🔐MyPoem’s Diary~ 2018💞

Well to the admin �� Poem’s Diary~❤️


17. 🧣~ The Red Scarf~🧣

This red scarf was the symbol of our faith.

That’s what you told me through thick and thin.

We will be connected more or so like a pinky promise.

Or like a person giving me a warm hug from behind my neck.

Some times we would shared your special gift your father left behind us.

I’m happy that he left it in return of his memory.

It’s feels like he is part of us.

Even if I never met him I know he is right by your side.

Just like you where right next to mine.

The more I trusted you the time we were together.

Each time we where closer so close.

A lot of people though we where together just because you give me your scarf.

But you always say to them we are just friends.


Just then I told you more about myself

Then little by little each day

I fell in love with you too.

I leant you my scarf more.

Soon we both graduated and we were both out the door.

I know we had a red string of faith it was the scarf the whole time.


Until you had to leave to go on an important trip.

Six weeks later you never came home your letters stopped coming at our mailbox.

I started wearing your scarf constantly around town and at home.

Winter came and still no word from you.

I clutched the red scarf to my chest.

I heard a knocked at the door.

I quickly opened it “your back” I yelled at him.

“Sorry about not reply some of your” letters”.

You quickly cut your lover off for you want a hug and kiss.

Then we both fell into the snow

And then I wrapped the red scarf around Both us.

Then we kissed one more time the red scarf had let you go once but I’m not letting you go away ever again.

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