My sweet little angel (Child/Reader x child/countries)

Sometimes you were a babysitter, and only did the job to earn money to pay off your college debts. Other times, you were a child, looking for a friend. Little did you know, you would fall in love with one of these cute characters. This one shot set includes both child reader and a child country. This means that the set includes a child reader x country, reader x child country, or a child reader x child country. You can request any that you want. I can also do a male reader for the female countries.


1. Child England

You needed a job, right now. You couldn't wait any longer and procrastinate. Your college debts were piling up, and you had to pay them right away. You looked everywhere for any job. Newspapers, the internet, etc. any job offer that you could get your hands on, you would take up the job in an instant. Currently, you were sitting at your favorite coffee shop, drinking on your favorite drink. You had your (eye color) orbs set on a newspaper, looking for a job, as usual. "Why can't I find a single job opening?" You mumbled to yourself, and took a sip of the hot drink. You felt a presence sit across from you, and you looked up. Your eyes scanned the man who had short, auburn hair, emerald eyes. Somehow, you felt like you knew him from somewhere. He felt very familiar. "How are you, (Your name)?" The strange man spoke. Your eyes widened at this, and you had to recover yourself from almost choking on your drink. "How do you know me?" You asked him. "You don't remember?" He questioned, and now you were really interested into this man. "I'm your childhood friend, Allistor." "A-Allistor?!" You choked. "I thought that I had lost contact with you when we had entered middle school." A lot of thoughts raced through your mind as you thought about your lost childhood friend. You two were very close friends back in elementary school, and would spend a lot of time with each other. Unfortunately, he had left for Scotland back in the beginning year of sixth grade, and you hadn't contacted him ever since. "My family had decided to move to (Your country, if it's Scotland, pick a different country) to start a new life, and I had ended up finding you," your Scottish friend replied. You nodded at his statement, and went back to scanning the paper. "What are you doing?" He asked once more. "Trying to look for a job to pay off my college debts," you responded. "I had finally gotten into (College you wish to go to), but I have to pay off my debts soon." You looked up at him. "I can't find a job opening yet." "I can help with that," he responded, but that just made you look at him questioningly. "My family needs a babysitter to look out for my younger brother, you could take up the offer," Allistor explained. "Sure," you responded. "I desperately need a job, and I'll take up any offer that's thrown at me." He just nodded at this. "Ok, here's my address and number. You can start babysitting tomorrow." With that, you bid goodbye to your good friend, and went back to your student dorm to finish up your studies.

"Where are you headed to?" Your room mate, who also happened to be your best friend, asked. "I'm going to my job," you simply replied. This response made (Friend's name)'s face drop. "You found a job?!" You looked at her and nodded. "I'm babysitting a boy who is my friend's brother," you explained. "Good luck on the first day, and don't get fired." You rolled your eyes at this piece of advice, and opened the door. "I'll see you later," you said, and shut the door behind you.

You looked down at the piece of paper Allistor had scribbled his address on. This was the place. You nervously rang the doorbell, and waited for the door to open. Once it did, Allistor appeared with a grin plastered on his face. "Hi (Your name)!" He said, and dragged you inside. "Where's the kid I'm taking care of?" You asked as you slipped your shoes off your feet. "I'll go get him," he replied, and made his way up some stairs. You looked around the house, and noticed its vivid colors. Everything was organized and neatly furnished. "This house is pretty," you mumble to yourself, and started walking around. You wondered where his parents were, his younger brothers, and his older brother that he had told you about before. They were probably out, and Allistor was probably going to hang out with some friends. You came to that conclusion, and heard two pairs of footsteps come down the stairs. You looked up, and saw Allistor hand-in-hand with a young boy around the age of six, seven. This child had emerald eyes like his older brother, and messy blonde hair. He seemed to have a forest green cloak draped over his shoulders. "This is my younger brother, Arthur," Allistor introduced the young boy holding onto his hand.

You knelt down to the young boy's height. "Hello, I'm (Your name)," you introduced yourself to the kid. However, Arthur averted his gaze away from you, and hid behind his older brother. Allistor just chuckled at this, and ruffled the boy's blonde locks. "He's just shy around new people," Allistor said. "Now, behave for (Your name)," he said, kneeling down to Arthur's height. "I'll be back soon." With that, you kissed his forehead, and headed towards the door. "Bye (Your name)!" He yelled out. "Take care of Arthur." Without another word, the door was shut as Allistor left.

"So," you started. "What would you like to do?" You were hoping to spark a conversation with the young boy. However, Arthur just looked away, and ignored your question. You sighed at his attitude. "Do you want to watch tv?" You asked. All you got was silence out of Arthur. He turned around, his green cape following, and began climbing up the stairs. "What is he up to?" You asked yourself, and headed up the stairs. "Hey, Arthur!" You called out. "Where are you?" You walked through the halls, hoping to find any signs of Arthur. Finally, you reached a door, and heard noises coming from the other side. You opened the wooden door just a little, and peeked through the opening. To your relief, you saw Arthur sitting on the carpet floor. Toys were scattered all over, and there was a bed in the corner of the room. This must be Arthur's bedroom. You closed the door, and knocked, not wanting to disturb the kid. "Can I come in?" You asked. "Sure," Arthur spoke.

He had finally said something to you. You opened the door all the way, and saw that Arthur had a wand in his hand. "What are you doing?" You questioned, and sat down on the ground. "I'm practicing my magic," he softly replied. You let out a small smile at the reply. He sounded so cute. "Can I join in?" You asked. You received a small nod from the boy.

After searching around the room for another wand, you found another cape he had, and tied it around your neck. "I'm ready to learn!" You chirped, as you twirled around, waving the wand. Arthur had a hint of pink on his cheeks. "Let's start," he mumbled. You couldn't believe that a seven year old was going to teach you. "First, you have to learn how to hold a wand. Like this." He held up his small hand, which held the wooden wand. "Like this?" You said, holding it up to show Arthur. "No! That's wrong," he replied. "Move your hand down a little." You did as he told you. "You moved it down too much!" He replied at your mistake. You tried once again, but it ended up with another mistake. "You're hopeless," he muttered, and held your hand, showing you the correct way to hold it. "Move it down here," he said, as he moved your hand. "Thanks," you replied. "Now I'm ready for lessons." "Not now," you heard him mutter.

You looked at him, confused. "Not you," he said, once he noticed you staring at him. "Then, who were you talking to?" You asked. "Flying Mint Bunny," he simply replied. 'Does he have an imaginary friend?' You thought to yourself. "Is he an imaginary friend?" You asked, but Arthur just shook his head. "He's right here!" Arthur exclaimed, pointing to the air. You stared at the place he pointed to, but couldn't see anything. Arthur saw your look of confusion, and tears started to form in his eyes. "This is why I don't like to show anyone magic!" He yelled, tears threatening to fall. Arthur dropped his wand, and ran out the room, pushing you in the process. "Arthur!" You yelled out, and got up from your sitting position. "Come back!"

You ran out of the room, stumbling on his toys. 'Where could he have gone?' You thought to yourself. "Arthur!" You yelled out once again. "Please come out!" You were starting to grow a liking for the kid. You thought that you would never come back here to babysit, but you were wrong. You wanted to babysit Arthur again. You walked around the hall, wondering about Arthur. Then, you stopped when you heard a little sob. "Arthur," you muttered, as you sighed in relief. You followed the sounds of the sobs, and came to a door. "Arthur," you said from behind the door. "Go away," he replied, his voice filled with muffles of his sobs. "Arthur," you repeated. This time, there was no response. You decided to open the door and walk in. "I'm coming in," you told Arthur, and flung the door wide open.

You saw Arthur lying face down on a large bed, wetting the pillow with his tears. 'This is probably Allistor's room,' you thought to yourself. "What happened back there?" You asked the sobbing boy. "You probably think I'm crazy," Arthur replied, and this shocked you. "W-Why w-would I think that?!" You exclaimed. "Because I can see a flying bunny, and no one else can," Arthur replied, his sobs heard loud and clear. "That doesn't mean I find you crazy," you answered. "I mean, others probably can see things that no one else can, right?" Arthur looked up at you, tears staining his cheeks, and his eyes red from crying. "Everyone finds me crazy because I tell them about Flying Mint, and everyone thinks that I'm just imagining things," he replied. "I wish I can see this bunny," you responded. "R-Really?" Arthur's eyes widened at your response, and you nodded. You sat down on the bed, next to him, and wiped his tears away with your thumb. "Are you feeling better?" You questioned. "Yes!" Arthur chirped. "Let's go learn that trick you were going to teach me," you said, and lead Arthur away.

"Thanks," you said to Arthur. "I finally learned a trick I can show my friends." Arthur just smiled at you with his child smile. Then, you saw a flash of green. You quickly turned around, but didn't find anything. "That's strange," you muttered. "Is something wrong (Your name)?" Arthur asked. "Huh, uh, no," you lied. "Everything's fine." You turned to face Arthur, but then you saw a bunny in front of you, blocking Arthur. It was flying and had a mint color. "W-What i-is t-that?!" You stuttered, and fell backwards, landing on your behind. You pointed to the place where you saw the strange creature. Arthur looked at you confused, then at the place you had pointed to. "Oh, that's just Flying Mint Bunny," he simply replied, and then he took time to process what he just said. "You can see Flying Mint Bunny?!" He exclaimed, a smile plastered on his face. "Flying Mint Bunny?" You asked. "I'm glad that I'm not the only one that sees him!" Arthur yelled, sparkles visible in his emerald hues. You giggled at his reaction and stood up. "See, I told you that I didn't think that you were crazy." You flicked his forehead, and he rubbed the place which now held a bright red mark. "Do you want to continue teaching me magic?" You asked him. "Yes!" He cheerfully replied, and bounced up and down. "Then let's continue!"

"I'm home!" The voice of Allistor rang throughout the house. You and Arthur were happily playing upstairs, and not paying any attention to the time. "Arthur? (Your name)?" Allistor called out, but you two didn't hear him. His footsteps pounded against the wooden steps, as he climbed up towards the hall. He heard giggling coming from his room, and walked towards all of the noise. "Are you in here?" He asked, and opened the door. All he saw was you and Arthur waving around your plastic wands, and giggling. "What are you two doing in my room?" He asked. You turned your head towards Allistor, and noticed that he stood in the doorway. "Oh, you're home," you replied. "Yes, I am," he responded. "Now, can you please tell me why you are in my room." "Your brother is teaching me magic," you replied, but Allistor just stared at you with a look saying that you are crazy. "Brother!" Arthur jumped up, and ran towards Allistor, wrapping his hands around his leg. "Hello Arthur," Allistor replied, ruffling his hair. "How was (Your name)?" "She's amazing!" Arthur replied. "I taught her magic!" Allistor just smiled at his energetic brother. "Can she babysit again?" Allistor looked at you with a questioning look. "Sure," you replied. "I would love to."

You stood in front of the entrance of the house, putting on your shoes. "Aw!" Arthur whined. "Do you have to go?" You giggled at his face. "Yes," you replied. "I'll come back though, so don't forget." You touched his nose, and you saw a small hint of pink tint his cheeks. "Well, thanks again for taking care of Arthur (Your name)," Allistor said. "It was no problem," you replied. "It was quite fun." "Bye," Arthur said, and waved. "Bye," you responded, and waved back. "By the way," you started. "I hope I'll be seeing you around campus," you told Allistor. "Don't worry," he replied. "You will. Also, can you babysit Arthur next weekend?" You nodded in response. "I would love to," you said. "I'll see you soon, bye." "Bye," both said in unison. With that, you left the house, closing the door behind you.

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