The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

Michael, a humble, devoted, kind husband and a caring father was struck by a tragedy that weakens his faith in good. He abandons everything to seek and to serve cold justice to those behind it. As he joins forces with a powerful and mysterious deity on the condition that he has to save mankind and most importantly, track down his real enemies. The battle he faces makes him embrace his sole purpose in life, but what he later discovers will either make or break him.


7. The Dimming Eye of Sunset


The next morning, the people woke up and ate their morning rations. Everyone was fed and satisfied, the men and women worked as one in keeping the place clean and healthy, while others were cooking food, the preacher and his wife continued sharing the good news to the people and at the same time sharing food. Michael at the time was on his knees praying when a great dark storm arose from the east, west, north, and south blocking the sun as fear gripped the hearts of the people. They all ran to one place and gathered, holding each other as the voices of women were heard screaming in fear.
A great and dark whirlwind made its way from up and down in front of them, sending the tents into the air and out of the dark wind came hundreds of demons. The people were frozen with terror, and their hearts got heavier as fear took their minds hostage. They have never seen such demons before and were all filled with great fear and disbelief. A great and wicked looking demon with four torn and burnt wings and a burnt eye stepped forward and growled at them, its voice shook the grounds and it spoke in a hash tongue saying, ‘many of thy leaders and icons, to the dark lord they pledged their allegiance, they bowed to the great power of darkness and all shall have their place when the heavens are turned to ashes, now whence thy help come from?’
Most of the people were confused and did not even understand what the demon said as the sound of its voice made their hair stand at end. ‘Cans’t yea hear me or to the deaf I spoke?’ the demon added, and all the people were stricken with fear and many called unto God and heard no answer nor a sign. Sabrina shouted with courage as she moved forward and said, ‘Jesus! The lamb!’
The demon took a step back, waited a while, looked up the sky and waited as though afraid something might happen, then laughed and growled again saying, ‘a woman, to lead you? Oh, weak sons of Adam!’
‘Yes, and lay a finger on her and you would lose it!’ said Samantha, standing in between Sabrina and the demon. Michael ran and stood in front of the two women but the size of the demon made him to rethink his action, he tried to stand tall in the presence of such terror. The demon moved a step forward, looked down at Michael and then smelled his essence by inhaling the air around him and said, ‘Hmm! Michael, I smell fear in thee! I can smell thy heart of hearts, a man who cannot protect his own . . . protect this many?’
Michael was touched by what he heard and got angry. Sabrina held him tight.
‘Such disgusting smell of weakness! Death be upon thee! All you who chose to camp with the one you called the lamb,’ said the demon with a green saliva splashing through the torn flesh on one side of its cheek.
‘Devoureth death, terror, and greater horror never seen or heard awaiteth thee little Adam. This be the best chance for change, who do you serve?’ the demon added with such great pride, staring down at Michael.
Paul tried to drag the two women away but Sabrina refused, she stood behind Michael with great courage looking up at the threatening size of this demon as the remaining demons begun to move forward and closer to the people. ‘Jehovah is whom I serve, and I believe in his son, Jesus Christ, the lamb, the only way to the Father, the truth and the light, He walked the earth in flesh born of a virgin, suffered and died for the sake of our sins, his life was taken as a sacrifice so we’ll regain ours, and on the third day he rose and seated on the right hand of the Father! He is whom we serve and on His side I stand . . . on His side . . . we all stand!’ said Michael in a loud voice.
‘In our grand number without a match against the flesh, death and torture awaiteth thy souls, little Adam!’ the demon added, staring angrily at the people.
‘You are speaking to sons and daughters of God, you filthy damned and wicked . . .’ Sabrina added but before she finished speaking, the demon growled and flung one of its huge wings, hitting both Michael and Sabrina, sending them flying into the air and they fell on the ground not far from where they stood. ‘God! God? Where is he? Show me he and telleth us whence yea hear he last . . . or the little . . . lamb?’ said the demon, who cried out loud, and it opened its mouth and cursed the name of God, then the wind got violent. A darker storm rose and many more demons began to surface from it, and beneath the earth and from the clouds.
A great number, dark and grey they appeared screaming, growling, and screeching their way through the skies, from afar they appeared like swamps of bees in such immeasurable number, many had four wings others had six and many had no wings but could soar. They emerged from everywhere visible and invisible to the human eye, while their dark presence obstruct the sun’s ray above, the earth begun to turn dark as though the sun was setting, the people watched in horror as different types and kinds of demons manifested in their wicked and threatening forms. Some had two heads, some with many heads and a majority had tails swinging up, down, and dragging on the floor with fire blazing, like the tongue of a furious dragon. The entire birds and animals that were alive began to fall and die, the demons were hungry and angry, they flew higher and below as if they just got freed from a dungeon.
The people were bewildered and raised their voice and anger toward Michael and some even attempted to fight him, but Paul stood by his side pleading with the people. They asked the preacher to call his God, the one he said would come and save them, others stayed as though they have given up and accepted their fate. Then a great and mighty thunderous sound was heard in the heavens, a great white light pieced through accompanied by a great lightning such never seen before from the heavens breaking the skies, piercing the clouds and striking every flying demon on its path, the light struck the earth and the earth shook, its impact created a large crater on the ground not far from where the church stood. A shockwave with a sound so sharp sent both men and women and even the demons to their knees.
Michael was the only one that was able to stand, he looked at his hand and it was becoming brighter as it glittered like the light that fell, he felt his heart became lighter than a feather, his eyes shone forth and he ran toward the place the light struck the earth, and as he ran, some of the demons made their way through to attack him but on reaching the crater, he jumped and landed and at that very moment the light gave way, leaving a shiny bright sword dipped into the soil. The moment his right hand touched the handle of the sword, both Michael and the sword disappeared.
The surrounding became calm and all the people rose to their feet wondering where he went, both the demons and the people were mystified. ‘He left us, he has abandoned us!’ shouted a woman amongst the people.
‘He has been raptured and we are doomed!’ said another woman from the crowd.
Sabrina, the preacher, and all the people were silent and lost in their thoughts, they didn’t expect Michael to leave them, they expected he would stand and fight for them and protect them as the Ambassador promised them. The preacher and his wife felt that something was wrong, they were all shocked as to why Michael disappeared on touching the sword. The entire demons turned their attention to the people and rushed at them like predators upon weak preys to devour them, and the people began to scream and shout calling God’s name, and then another second thunderous sound was heard and lightning struck down with an eminent spark and a much greater storm, paving and clearing the demons both on the land and in the skies and to their amazement, Michael landed on one of his knees wearing a full shiny golden armour—a golden metal jacket with tiny tubes of liquid gold moving around the jacket, a thick golden tunic, a decorated belt round his waist, and a golden helmet which had two-inch protrusion above the rim protecting his forehead, holding a shiny sword on his right hand, his feet had golden sandals with golden straps that went round his legs and on his left arm a shield as shiny as the sword he carried. Light emitted from both the shield and the sword and so did the crest upon his helmet which glowed brightly blinding the demons and dimmed as it reflected on the gold that made up his dress, the shield begun to spin and so did the sword. The people and all the demons around watched as Michael jumped into the skies splitting into a fearsome lightning moving at the speed of light through these demons both on the land and in the skies destroying them, only sparks of lightning was seen cutting through ruining all on its path, the spark of light penetrated through every dark clouds and the demons begun to run into the earth but his movement was too majestic and faster than their speed and the demons were in utter dread.
He rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise violently at the same time creating a dome of shiny light over the people, caging the people in and then turned to the demons. The demons were faced with such greater force that fear was seen in them. Michael swirled and packed the entire demons caging them in a circling tempest and sucking them out of the earth in extreme speed clearing the way for the sun to shine again, making a thunderous sound across the skies, the entire people shouted in wonder with their mouths wide opened as six other large thunderous sounds were heard all over the city subsequently.
Michael landed again on his knees and the people watched as the shield he carried transformed into a sword, now he held two swords. He stood up to his feet and walked toward the people who were in the dome that had walls made from a thick golden transparent light and as he approached, the people moved back in reverence. Samantha, Sabrina, Paul, and the preacher rushed to meet him. His face was glowing and in a short period of time his face started to show and as they tried to embrace him, his body was hot, the heat could be felt four feet away so they stood aside smiling joyfully at him but he didn’t speak and touched no one.
Michael walked through the crowd, the people observed in admiration as Michael walked between them and went up the hill top, he lifted his right sword into the sky and the people watched as two angels with mighty wings came down and met him. No one knew what they were discussing for it appeared as though they were talking and Michael listened, none of the people could go up because everyone was afraid to go outside the dome of golden light that shielded them, the people noticed some poisonous gas emanating from the ground outside the dome and all grasses, shrubs, trees, and plants withered, dried, and died. Then Michael and the two angels came down from the top of the hill and went into the dome that shielded the people and as they entered, the people were more afraid of the size of the angels’ wings but the angels looked peaceful yet their presence evoked awe and respect. The people noticed that each angel had more than two wings on their back and they were bright just like the colours of lightning but less shiny, their faces carried not a smile nor frown, everywhere Michael went, the two angels went along with him. Michael could not speak, he stood in the middle of the people and all men and women envied the glory shown upon him and were glad he fought for them.
The angels whose feet were above the ground called out to Sabrina and pastor James, and the couple came out. One of the angels soared and spoke to the couple but no one heard what the angel was saying to them, they only saw his lips moving and all the people could hear was a beautiful song their ears have never heard and both Sabrina and her husband, James, were seen talking but none could hear their voice as well. The only thing the people understood was that tears rolled down Sabrina’s face and she was comforted by her husband, James, who was smiling happily. After a while, the two angels went back behind Michael and stood motionless.
The preacher and his wife gathered the people and told them that everyone should leave the things they won’t need and should carry only food and water enough for the long trip they were all about to embark by sunrise the next day, they would all follow Michael and the angels to the camp where the ambassador awaited them. Samantha and Paul went to meet the preacher and his wife, while all the people were busy piling what they would need for the journey, Paul and Samantha noticed how tears were still on Sabrina’s eyes, they felt she was hiding something. They asked if everything was okay and she said everything was fine. The preacher told them not to worry. ‘She wanted a piece of the action that shall unfold at the camp that’s all,’ he said, laughing. Samantha and Paul still did not understand what he meant but the preacher managed to make Sabrina smile minutes later. Paul and Samantha noticed that pastor James and his wife, Sabrina, were more intimate and didn’t leave each other’s side throughout the rest of the remaining day.
Michael could not say a word to anyone, not even Paul nor Samantha but Sabrina was constantly talking to the angels from time to time. She later met Paul and Samantha that day and asked them if her hair was okay. Samantha told her it was fine but she insisted Samantha helped braid it for her. After that, Sabrina wore a beautiful gown, she took her time observing the rest of the women close to her at the field, she called out to Samantha and then handed a beautiful bracelet to her as a gift, and Samantha liked it and wore it happily. The preacher brought out some classic musical instruments and those who could play these instruments played it and the entire congregation danced that night, they sang through the night and in preparation for the morning journey, the people slept off but few stayed awake, wondering if that was the end of the world.
The skies were silent and the stars and the moon appeared dimmer and distorted. Michael and the two angels stood guard and watched over the people.
Samantha slept in Paul’s arms and the preacher and his wife found a place and slept and so did all the people leaving only Michael and the angels standing guard.


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