The Muggle of Hogwarts

Mavis Frank gets a letter from Hogwarts. Mavis Frank gets into 9/34. But Mavis Frank is a muggle.


6. Different



Mathew was a bit nicer from then on. 

He was still pissed for what I did, but I found a not in my locker (yes, we have lockers at Hogwarts for some reason) that said:

Well Played. 


"What's that?" Linda asked coming up to me. 

"A note from your twin." I answered. Linda looked at it. 

"True." Linda nodded.

"What?" I asked. 

"Well played. You were really clever." Linda said. "Now, let's get to breakfast before I barf from being so hungry." I laughed, slammed my locker door shut, and we hurried to the great hall. Just after we sat down and began to feast on the piles of glimmering french toast and blobs of the fluffiest whipped cream, owl delivery came. As usual, Linda got the Daily Prophet. "Uh-Oh." She said as soon as the owl landed by her plate.

"What?" I asked.

"You're on front cover." Linda said chewing on her lip. "Look." 

Hogwarts Admits Muggle Student

Right under there was a photo of me and Professor McGonogall talking. I read on.

If people thought of muggles as a dangerous peoples, Writes Daily Prophet reporter, Nina Skeeter You'd be shocked what Hogwarts have done- they have accepted the first ever Hogwarts muggle student, Mavis Frank. Headmistress Minerva McGonogall has refused to tell any further information on choices, but accepting Miss Frank has been a huge mistake. She might not be trustworthy, and will go around blabbing about Hogwarts to he muggle contacts. Hogwarts needs to be more careful about what students they admit. Continued on page 4A

"Stupid, isn't it?" Milo said from behind me. 

"Yeah." I nodded, handing it back to Linda.

"Oh, OF COURSE!" Linda gasped. 

"What?" Milo said sitting next to me. 

"This is by NINA SKEETER!" Linda said.

"Nina Skeeter?" I asked. 

"Her Mom, Rita Skeeter was a jerk that wrote terribly mean untrue articles." Linda explained. 

"Yeah." Milo nodded. "Rita Skeeter's daughter decided to to take up the job after her Mom, right?" 

"Apparently." Linda said, 

"Hiiiiiiiiiii Miloooooooo!" Said a familiar voice. 

"What's up, Fiona?" I say without turning around.

"How did you know it was me?" Fiona said stiffly.

"Oh...." I sighed. "Lucky, I guess." Linda giggled.

"Annnnnyway, MILO!" Fiona continued. "I need tutoring for charms class... and you're SO ah-may-zing with a wand, so I instantly thought of YOU!" 

"Sorry..." Milo said uncomfortably. "I'm already tutoring someone." 

"WHO?" Fiona demanded. Milo gulped. 

"Er..." He paused. "Um... I'm tutoring.... Mavis!" 

"Mavis?" Fiona exclaimed. "She's not even a witch!"

"Exactly." Milo nodded. "That's why she needs tutoring." 

"Well." Fiona scoffed. "Mavis Frank isn't even supposed to be here! Haven't you seen the news?" She threw a newspaper down at the table. People from the Slytherin and Ravenclaw tables were looking up. Mathew was whispering to a Ravenclaw. "'Accepting Mavis Frank has been a huge mistake. She might not be trustworthy, and will go blabbing around to her muggle contacts.'" Fiona read.

"Lay off, Fiona." Linda said. 

"Why?" Fiona continued. "So Mavis can go back to the owlery and send a letter to the muggle leader, 'Dear Mr. Muggle, come down to Hogwarts and kill everyone. I'm not like them. I'm a stinky little loser muggle just. like. you.'" I rolled my eyes. 

"If I was going to report Hogwarts to Mr. Muggle, why haven't I done it yet?" I asked. 

"Who knows?" Fiona remarked. "Who knows anything about you." Then she walked away. 

"Someone REALLY likes you, Milo." Linda said. "Who else would make such a big deal over nothing."

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