Forget The Ones That Forgot You ( * A Harry Styles FanFic * )

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" You'll forget me " I whispered quietly while a few tears escaped " no, I won't, I just have to go " he said while wiping the tear that slipped " promise? " I asked and he hugged me " promise " he whispered quietly while kissing my head


12. Chapter 11-What The Hell?! ( 2 )

Sofia's POV

It was...............Harry and Kendall. What the hell?!

" Sofia! What are you doing here ? " Harry asked in a surprised voice

" I-Rein........well..........she told me to meet her here " I stumbled through my words until my answer turned into a whisper

" Why would she- this is my house " Harry stated making me roll my eyes

" Obviously it is. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm leaving " I said before basically running to his front door

~~At Sofia's Car~~

" What the hell Rein? "- Sofia

" Why? What happened? "- Rein

" Why did you trick me so I would end up in Harry's house?!- Sofia

" Well, just come to my REAL flat and me and the girls will explain "- Rein

" WHAT?! The others were in this t- that's it I'm on my way "- Sofia

I hung up before starting my engine and driving to Rein's REAL flat. After about 15-20 minutes I arrived and rang her doorbell. After a few seconds, she opened it and I did not give her a happy look. I mean, how could I?

" Explain " I simply said once we were all inside

" Well, me and the girls actually planned this after Taylor told us about what happened to you and Harry when you saw him at a coffee shop and bumped into him. We thought, if you and Harry would just talk then maybe you guys would settle this rough patch of yours and possibly go back to being lovers. We just wanted to make you happy and we thought that getting back with Harry would make you happy. Turns out it doesn't " Rein explained making me sigh

" Guys, I appreciate that you try to make me happy. But whatever we had in the past is in the past now and I honestly don't want to make a remake of that. It's too painful. If you guys believe that he actually chaged, then I don't. He's still that heartbreaker from before. And, it may be easy for you guys to tell me to forget the past and move on with him, then it's not easy for me. Because I know, I'm the one who's gonna get hurt. And I don't want that anymore " I said before getting up and walking over to her front door and leaving

" Haven't I been hurting enough for them? " I asked before rain started pouring. My friend and I have met again. I don't know why but whenever I'm hurt or have a problem, it magically rains. I think I have a bond with the rain. Right now, it's my only friend


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