Promise! (A Poldark Novel)

Left alone to run the Estate and Mine while Ross faces trial for his life. Demelza, must do everything thing in her power to save her love. Death has already claimed her beloved child, Julia. She won't let it take her husband.

While receiving restless attacks from George Warleggan and others who hate Ross. Demelza turns to those who have always been close. Her cousin, Varity, Andrew, and Francis and Elizabeth, who feel indebted to her for saving their sons life. Together, they will fight for Ross to receive justice.


4. Chapter Four.

Demelza sat up with a start in her dark and empty room. She lit a candle and walked over to Julia's bed in the corner. It has been three weeks and still she sometimes forgot that she was gone. After taking a deep breath she laid back down and tried to go to sleep. Tomorrow she was going to see Ross. After two weeks of begging, she finally received permission to visit. That and she threatened to beat the magistrate to a pulp if he didn't allow visitation. 

Morning came and with it, a happier Demelza. Around eleven o'clock she left the house with jud, yes she had taken them back on as servants a few days ago. When she arrived at Truro jail, Demelza was greeted by the head guard.

"Mistress Demelza Poldark to see Captain Ross Poldark." She told him.

"Ahh to see the murderer!" The guard scoffed.

Demelza stiffened, and made the jailer step back in fear. She was a not force to be messed with. "He's not a murderer! Don't ever speak of my husband like that again!"

"Beg pardon ma'am. My humble apologizes. Right this way mistress." He said opening the door, he was literally shaking. He wasted no time in leading her Ross. He unlocked the cell door, Ross was facing the wall so he didn't see who entered. Demelza at once warped her arms around him. Ross jumped and turned around.

"Demelza, my love!" Ross said taking her in his arms. "How... When did you...?"

"I have my ways." She said.

"Such as threatening the magistrate?"

"Yes and no. But I had to see you." She took a good look at him. He was unshaved and thinner. In fact, he looked quite sick. Demelza was quick to show him a basket she packed for him.

"I brought you some clean clothes and a razor and some food and some..." Demelza broke down into tears.

"What is it?" Ross wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.

"It's just... It's just I wish you were home again."

"As do I my love. But, you know the magistrate won't let me put up for bail."

"I know," she was able to say through her sobs. "I wish there was something I could do."

"You are doing something. You have me happy by letting me look at you. Now how's..." He stopped himself before asking how his daughter was. "I mean what did you bring?"

Demelza dried her tears and tried to look brave, although she wasn't feeling it. "I brought you some clean clothes and soap and your razor. And I brought you some food. I know they don't feed you well here." She said handing him the basket.

"How's the mine?" He asked while he gratefully ate the meat pie Demelza packed.

"It's doing fine Ross. Zacky Martin is running it for you. He said that he was going to testify when the times come."

"Glad to hear it."

"I am going to go see the reverend soon. I'll make him set a bail for you."

"My love you know he won't."

"Well I must try, I must! Now you finish eating you must be starving!"

They sat there talking for about an hour before the jailer came and told Demelza that visiting time was over. The two embraced and kissed one last time. Before letting go, she whispered in his ear.

"You'll come again?"

"I promise!"

Demelza left with a heavy heart. But, she was soon overjoyed when she arrived home to find Verity and Andrew Blamy there at Nempara. They were both wanting to help in anyway way they could.

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