Amnesia 2.0

Your whole life changed once you left Sydney, Australia. Leaving your best friend since birth alone, as you hoped he would forget about you and all the years you stood together. When you return years later, you find out he's been touring and living his life, maybe leaving was for the best, maybe not. Will he remember and not be a stuck up "famous" guy, or will he run back to you with arms wide open?

Read Amnesia to find out.

© Sexting 5sos
All rights reserved.
(This book follows the same plot as Amnesia, you DO NOT have to read Amnesia before you read this book)


5. Chapter Four

Its been a rough year, I told my mum and Jack about the issue at home and of course Jack didn't believe me. After an hour of back and forth and Hillary almost killing me once everyone was asleep, and everyone awoke to myself screaming bloody murder. A month later Hillary was sent away for coming at me a couple times, making Jack and mum fight nonstop almost causing them to divorce. 

My mum decided having me come out to London was the worst idea on her and dads part and is now sending me home. I've been keeping up with Luke and his band called '5 Seconds of Summer', and the only one I  know in that group is Luke. I've heard their music and its good, no wonder they are on tour with One Direction, but I could never have patience to learn the other members. 

I hear a ping on my phone as I'm packing my bags to move back to Sydney. I look at the notification for twitter. 'Calum Hood and four other people started following you'. 

"Fuck" I mumbled wide eyed as I saw my childhood best mates name. Calum Thomas Hood, you`ve got to be fucking kidding me. I click on his icon and scroll through it, realizing Calum is in the band, meaning that I like his music. 

I click follow and continue to follow the other guys in the band. 

"Isla, time to go to the airport" my mum answers looking more tired than ever. I nod towards her and grab my bags and make my way to the bottom of the stairs. My airport attire consists on crop leggings, a baggy shirt with a flannel tied around my waist, a black hat with two braids in my hair and my white converse. 

I get into the vehicle as we make our way through London traffic and make it just in time to get through security and board my plane. I turn towards my mum and Jack and smile. 

"This is it" i say sighing. I made no friends here and kept up with high grades to graduate early. I look down at my phone and bite my lip. 

"I love you Isla, I'm sorry London was not what you expected and hated the four and a half years of living here." my mum says while looking at Jack.

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you when you told us about the issues. I should have believed you when you were walking proof. I didn't want this marriage to wreck your chance of having an older sister to look up to, and I'm sorry you were let down. I love you Isla, keep in touch please" he gets out as I hug him.

"That means a lot to me, thank you Jack." I smile at him. I look at my mum and hug her. "I love you mum, don't be afraid to come visit, Joy misses you" I smile at her laughing a bit. 

"I miss her too" she chuckles wiping her eyes. 

I pick up my bags as I look back towards them and wave. I make my way towards the boarding terminal handing the lady my ticket and making my way on the plane to my seat. 

I look out the window and smile to myself. I'm finally going home, but I don't know if Calum will remember us or if I have to try and restart this friendship. My nerves grow as I think of what the worst possibility is, he could totally shun me or get a restraining order. 

I sit back and place the headphones in my ear, playing the Take Me Home album on repeat. 

I awoke when someone kept nudging me and remove my headphones to an older lady. I smile at her and look outside of the window. 

"Have we landed in Sydney?" I ask her as she chuckles.

"Yes we have, I've been nudging you for ten minutes" she smiles at me as my face heats up. 

"I'm so sorry, thank you so much" I smile at her genuinely. I grab my carry on and make my way towards the bag terminal to grab my suitcase.

I look around trying to spot my dad but I hear a familiar voice.

"Isla!" I hear the kiwi Australian lady as I turn sharply towards her a big smile plastered on my face. I run towards her then dropping my bag before leaping up onto her and hugging her. 

"Oh my god, I missed you so much Joy" I smile as tears fall down my face. I turn to look beside her and spot Mali-Koa. "Oh my god I missed you too Mali" I laugh as I leap on her too. Joy joins in on this hug as I wipe my eyes picking up my bags. 

"You've matured so well Isla, it's been so dry and boring without you here" Joy laughs as Mali places her arm around me. 

"How is everyone?" I ask smiling at them. "Hows Cal?" I ask biting my lip.

"Everyone is great, your dad has been cleaning the place up and he repainted your room. Calum has been working hard with his best mates and they're touring the world. And I have exciting news to tell you once you get home." Joy smiles as I nod. 

We load my bags into her vehicle as a couple tunes play causing me to sing along. We drive about an hour before we arrive back home and I'm smiling from ear to ear. I jump out of the car running up the porch and too the front door whipping it open. 

"Dad?" I yell causing him to run from the hallway right in front of me. I smile wide and my tears start falling as my smile falls. "Please don't ever send me away ever again" I say hugging him.

"I know, your mum told me. I'm so sorry Isla" he gets out as he hugs back harder. He lets go looking at me as I notice everyone looking at me. "We have a surprise for you" he smiles looking unsure if I'll like this gift. 

"Spill because looking at all of your faces I'm starting to get nervous" I laugh awkwardly.

"So you and Calum have been away from each other for four years and both of you have not stopped complaining about being away until just recently." Joy gets out and I get an uneasy stomach.

"Go on" I say biting my lip.

"We have decided to bring you to the Sydney concert One Direction is throwing a concert here and Calum and his band are opening up." my smile falls, "and we've gotten you meet and greet passes with Calum and One Direction." Mali finishes as I nod.

"I'm actually excited to meet One Direction, I'm a huge fan. But, I don't know about Calum and his band." I saw fiddling with my fingers. 

"Well this is technically not a free pass for you" my dad says stuttering. "We all know you're into fashion and want to be a stylist for bands and shit, so you are choosing the outfits for both bands for their concert. You get soundcheck and food and get to touch them" he laughed slightly as I smiled a bit. 

"Okay" I let out as I rolled my eyes at them. "Whens the concert?" I asked looking at them. They all looked at me with an unsure look.

"Tonight" Joy lets out as I choked on the air I was breathing. 

"Excuse me?" I stammer out. "Tonight and no one tells me?" I yell grabbing my hair. "I look terrible, I smell like airplane, and I'm wearing no makeup." I pace around looking at them.

"You look fine. Just grab your phone and wallet and lets go we have to be there in ten minutes." Mali gets out grabbing my hand as we make our way out of the house.

"I didn't even unpack!" I yell in exasperation.

"You can unpack after everything" Mali smiles at me as I chuckle. 


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