The Muggle of Hogwarts

Mavis Frank gets a letter from Hogwarts. Mavis Frank gets into 9/34. But Mavis Frank is a muggle.


14. Taken

When I woke up I was in a big closet. 

I knew it was a closet because there were coats and such lined up against all four walls of the room.

"Hello?" I called loudly as a tear fell down my cheek. "H-Help!" I heard the doorknob shake, and a deep voice called back.

"Is someone in there?" It said. I recognized it. 

"Milo!" I called. "it's me- Mavis!"

"What are you doing in there?" He called and frantically pulled on the doorknob. 

"Fiona and Jane put me in here." I said. "When they asked to talk to me before." 

"That was hours ago!" He replied. "i'm going to go tell Professor-" 

"No!" I cried. "i have no proof. We need to get proof before."

"Mavis," He said.  "You're stuck in a- Oh hello Fiona."

"What are you doing here, Milo?" I heard Fiona giggle.

"Uh," He paused. "Mavis is stuck in here." 

"Why would she be in the closet?" Fiona asked. 

"Uh," Milo said. "we just really need to get her out." 

"Ok." Fiona nodded. "How again?" 


"Alohamora." Milo said loudly and the door swung open revealing me tied up with rope on the ground. 

"Oh, hello, Mavis." Fiona waved. "What are you doing in there?" 

"You- you-" I said stressfully as Milo unties the rope. As soon as he does I pounce towards the door jabbing my finger in her face. "You trapped me in here and-" 

"I didn't!" She said offensively. 

"Where were you after lunch at 3:00?" Milo quizzed. 

"I was in detention with Jane." Fiona crossed her arms. "Ask Professor Longbottom."

"What did you do?" Milo asked. 

"Passing notes during herbology." Fiona rolled her eyes. 

"Well then someone who looked exactly like YOU put me in here." I exclaimed loudly. 

"Well it must have been that because it wasn't me!" She yelled back and stormed away. 


"It must have been a polyjuice potion." Linda said after we told her what happened. 

"A what?" I asked. She opened a huge book called Greatest Known Potions, and flipped a few pages. 

"Here." She showed me the page. 

"The Polyjuice Potion, which is a complex and time-consuming concoction, is best left to highly skilled witches and wizards. It enables the consumer to assume the physical appearance of another person."      

"Yeah," I shrugged. "but who would change into Fiona and Jane just to lock me in a closet, knowing I wound be found?"

"Probably one of Rita's stunts." Scorpius said. 

"Why though?" I asked. 

"Does anyone ever know why Rita does anything?" Milo said. 

"I guess." I mumbled. "I'm going to bed." 

"Me too." Linda called, and we exited the library. When we got to our dormitory and I opened the door, my mouth dropped. 

"Oh my god-" I stuttered as I looked around to find my room a mess- OUR room a mess. Everyone's stuff was spread out, drawers opened, books and paper lying around. 

"Was it Fiona and Jane again?" Linda whispered. 

"No." I shook my head. "Their stuff is everywhere too. Jane is a neat-freak- she wouldn't do this." 

"Then who would?" Linda muttered. 

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