Forget The Ones That Forgot You ( * A Harry Styles FanFic * )

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" You'll forget me " I whispered quietly while a few tears escaped " no, I won't, I just have to go " he said while wiping the tear that slipped " promise? " I asked and he hugged me " promise " he whispered quietly while kissing my head


4. Chapter 4-Wedding Surprise 2

Sofia's POV

I was in the presence of Harry Styles. My old boyfriend. My old partner. The one who broke my heart. The one who lied to me. The one who cheated on me withough saying anything. The one who left me. The one who forgot me

Once I got to Simon, I hugged him and went the opposite side, totally avoiding Harry though I saw him stare at me

Once I got to the side where Ashleen, Chloe, Rein and Khryss were waiting, Chloe quickly pulled me to her side

" I'm in the presence of Harry Styles " she fangirled quietly " I know " I whispred with a sigh " why don't you look excited? he's Harry fucking Styles. A tean hearthrob that might just have fallen for you. Look, he's staring at you " he said and I looked at Harry's direction to see him looking at me, with a seriouse expression but with a smile " whatever " I whispered back to Chloe and went back to my place.

~~Skip Boring Wedding~~

After the wedding, we went to a place near the church for the reception. Ashleen, Chloe, Rein, Khryss and I were sat at a different table from my mum, Simon and some of their friend's table. One Direction and their girlfriends were sat at a different table too.

" Sofia, I cannot believe you're under acting over this. Harry freaking Styles was checking you out " Chloe exclaimed, good thing they didn't hear us cause they're table was pretty far away " I'm not under acting, I'm just not excited about all this " I said and she rolled her eyes " if he was checking me out like that, I would have jumpe on him and fucked him right there " Chloe proclaimed and we all looke at her with our mouths hanging " Chloe! that's so innapropriate! " Rein exclaimed while the rest of them laughed, instead of me

After the reception, I offered to drive Rein, Ashleen, Chloe and Khryss home, since they didn't bring their cars

" Sofia, I have a question " Rein said and I node my head for her to continue " why are you always in deep though when a Harry topic comes up? " she asked and I suddenly stopped the car

" Because " I started an took a deep breath " because before I went to college in Holmes Chapel, we kinda had a thing, before he went to London. He told me he'd never forget me and that he'd always love me. But months after he left, I never heard from him since " I explaine and they all had symphatic looks on their faces " Sof, you could've told us " Chloe said, surprisingly looking calm " yeah, we would've understood " Ashleen said and I noded my head " it's just good to finally tell someone " I sais and they noded

It was hard telling someone about Harry and me. Mostly cause I'm used to always bottling it up. But it feels good. To finally tell someone. It feels like a weight has been lifted off yours shoulders and that you want to just, smile, for the first time for you


Hey guys! So heres part 2. How is it? Yay or nay? How's the movella so far? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments and ILYGSM!

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