The Muggle of Hogwarts

Mavis Frank gets a letter from Hogwarts. Mavis Frank gets into 9/34. But Mavis Frank is a muggle.


21. The NEW Hogwarts

New Years Resolutions

1) Get better grades (in Potions especially!) 

"What is THAT?!" Linda shrieked as she walked into the common room and saw me typing. 

"A muggle device." I flipped it around and showed them the screen. "It's called a computer." 

"Well McGonogall is going to freak out when she sees that you brought this muggle copmooter into Hogwarts!" Linda shook her head, but Milo just laughed. 

"McGonogall is letting me! We want to include more electronics. I think its stupid that you wizards don't even have a news channel!"

"What?" Linda asked, insulted. 

"For TV," Milo explained. We spent a long time the night before explaining what TV was. "It shows news and stuff." 

"Whatever." Linda rolled her eyes. "What are you typing anyway?"

"New Year Resolutions." I said. Milo peered over my shoulder. 

"I have an idea," He grinned. "Gimme that." He grabbed my computer. 

2) Be nicer to students when teaching

"I'm nice to students!" I exclaimed and grabbed my computer back. 

"Just something to keep in mind!" Milo said and smirked. 

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and turned back to my computer as Milo walked off and sat on a cough across the common room. He opened his book The Adventures of Victor the Vampire and began to read. "What else?" 

"One of your goals should be to get rid of your crush on Milo." Linda whispered. 

"I don't like him that way anymore." I said shrugging. "It's going to ruin our friendship." 

"Good." Linda smiled and we turned back to my laptop, and I began showing Linda all the things you can do with it. 


"Students!" Sprout II said loudly as we all entered the common room from dinner. No one turned. "STUDENTS!" She roared. We all stopped talking and turned. "I have an exciting announcement! Thanks to our very own, Mavis Frank, us witches and wizards are getting our own... uh..." She peered down at her parchment and squinted her eyes. "Tee-Vee network!" 

"What's a Tee-Vee?" A fifth year called. 

"It will explain everything in the next issue of the Hogwarts Hush!" Sprout II said. "It's a muggle thing. We will begin preparing the Hogwarts News Network, or HNN on March 1st, and the launch date is the first of September." 

"Well then wouldn't we need Internet and electricity in wizard homes?" A 7th year muggle born boy called. 

"Internet!" Sprout II snorted. "We have magic!" The students around us began talking all at once, some were curious, excited, disgusted, or just confused overall. 

"Professor McGonogall will answer any questions!" Sprout II said over our voices. "Now everyone off to bed!"

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