael starts the car and we get  going.

It funny how your mood can change entirely in 5 minutes. 

''Do you know what?'' Michael says after 10 minutes of silence and randomly driving in London. 

''What?'' I look at him and give him a small smile. 

''You are going to take me to this city's attractions and maybe even some secret special places to you.'' He flash me a smile and looks back to the road. I just smile as answer. 


Calum's POV

I walk to Luke's room and knock to the door. I have a red rose in my hands. I hear someone opening the door and I see Luke. Little disappointed if to be honest...

''Oh my god, a rose, for me?'' Luke says sarcastically.

''You can dream, can you call Ashley?'' Is say and wink. 

''Oh... shes out with Michael.'' He says 

''What? Fuck, I should have think about this more. I can't believe that he got here before me.'' I say and start walking around. 

''Hey calm down. Why are you so worried?'' Luke ask me confused.

''Because Michael can't win her!'' I yell out and Luke looks more confused than before. 

''What the hell have you two done this time?'' Luke ask still confused, but at the same time angry. So I start telling him about mine and Michael's fight and the deal. 


Michael's POV

We went to see Big Ben, London Eye and Tower Bridge. Now it already 7 pm and we are going somewhere to watch the sunset. 

''We are here.'' Ashley says with smile like no other. We are in a some kind of playground. Ashley runs to the old swings and sits down, I do the same. We swing and watch the sunset. Wow, this would be the perfect moment to kiss her, but I can't. She has her special someone already. 

''So how long have you and Marcus been together?'' I ask shyly.

''What?'' She ask and starts laughing madly.

''What?'' I ask her and she tries to stop laughing and fails. 

''We aren't together.'' She finally says. 

''Wait what?'' I ask 

''We are friends and only friends.'' She says 

''Oh...'' I feel my face turning red. 

After that we sat there talking till it was dark and then went back to the hotel. I walk her to Luke's room.

''So how long are you staying here with us?'' I ask 

''Well I am going tomorrow morning home. I have a dance performance tomorrow and all my dance stuff is at home.'' She says with sad smile on her face. 

''I can come to watch your performance, if you want to.'' 

''Yeah that would be nice. But I go and change my clothes and then go say hi to Ashton and then go to sleep. Good night.'' She says and kisses my cheek.

''Good night.'' 


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