Summer rain

Who is this girl? Well I am Ashley Leon, 17 soon 18. My family members are mom, dad, Chad and.... Ashton, Ashton Irwin, my half brother. What will happen when Ashton wants me to move to Australia, so we could do all the brother sister things... Well things will get complicated when I fall for one of his band mates... But he's just everything I ever wanted. He gets the pain away and gets all the mean things what people say or to to me go away. But I don't want to loose my brother because of that...


2. II


Ashley's POV

Holy shit... It's Ashton Irwin. Now I understand why everyone were staring, because everyone knows fucking 5 Seconds Of Summer... and now I am staring at him, not even blinking, just staring.... 

''Did you find the music class?'' I hear someone yell at the hall. 

''Yeah come here!'' Ashton yells back. And thats when I snap and understand that I was staring awkwardly. I turn around and look at Maddie. She is as surprised as me. 

''So did you find the girl?'' I hear someone say and I look back at Ashton, where now is all the boys and I understand that boy asking about some girl was Luke. Suddenly I see as all the boys stare at me. 

''Well hey there.'' Michael says and winks at me and I turn red instantly. Ashton looks little bit mad at Michael for doing that. 

''You are Ashley right?'' Ashton ask me with sweet smile.

''Yeah.'' I just say, it feels like the words are stuck in my mouth and won't come out, even if I try hard. 

''Can I talk to you?'' He says and I look back at Maddie and Marcus. If you have seen How I Met Your Mother then you know how they can talk to each other just by looking at them or something... well me and Maddie kinda do it. We call it mind talk... lol 

''What should I do?'' I look at Madison

''Are you fucking serious? Go!'' She looks back at me like that... And then I look at Ashton and smile

''Yeah, of course.'' And I walk to the hall and he shuts the door behind me. I feel the tension grow as we walk to the lockers. 

''So what you wanted to talk to me about?'' I ask very confused, I mean they don't even know me. What kinda conversation can you have with someone you don't know...

''So this is kinda weird... well my mom was once at this party with her friends and...'' he starts

''And you are telling me this because?'' I ask more confused than I was before. 

''Just listen, ok?'' He says and starts slowly walk out. I follow. ''She told me that it was one of the most awesome parties she ever went to. She had so much fun at the party...'' he sighed ''She even met one guy. They both were drunk and one thing lead to another...''

''Let me guess, they had sex? And I still doesn't understand how this is connected to me?'' I interrupt. Now we were outside and sat down at the wooden table. 

''Well this man was gone at the morning and, well, after a while my mom found out that she was pregnant with me.'' He explained and I am still so confused. Why is he telling me this? 

''This mans name is Dan Leon .'' He says with very serious look. I feel how me legs get weak and heart starts to beat harder and harder. If I wasn't sitting I probably have fallen to the ground. 

''Dan Leon? Like my dad Dan?'' I ask, not knowing how to feel. 

''Yeah...'' He says and the other boys are trying to avoid looking at me. I don't understand. I stand up and start to walk to the class. I open the door and grab my bag and storm out again. I heard Maddie say something, but I didn't turn it attention. I start to run towards my house. As I am outside my house I start search for my keys, but then I feel someone grab my hand I look at him and see its Michael. 

''Hey are you okay?'' he ask

''Did you follow me here?'' I ask him little bit mad, but glad at the same time. 

''Yeah, but only because I don't want you to be alone. I just got to know that Ashton Irwin is your brother and the way you looked at us in the music class, I bet that you know who we are.'' he gives me a smirk and I laugh little bit.

''Well yeah I know who you are. Um, do you want to come inside?'' I ask and give him a friendly smile. 

''If it alright with you, oh, but I have to tell the guys that I am with you, they are worried.'' he tells me.

''Tell them to come here.'' I say and open the door.



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