Forget The Ones That Forgot You ( * A Harry Styles FanFic * )

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" You'll forget me " I whispered quietly while a few tears escaped " no, I won't, I just have to go " he said while wiping the tear that slipped " promise? " I asked and he hugged me " promise " he whispered quietly while kissing my head


11. Chapter 10-What The Hell?! ( 1 )

Sofia's POV

Once I left Taylor's flat, I quickly drove to my flat since I felt like I needed to rest. I mean, after everything that happened today, I think I deserve one, right?

Once I got to my flat, I parked my car on the driveway and made my way inside until I got to my room. I changed from my clothes to my pj's. The only thing I wanted to do right now was to sleep and forget everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING

My eyes were slowly closing and getting heavy but I got disturbed by my phone ringing because of an incoming call

I groaned before picking it up. I didn't look at the caller but I think I saw Rein's name

" Hey, what do you need? "-Sofia

" Hey, I bought a new flat last week and I haven't told you guys until today. I'm holding a party and it's gonna be tonight so I need you to come right away to help me get this place ready. Will you help me? "- Rein

" Sure, I'll be there in 30 minutes. Where is it by the way? "- Sofia

" *insert address* see you "-Rein

" Bye "- Sofia

I hung up and wearily got out of my bed to my closet. I took out some black jogging pants and a white sweater. I put my hair in a ponytail and put on my white Vans. I didn't wear any make-up since the party will be tonight not now

I took my keys and drove to the address that Rein told me to go to. After about 25-30 minutes, I got to the house

" Rein? " I asked while ringing the doorbell but nobody came out. I rang again and then nothing. Three time's a charm? Still..........nothing

I opened the door and luckily, it wasn't locked.

" Rein, I'm here " I called out but no one answered. The house was pretty quite except for................a moan? Woah, I will not go into one of the rooms here. Rein needs some privacy, if you know what I mean ;)

While waiting for Rein to finish whatever she's doing and finally accept my existance, I walked around the flat, avoiding every room ofcourse. The house was beautiful. Grey, Peach, Blue and Orange were the theme of the house. Though I thought Rein's favorite color was Black and Purple? Eh, maybe a change in style

After a few minutes, I heard some feet walking down the stairs. Finally, Rein's done

" Rein, glad you guys finally- " I got cut off once I saw the people who were walking down the stairs. It was........


Hey guys! CLIFFHANGER!!! I thought a cliffhanger would be great for this story sooooo here it is. How is this chapter by the way? Let me know your thoughts and please keep liking and favoriting this movella and also, fan me. ILYGSM!

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