Narry: Last Chance

College boys. Niall is your typical gay, always near his 'friend with benifits' Louis. But Niall has one thing on his mind... The luscious bad ass Harry frickin Styles. Only two things stand in his way:
1. The fact that Harry's 100% straight
2. Liam. The homophobic fuckboy who happens to be Harry Styles' best friend.
Will Narry ever sail or it is just a ship ready to sink...?

*For the 'battle of the fandoms' comp*


4. French

Liams POV

I was drunk last night and regretted the whole Harry/Niall thing. Harry was a mate, I didn't want him to get too bothered

As I walked into school (half an hour late, as usual) I figured I'd leave Harry a note and think something up in range management class.

Dear Harry,

If you don't want to be known as the gay one for the rest of your life, you'll meet me in the sports hall at break

- Liam

I left it on in Harry's locker and walked to class alone.

     Niall's POV

What the fuck happened last night. Louis showed me Liam's status. Harry liked me? What the actual...? This was the moment i'd been dreaming of. The moment when I'd walk up to him, cheesy music would start playing and time would stop. It would just be me and my Harry. I'd stroke his jawline and tell him I loved him, more than anything in the world, he'd then cup my head in his hands and his smooth lips would touch mine and...

"Mr. Horan, are you listening to me?"

"Course I am."

"Well you can give me the answer"


"Niall Horan you will answer this god damn question."

"Je suis alle maison de prostitution avec Harry Styles."

Oh god, I just told the teacher that I went to a brothel. With Harry.

 "Niall leave the classroom at once."

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