The Muggle of Hogwarts

Mavis Frank gets a letter from Hogwarts. Mavis Frank gets into 9/34. But Mavis Frank is a muggle.


9. The Betrayal


The next day at 2:56 I made my way to the Headmistress's office. 

"Nosebleed Nougat." I mumbled to the Gargoyle, who jumped out of the way. "Professor?" I called as I reached the top of the spiral staircase. 

"Mavis?" McGonogall opened the door with a smile. "Ah, right on time. Mavis, here is Samantha Johnson." A young, pretty girl with short dark curls appeared from behind her she looked hardly older than a 17 year old. She shook my hand and smiled. 

"Nice to meet you, Mavis." Samantha said. "It's nice being back here."

"When did you graduate?" I asked. 

"Two years ago." Samantha said. Then she sat down at a table. "So, let's begin."

"Ok..." I nodded. 

"Is it difficult knowing that no one is similar to you at Hogwarts?" Samantha asked.

"Not exactly." I said. "There are, for sure, a bunch of students who don't like the idea of me being here. But, the thing that always makes me be happy are the people that do like me. Like Professor McGonogall." Samantha smiled, nodded, and went on to the next question. 


"So proud, Mavis."  Burbage said to me the next day when the article came out. 

"I never thought Hogwarts would... well... let in a person such as ye-self." Hagrid said giving me a huge hug. 

"So the teachers are happy..." Milo said to me and Linda during breakfast. "What about the students?" We glanced around at the students. mail would be arriving any moment now..." 

"I know!" Linda said nervously, as she flipped through Secrets. "No one really know or else there would be loads of more comments in here." I glanced over. 


Shira Cosby: Rumor that an article in the Daily Prophet about Mavis Frank- the first Hogwarts student. 

Kathy Snow: Yep! My dad works with the Daily Prophet. He told me. 

Maggie Jones: Anyone want to write a story on Mavis?

Shira Cosby: Why not?! I'll do it! 

Maggie Jones: Alright- so Mavis Frank story assigned to Shira Cosby! 


"Wow!" I smiled. "That's neat."

"Here's mail delivery!" Milo said loudly. We glanced around at the owls. Many of them consisted of The Daily Prophet. Linda grabbed her's as it came down. She flipped through. 

"Page 2!" She announced. We watched at gradually, the newspapers in the student's hands began to flip to page two. "Oh.... NO!" Linda shrieked. 

"What?" I asked. 

"The article is supposed to be HERE! But look..." Linda pointed with a shaky finger at the headline. 

Hogwart's mistake getting bigger

By Nina Skeeter

And under that was a hideous photo of me, and I stared at the name. Nina Skeeter. 

Samantha betrayed us. 

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