The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

Michael, a humble, devoted, kind husband and a caring father was struck by a tragedy that weakens his faith in good. He abandons everything to seek and to serve cold justice to those behind it. As he joins forces with a powerful and mysterious deity on the condition that he has to save mankind and most importantly, track down his real enemies. The battle he faces makes him embrace his sole purpose in life, but what he later discovers will either make or break him.


8. The Journey of Journeys


At the break of dawn, Samantha and Paul called out to Sabrina but there was no answer. Paul looked for them in and around the tents and church area but they were nowhere to be found, no one had seen them. They checked the underground food cellar and other places they suspected the couple would go or be but could not find them. The people became worried that morning, a young man came running saying he saw them, the people went along with Paul and Samantha, and they met the preacher and his wife lying next to each other holding each other’s hands yet they did not respond to call nor touch, the couple were found dead. Sabrina had the most beautiful smile on her face even as she lay lifeless next to her man. Paul took Samantha away from the scene, the people mourned and their bodies were buried where the altar of the church once stood.
One of the angels approached Paul and Samantha and told them they were assigned to take responsibility of the late couple from there, so Paul and Samantha now could hear when the angels speak. They received instructions from the angels and uttered it to the people and the people were once again reminded not to carry anything apart from food and water for their journey. Samantha later made an attempt to talk to Michael but he did not answer her back.
The angels instructed Samantha and Paul to tell the people that they would walk for days before reaching the camp, that they would reach when the food and water had finished, and that would be after the people had walked for three days and three nights without food or water. The angels told Samantha and Paul to let the people be aware of all these and be prepared that when the food and water finished, darkness shall fall upon the earth for three days, greater than it did and many shall be tempted to turn back or compromise, they were encouraged to be prayerful along the way and those who could fast and pray should do so.
The angels blew their horns at the same time making a loud noise that went across the lands, and six other sounds were heard from afar as they echoed through the burning city. Shielded by the golden translucent dome, the entire population walked. Michael was in front and the two angels soared behind the people, they moved away from the hill and walked into the bushes passing many that died on their way.
The shield in Michael’s left hand revolved with great speed, it spun so fast as if on its axis and sparked lightning, the shield expanded to a radius of a meter, exited from Michael’s hand and remained suspended in the air, the shield swung in front of him. The sword in his right hand glowed from time to time as he walked majestically behind the shiny shield which led the way.
Michael and the angels were the only ones that could walk out of the dome and back, once faced with a greater threat, Michael and the two angels would move out and destroy whatever stood in their way. Some of the people who took large sums of money along with them began to throw it away, some even had diamonds, silver, and gold in the bags they carried but they all got rid of it one by one along the way.
The experience thrilled the people and was fun to most of the young men and that continued until they begun to give in to exhaustion but neither Michael nor the two angels stopped nor talked to anyone and the dome moved parented by Michael. The two angels soared above and behind the people, flying, switching and interchanging their positions. A number of demons started to come out and followed the people but could not enter into the dome, the angels would blow their horns at the same time after every three hours and six other sounds were heard, and as they walked, Michael left a golden footprint wherever he stepped on.
The people did not rest, and all the food and water they carried were starting to finish along the way. With time, the number of demons that crept behind them increased and their food had finished and none was left and along the way in their journey no life was seen, not a living animal nor birds in the sky was seen, no tree nor a single blade of grass. All the streams, ponds, and rivers were either empty or poisoned with thick venomous substance running on top of it with signs of blood flowing on it. They grew weak and the old were carried by the young and strong. The clouds were dark red and lightning and thunder stroke every now and then.
The day their food and water finished, a great storm arose and like a dust, demons came forth and surrounded the people as they move.
Michael and the two angels did not attack the demons but they stood guard all the way and only attack those who stood on their path, but the destructive power the shield and sword carried by Michael and the power the two angels displayed scared most of the demons and they stayed away from the path of the dome and only walked beside it or behind it. None of the demons could go into the dome and the men and women were told to stay within the reach of the dome light that shielded them, from afar the dome could be sighted by anyone and it attracted many demons and many fetish people who could not get into the dome.
Their eyes saw many things and many new demons, more terrifying and deadly than anything they have ever imagined. There were flying demons more evil looking than the ones that first appeared. The demons moved around the dome wherever the people went, both night and day, on the ground and up in the skies. When hunger struck the people in the dome, these demons began to entice the men and women with mirages of streams and water fountains, beautiful fountains of wine falling from rocks, exotic foods and fruits of all sorts so enticing that it made the men drool, the wise ones kept their saliva in the mouth and fed on its juice. Those that were thirsty who could not hold on strong were fooled by the illusions and moved out of the dome and into what they thought were forests and orchards.
Many cried when their friends or family members who were warned against moving outside the dome opposed to the advice and attempted to make their way out, these demons kept flashing false images of bliss, food, and shelter, giving them false hope and all who moved out were devoured without mercy, their souls were ripped and robbed from their flesh both men and women. Some who walked out of the protection of the dome were also struck with such fearful diseases as their bodies instantly decayed and turned green and the life in them is soaked out, it continued for three days and three nights, and many grew weary and too weak to move.
From afar the people sighted another dome just like theirs and were marvelled, with a different man in front and two other angels behind the dome. Neither Michael nor the two angels with them turned to look at the other dome. However, knowing what happened to those that walked away from the golden shield provided in the dome, the people remained within its cover and frowned at the mirages that were shown to them by the demons that hovered over the golden dome and many more who walked by the side of the shield. Samantha’s growing baby bump became visible to all to see, she was the only woman among the women under the dome that carried life inside of her and the bump grew, it didn’t make her weak nor did it draw her back. She told Paul that it was as light as a feather and she could feel the baby kicking. Paul was going to be a father and was very happy and pleased with the miracle in their lives, most of the women in the dome envied Samantha and many were happy for her, they kept coming one after the other to see her and talk to her.
The golden footprint of Michael left a trail as they walked by and it remained permanent on the ground and every land he walked on, even on the waters and in the rivers and over anything he stepped on.
Most of the young men in the dome admired the grandeur Michael carried himself with and walked behind him talking about what they saw in him but Michael never said a word to anyone and never turned to look at no one. With the shiny revolving shield leading the way and a shiny sword in his right hand, he walked tall and fearless with great pride like that of a man who conquered the nations of the earth. Every step he took thudded with great pride yet humbled, his arms were strong and flexible, his chest stood out like a warrior that slew all the kings of the earth. The side of his arm that carried the sword was brighter than the other, the entire people understood that Michael could not talk to any of them, the only ones that could talk were the two angels and only Paul and Samantha could hear them and relate it to the people. The people knew there was a great supernatural authority working inside and beside him and their hearts were glad that they were part of the people under its umbrella, whenever the angels opened their mouths to talk, only a beautiful song was heard by the people and the people yearned for more of it.
They came across many groups of people along the way, but these groups had no golden dome covering them and the people, fetish in nature, were seen living alongside other demons, and for every group they passed by, the people outside the dome would stand up infuriated and throw rocks and many other things at them, others threw and cast spells, like the sorcerers, at them but the shield kept it off. No harm came to those under the dome nor any weapon made its way into the dome that was man-made nor evil-made.
It looked as though these people they came across lived as allies with the demons, in their huge number, many of them walked naked and in their nudes. There were women of great beauty among them and men of impressive figure and vigour all sexually enticing and alluring. At first these people from outside the dome would appear hospitable, the mob would follow them and try to lure them out and when welcomed with rejection, the people outside the dome would become hostile and would mock, curse, and throw weapons at the dome. The dome repelled anything that touched its surface and nothing came through it. Most of the people outside the dome wore precious stones around the neck, some gold, and many dressed in such sexual manner and ornamented themselves and their faces like gods of ancient days, many preachers, teachers, leaders, and men of high and low ranks were seen among them sharing a common interest.
If viewed from the sky, the dome moved like a dry leaf paving its way amidst a large army of black ants. The number of these people was enormous and they didn’t seem happy watching those walking under the protection of the angels in the dome and every group they passed had a number hundred times larger than those under the protection of the dome, some of the people in the dome recognised a few outside and many outside were able to identify some of the people under the protection of the golden dome as well. Some even saw their relatives and loved ones on the other side, both sides could hear each other and their voices were filtered through. Many more with such unmentioned diseases were seen walking outside, they, too, poured their anger and throw rocks at the people in the dome.
Some people outside the dome had visible demons hanging from their bodies the same way a dog hangs its head out through the window of a car, their bodies were like a room housing such demons they carried and somehow attached. The people came across another set of fetish and seductive people, most of them dressed in black, the people followed the dome until they got tired and stayed back leaving only the demons that moved like escorts around the dome still trying to entice the people inside the dome. Those who moved out of the dome were killed but the people could not understand why the other people outside the dome were able to live side by side with these wicked demons. After every three hours, the crest on Michael’s helmet would flash incalculably within seconds and one of the angels would fly above Michael and the two angels would blow a wind instrument making a loud hornlike low tune at the same time, the angel would then fly back to its position, this continued from time to time and the sound was accompanied by six other sounds heard from a distance. Demons would gather along the path and clung themselves to the golden footprints left by Michael, some of these demons even fought for a space over the footprints as though feeding on it.
No one said a word as they crossed and passed these groups of people. The people in the dome came across a big river and walked on its poisonous waters, they passed and their feet floated like boats on the surface of the waters and did not sink, the experience was so great, many jumped in a joyful mood hugging each other. Most of the miracles they came across on their journey even made some forget they were hungry and needed food to eat, that experience was one of the greatest of miracles many of them had ever felt or seen, most bridges they came across were broken and shattered but they took a straight path through the valleys and across the fields but didn’t stop and nothing stood in their way.
They made it across many lands and met many different kinds of demons and even seen different kinds of people and other species that looked human but were wicked and they cursed the people and cursed God’s name and threw wicked weapons at the dome but none came close to the dome, neither Michael nor the angels bothered to fight anybody outside the dome because none could get close to or into the dome from the outside.
The journey continued and the entire people were exhausted and almost gave up, and after they murmured and lamented, in the evening of the third day they walked without food or water, the people walked up a steep-slope terrain as though climbing a huge mountain and approached a giant wall made by visible giant angels standing thirteen foot tall each forming a circle that stretched far and wide round into a far distance that stood like a great city wall. The wings of all these giant angels were spread wide touching each other, there was no gate and from a distance, the people observed two other domes making their way in through the angels that stood like walls.
Michael stopped, and so did the angels, the people stopped too as the dome itself stopped moving the very moment Michael stopped walking. Michael then lifted his sword into the heavens and cried out, the golden dome imploded into the crest upon his helmet and the people were afraid. The angels then spoke to Samantha and Paul to tell the people to go ahead, so the people walked through quickly in between these standing giant angels and as the congregation walked in, Samantha and Paul were instructed to walk behind Michael into the wall, and they did as instructed by the angels. On reaching the wall, Michael fell helplessly to the ground, Paul and Samantha rushed and held him, they helped him and watched as his armour begun to fall off one by one. The shiny sword and shiny shield transformed into light and flew into the walls and the angels stood and didn’t lend a hand. Paul wrapped his arm around Michael’s waist, placing Michael’s hand around his neck, they walked with him into the wall and Michael was only clothed by the tunic he wore which turned into a fine long cotton dress. Paul turned and saw how the two angels transformed into lights and flew into the wall as well and behind them, Paul saw a great number of people alongside the demons in mass making their way through the thick forest but they all stood from a distance, growling and yelling.


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