My sweet little angel (Child/Reader x child/countries)

Sometimes you were a babysitter, and only did the job to earn money to pay off your college debts. Other times, you were a child, looking for a friend. Little did you know, you would fall in love with one of these cute characters. This one shot set includes both child reader and a child country. This means that the set includes a child reader x country, reader x child country, or a child reader x child country. You can request any that you want. I can also do a male reader for the female countries.


2. Child Russia

A soft crackle was heard from the fireplace as it warmed up the room with its warmth and light. Ivan was snuggled up against you, sleeping on your lap. A cozy blanket was draped over the two of you, and you held a cup of warm (tea/coffee/hot chocolate). You smiled at the sight, and lifted the steaming cup to your lips. Placing the cup down on the table, you sat Ivan on your lap, careful to not disturb his slumber. Now, his head was lying against your chest. You gently ran your hand through his soft pale blonde locks. An undying love, that is what you had for the child. Ivan held a special place in your heart. Flurries of white fell outside, and what better than to enjoy it staying inside with a drink, a bright fire, and a special kid. Glancing at the fire that was burning brightly in your living room, you remembered how you met Ivan, a week ago.

Gathering wood for your fireplace after work was exhausting, nonetheless, you had to have some kind of warmth in your home. Winter was about to hit Russia, the country where you live. You had a small two floor cabin near the woods, but it wasn't far from town. You would commute there everyday to work and gather supplies. The place where you live in can get rather frosty, or cold. Temperatures could sometimes drop to below zero degrees celsius. You were used to this, and it didn't bother you, but you despised walking to town in the snow.

"All finished," you mumbled to yourself, and started carrying the firewood to your place. You saw your cabin after a few minutes of walking, and sped up to reach your house. Halfway there, a cold blur hit your nose. You distinguished this as snow. You immediately glanced up at the clouds, which were a dark gray, almost black color. 'A blizzard,' you thought. The first snow storm of the year, to kick off the winter season. You rushed home, and quickly locked the door. Taking off your boots, and unbuttoning your heavy winter coat, you rested on the couch, running a hand through your (Hair color). It felt kind of wet because a few snowflakes fell onto your locks. "I have enough wood for this year," you muttered to yourself, and looked over at the pile of wood. You looked out your window, and enjoyed the sight. The snow was already falling down quickly, and it seemed like the blizzard had started. "I should get a fire going." You stood up from your place, and grabbed a few tree barks. You looked towards the window once more, and smiled at the white sight. However, one thing caught your eye. There seemed to be a beige object outside, that was moving. A human! You squinted your eyes in order to see the figure more clearly. It seemed to be a child trodding along. You grabbed your scarf, still eyeing the child. Then, it fell into the winter wonderland, snow about to cover it. Without thinking, you quickly put on your coat and boots, rushing outside.

You tried your best to run through the snow, but the white blurred your sight. You finally caught sight of the child, and rushed towards it. You knelt down beside it and saw a young boy, around the age of six it seems. It clutched a torn up teddy, and wore a long beige jacket with a scarf full of holes. You shook him, trying to wake him up. No luck. You quickly took off your jacket, wrapping it around him as warmth. Using all of your strength, you carried the child and walked towards your cabin. All you had on was a sweater and some cozy pants. All of your winter gear was on the boy. You were going to pay for this later, with a cold, but you were saving a life so it didn't matter at all.

Kicking the door open, you carried the child towards the couch, setting him down. You draped a blanket over the small body, keeping the winter gear on. Once more, you shook the child, in hopes of waking up. It still didn't happen. You sighed, and took the teddy and scarf. While waiting for the child to wake up, you'll just fix his belongings.

You climbed upstairs to your work desk, which was in your room. Opening the door to your room, you were greeted with the sight of your crafts. Living near the woods, there wasn't really activities you enjoyed doing. You have always adored arts and crafts ever since a child, crafting wood and sewing. You also enjoyed crafting wooden sculptures and matryoshka dolls, since they were popular in Russia. Taking out a needle and some thread, you began on sewing the teddy back together. You had chosen the closet colored thread to the teddy you had. Then, you got to work.

Two hours have passed, and a pair of eyes fluttered open downstairs. The small child had woken up, rubbing his eyes. He sat up on the couch and looked around. This place didn't look familiar. He was in a storm, but now he's inside a warm house. He's not complaining about the sudden change of events, but he just wants to know how he got here. He also felt warmer. He looked down at his clothing, and realized that there were more stuff on him, but his teddy was gone. He also couldn't feel the scarf around his neck. He didn't know why, but the scarf felt special. He stood up, and decided to wander around the cabin. The small child climbed the stairs, wanting to explore the floor. He caught sight of a dim light shining in one of the rooms, and walks towards it.

Opening the door slightly. He saw a young woman sitting in front of a desk filled with supplies. She probably lived here. She was also beautiful with her (Hair color) locks and (Eye color) orbs. She seemed to be concentrating on something. He opened the door some more, and stepped in. The woman never broke her concentration on the object she was sewing. He stepped in some more, and realized that she was fixing his scarf. Finally, she realized him in the room, and turned towards him. "Hello," she greeted with a bright smile. "I was just fixing your scarf and teddy. I just finished, so you can have them back." She handed the objects back to him, and he gladly took them. "I found you in the storm, and decided to take you in to warm you up." She put away the needle and threads. "By the way, I'm (Your name). What about you?" The boy stared at her as she smiled and introduced herself. "I-Ivan," he replied, and looked down at his frost bitten hands.

"So, where is your family?" (Your name) asked. "Family?" Ivan questioned. " I...don't have," he replied, stopping after every few words. (Your name)'s face fell, and mouthed an 'oh.' Then, a large grin was plastered across her face. "Why don't you live with me?"

This shocked Ivan, but he agreed to it. "Thanks for fixing my things," he mumbled. "No problem!" She replied, and caught him staring at something. She turned around and noticed that he was staring at her case filled with sunflowers. (Your name) smiled, and handed him one flower. "You like sunflowers, right Ivan?" She asked. "Yes," Ivan responded. "They bring me warmth." (Your name) giggled at his cute response, and pecked him on the forehead. "Welcome home Ivan."

You giggled at the memory, and looked down at the sleeping Ivan. Then, another memory came into your mind. The time when you gave Ivan a gift.

"What's this?" Ivan asked, as he twirled the matryoshka doll in his tiny hands. "It's a matryoshka doll," you replied. "You just take this layer off, then." You took off the first layer of the doll, and revealed a slightly smaller size of the same doll. You giggled as Ivan's violet orbs widened. "Wow!" He exclaimed. You were showing Ivan your collection of arts and crafts you had made. "You made a lot of stuff (Your name)," Ivan said, and peeked over your work desk. "I love making crafts since I don't really have anything to do around the forest," you explained. "Sometimes I would take walks through the woods, but I don't like to go too far in." You shuffled through all of your creations, then came across the one that you were looking for. "I made you something," you chirped, and Ivan gave a cute confused face. "Here you go." You handed the object to him. "It's so pretty," he commented as you went through the smooth surface. It was a small wooden statue of you and Ivan you had spent the past couple of nights making. You wanted to have every detail perfect. "Since you live here now, I just wanted to give you something as a welcome gift," you said. "You didn't have to," he mumbled. "I wanted to," you responded. "Because I love you so much."

You felt a small shuffle, and realized that Ivan had woken up. "Have a good nap?" You asked him, as he clutched onto the blanket. He nodded in response, and still had a sleepy look in his violet eyes. "I'm glad." You turned your attention to the fire, which was now losing its spark. "The stars," Ivan muttered. You looked at the stars through the window. Each star was dotting the night sky with its beautiful light. "What about them?" You asked. "They're so pretty," he replied. You got up from your seat on the couch, and put on your coat. "Then let's go stargazing," you suggested, and handed Ivan his coat.

Currently, you two were now outside of the cabin, looking at the stars. "Look!" You pointed at the sky. Ivan turned his gaze and focus to the spot you were pointing at, and his eyes widened. The night sky was painted with glorious colors of pink, green, yellow, blue, and violet. "That's the aurora borealis, or the northern lights." You were pretty used to this sight, but you were pretty sure that this was the first time Ivan had seen it. You looked at Ivan, and noticed a huge smile across his face. From the corner of your eye, you noticed a ray of white light, and looked up. You saw a shooting star fly across the painted sky. "Quick!" You exclaimed. "Make a wish!" You closed your eyes, and wished for the thing you have always wanted. "Did you make a wish on the shooting star?" You asked Ivan. "Nope," he mumbled.

His response shocked you. Who wouldn't make a wish on a shooting star? It is very rare to see one. "W-Why?!" You stuttered, still shocked. "I don't need a wish," Ivan replied. "I already got what I have always wanted, a family." You were still confused at his answer. Then, Ivan turned towards you, locking his violet orbs with your (Eye color) ones.

"I have you."  

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