Narry: Last Chance

College boys. Niall is your typical gay, always near his 'friend with benifits' Louis. But Niall has one thing on his mind... The luscious bad ass Harry frickin Styles. Only two things stand in his way:
1. The fact that Harry's 100% straight
2. Liam. The homophobic fuckboy who happens to be Harry Styles' best friend.
Will Narry ever sail or it is just a ship ready to sink...?

*For the 'battle of the fandoms' comp*


5. Revenge

Harry's POV

I found the note taped to my desk and quickly slipped it into my pocket. What was Liam thinking? I was still super pissed off at him and I really didn't want to talk about all this, but to be truthful, I was scared of him. He could do anything and he has the whole school on his side. You really didn't want Liam Payne as your enemy... Just look at poor Niall...

An Hour Later

Maths was finally over and as soon as the bell went, I sprinted to the sports hall.

The lights were dim and I was alone.



No answer.

Liam's POV

Oh fuck. Mrs East made me stay being for 'innopropriate language' It's not my fault the class goes silent when I tell Adam the details of the amazing sex JJ & I had last night.

Now I was going to be late for Harry.

"Miss, what are the consequences of me leaving my detention right now?"

"Liam Payne if you get out of your chair there is a very good chance I will get the principal to call your parents."

"I think I'll take that chance."

And with that, I left. It's not like my parents would care. My father died 3 years ago in a car accident and since then my mother drinks constantly to drown her sorrows. Like she cares about me. It's fine, I don't need her. I can manage myself fine.

"Harry," I sneered when I walked into the sports hall.

"Nice to see you too," he chuckled.

"Okay, I'll get straight to the point.

You don't want to be known as gay for the rest of your social life and I don't want that Niall kid to have a happy life so here's the deal...

I'll take the status off Facebook and set you up with one of my ex's if you help me mess with Niall."

Harry's POV


Niall didn't deserve this but what Liam was offering was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I just couldn't turn down.

Could I accept torturing Niall like that?


"Okay." I mumbled, instantly feeling guilty.

"Nice... What's our plan?"

"I have an idea. Meet me back here tomorrow Lunch and I'll have everything sorted."

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