Narry: Last Chance

College boys. Niall is your typical gay, always near his 'friend with benifits' Louis. But Niall has one thing on his mind... The luscious bad ass Harry frickin Styles. Only two things stand in his way:
1. The fact that Harry's 100% straight
2. Liam. The homophobic fuckboy who happens to be Harry Styles' best friend.
Will Narry ever sail or it is just a ship ready to sink...?

*For the 'battle of the fandoms' comp*


7. Locked Out

Niall's POV

I still had two more hours left in school but I knew I couldn't face being in the same class as the devil...

Harry Styles

How was it possible that I could be so attracted to a guy that's not only broke my heart, but ripped it out of my chest and destroyed it?

I ran to my apartment that I shared with Louis, my only friend.

But we were friends, just friends.

When I arrived home I realised that Louis had the only key. I say red-faced and teary-eyed in front of the door debating if life was really worth it.

What was the actual meaning of our existence?

We're all going to die anyway....

My lips stung where I had passionately kissed Harry, I ran my fingers across the places where I remembered his hand on my back... Then I remembered the click of the camera, Liam's menacing laugh, my whole life burning infront of my eyes.

God damn it, Niall, stop being so fucking depressing

I finally decided to text Louis, he'd understand.

Niall: Locked Out. Left school early. Bring key.

I'd have time to explain everything later.


Louis: Keep warm Ni, I'll miss Science - the teacher's a dick anyway. Be there in 5.

It was lucky Louis had Science last because it was the only lesson he was willing to skip... The teacher looked like an actual dick and had the personality to match,

Niall: Thanks xxx

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