The Muggle of Hogwarts

Mavis Frank gets a letter from Hogwarts. Mavis Frank gets into 9/34. But Mavis Frank is a muggle.


7. Muggle Studies


"Hi, are you Mavis?" A young, red haired witch asked me. 

"Uh- yeah." I muttered. 

"Great, your with me for four periods today." She smiled. "I'm Professor Chelsea Burbage. 

"Mavis Frank." I shook her hand. 

"We have Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff 2nd years today." Burbage said. I smiled, remembering that Milo would be there. 

"Sounds good." I said, and followed her into her classroom. It was for sure muggle like, there were muggle posters tacked all over on the walls, not moving. "Wow." 

"Yeah." Burbage beamed at her well-decorated walls. "My mum also taught here, did you know?" 

"Oh, really?" I said. 

"Yes." Burbage continued. "Charity Burbage also taught muggle studies. She was murdered by Lord Voldemort years ago when I was 15."

"Oh... I'm so sorry..." I mumbled.

"Thanks." She smiled. Then the students filed in. 

"Hi, Mavis!" Milo said before he passed me. 

"It's PROFESSOR FRANK, Mr. Fitz." I said coldly. After seeing his reaction, I burst out laughing. "Your face was priceless." 

"Ha ha." Milo grinned, then went to find a seat. I hurried up to the front of the room by Burbage's desk. 

"Let's begin." Burbage said after everyone got seated. "Muggles, as all of you know, are just like us, humans, but without magic. They are still people, but they go about their lives without magic." 

"How stupid." A girl from Ravenclaw yawned. "Muggles don't deserve to be on the same planet as us." I sank in my seat as Milo gave me a sympathetic look. 

"Well, Miss..." Burbage glanced down at her attendance sheet. "Janet Herring."

"Yeah." Janet said flatly. 

"That's an interesting opinion, especially since we today and for the rest of this year are being assisted by Mavis Frank," Burbage glanced at me. "Hogwart's first muggle student." Janet's bored smirk turned to a pale, then red face of embarrassment. 

"Sorry." She said cooly, not showing any sympathy. I nodded.

"I'm a bit used to the glances from other people already," I said. "even though I'm still human, I'm a muggle which makes me an outsider," I glanced at her face. "a freak." 

"Such bad stereotypes..." Burbage nodded. "Here, you are free to speak your opinion as Miss Herring here has already done." 

"I'm sorry." Janet repeated loudly, obviously not meaning it. 

"Do you mind these comments, Mavis?" Burbage said. 

"I guess not," I said looking straight at Janet. "I mean, you are entitled to your own opinion. I think that if you think something bad about muggles, that's your opinion. You learn differently from wizards because us muggles might think you're freaks if we knew of your power. So if I called all wizards and witches freaks, you guys must not have any mad feelings about them since we are all entitled to our own opinions." Janet glared at me. 

"You are absolutely right." Burbage nodded. "I'm positive Mavis has nothing against us." She added. 

"Nope." I said. "You guys are awesome." Burbage laughed, then began explaining what the muggle posters were of. 

"Who is THAT?"' A blonde Hufflepuff giggled pointing to a One Direction poster. 

"One Direction." I explained. "A boy-band." She giggled. 

"This is Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, all singers." Burbage said. "Here are some sport posters. Er... there's soccer, American football, basketball..." The talk was interrupted by a loud speaker. 

"All student please report back to your dormitories." Professor McGonogall's voice boomed. There was a quick reaction, students hurried out of the classroom, and everyone returned to their houses. 

"What's happened?" A Hufflepuff 5th year asked back in the common room. 

"This note came from an own to Professor McGonogall's office along with a dangerous spell." Spout II said holding up a parchment. "Made by someone in Hogwarts. It's made by a recently made parchment straight from the paper room, as we can tell by the made date on the back." I stood on my tippy toes and managed to get the words out. 

Take that muggle back to wherever she came from. 

Or else.

Everyone looked at me. 

"Janet was right!" A second year girl with short black hair cried. "She IS bad news!"

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