The Muggle of Hogwarts

Mavis Frank gets a letter from Hogwarts. Mavis Frank gets into 9/34. But Mavis Frank is a muggle.


13. Rose and the Newspaper Picture


"Nina?" I whispered as we stared at the newspaper. 

"Who's Nina?" A voice said from behind us. We wheeled around to see a girl. 

"Rose!" Albus exclaimed loudly. Rose stared at him with narrowed eyes suspiciously. "Oh, uh, hi Rose." I turned my head to see Scorpius's usually pale cheeks bright pink. 

"Hi..." Linda said awkwardly. 

"Oh, uh," Albus stuttered getting up from the table. "Guys this is my cousin Rose Granger-Weasley. Rose, this is Linda, Milo and Mavis." 

"Well, ok." Rose said and awkwardly and backed away. But before she left, I noticed something interesting about Rose. Her bright red hair. After she disappeared behind the bookshelves, I snatched the newspaper and stared at the picture of Nina with her flaming hair and millions of freckles around her cheeks. 

"I bet that's why Mavis said Nina was acting so normal." Milo began as I was looking at the paper. "She isn't an insane person like Rita is. I wonder who her parents are." 

"I think I might have an idea." I said quietly. They all looked at me.

"Who?" Linda asked. I showed them the picture of Nina, then pointed to Rose, who popped up above a short bookshelf and was flipping through A Year With The Yeti. We all looked at Albus who had a worried look. He cleared his throat and nodded.

"Nina is a Weasley."


"So that would make Nina your Aunt." McGonogall said to Albus after we told her. Albus rolled his eyes. 

"So what do we do?" I asked.

"We will have to do a DNA potion and charm to be sure..." McGonogall said. "But we should contact the Weasleys. Albus could you- or maybe I should." She hurried off to her office. Linda shoved her books back into her bag and be left to go back to the dormitory. Me and Milo waved goodbye, and joined her. 

"So this was an interesting day." Milo said as we got to the entrance to our common room. 

"I'm glad it's almost dinner." Linda yawned. "I'm hungry." 

"Yeah..."I said, as my stomach growled. We entered the common room in a hurry, but were stopped by Fiona and Jane. 

"Heyyyyyy Mavis!" Jane giggled sweetly. "Can we talk to you for a minute? In private?" Milo and Linda looked suspicious, but I nodded. 

"Go ahead, guys." I said to them, and they retreated. When they disappeared into the common room, Fiona smiled. 

"Good night, Mavis." She said quietly, and then everything went black.

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