The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

Michael, a humble, devoted, kind husband and a caring father was struck by a tragedy that weakens his faith in good. He abandons everything to seek and to serve cold justice to those behind it. As he joins forces with a powerful and mysterious deity on the condition that he has to save mankind and most importantly, track down his real enemies. The battle he faces makes him embrace his sole purpose in life, but what he later discovers will either make or break him.


10. The Day of Days


The night passed in the earth outside the camp, and in the earliest hours of the morning, the entire men and women in the camp gathered in a great formation around the tent of the Ambassador. A great horn resounded through the camp and the Ambassador made his way out of his tent and the tent became one with the earth. He lifted his hands into the heavens, the men and women were transformed and endowed, they all wore armour far more beautiful and greater than the one Michael wore for the journey from the city, they were all marvelled and filled with joy, their strength increased from within. Men and women all strong as one and in the nature God shaped them from the beginning of time, such glory never seen rested upon them, and the sun was yet to peep on the outside world. Like the way Adam was formed, the men were, and like Eve, the women were. They all stood as one in strength, in spirit, and power clothed in such great glory and beauty.
Their armour glowed and the reflection of every man’s face was cast upon the armour of the man that was before them, shiny swords greater in power appeared in their hands and every woman carried a light shiny shield each and all the men and women wore glorious helmets greater than the one Michael wore and were all filled with such unmatched power and stood as one great force.
‘The dark one waged war upon thee because the Father, the greatest of all in His love chose thee as His own, bestoweth thee with favour, and placeth thee above all. This day, yea shall prove to the minds that are soaketh in the inextinguishable fire of doubts that thy substance is of the Father, above the angels and far above everything thereof because yea were created and ranked in the image of the Father through the son, in the son, for the son and by the son . . . This day, yea shall fight as one and the angels set to guard thee shall stand alongside thee, they shall guide thy sword and direct thy sword at the heart of darkness, for thou art honoureth by the blood of the lamb, more willed, stronger, and higher than thy foes from the beginning of time. This day, the glory of the Father shall be made manifest through the weakness of men through the son, for in the weakness of the sons of men, the Father’s strength cometh and is greatly shown! Ones who saw you to be weak, shall be made to seek mercy from thee. Arise, oh dear friends, sons and daughters of the most high, for the days of the saints and sons of the most high cometh forth to be! Lift thy sword of truth which is mine words against the enemy of man,’ said the Ambassador.
This speech brought a giant roar never heard of before across the camp, it shook the valleys, trees, and sent great ripples of wave through the polluted waters of the earth, piercing through the lands around the camp and the hearts of all men, women, and demons that surrounded the camp.
The Ambassador smiled at the crowd as his eyes shone like a million drops of water falling at night from a beautiful rock in a land filled with glowing mountains, hills, and valleys of diamond and silver and added, ‘to the Father yea are sons, to me yea are more than friends and what the Father and the son loveth and valueth, the spirit accepteth.
Be yea not afraid, for this is thy epoch, the era of the reign of good and in a short while, I shall goeth and openeth the gates to thy new home, and shall cometh down in the splendour of the Father who sent me and taketh with me all my friends to where I have prepareth for them where their mansions lied next to that of the Father and of the son. Fear not, for in my absence, in faith yea accomplisheth greater things, fight and remember that my spirit is beside thee, brethren.’
A voice amongst the men said, ‘Lord, what about our brother, Michael, if you leave us, would he fight along our side? Will he fight with us or against us, oh dear saviour?’
After a faint silence the Ambassador said in a soft voice, ‘some hearts heal quick, others take time but every good heart with walls made from the finest of gems shall stand in the midst of all challenges, he and all alike as him shall fight along the side that owned their hearts. I may appear absent in thy eyes in flesh, I am always with thee in spirit, which is truth.’
Some of the men looked at each other. ‘Know yea this, whom yea shall call thy brethren is one that fought alongside thee when these all endeth,’ the Ambassador added.
Junior, who was standing in line right in front of Paul, turned and gazed up at Paul who was standing tall behind him.
The Ambassador looked upon the great number of army of strong willed men and women standing in front of him and above them angels soared as guards and for the first time, eased his smile and continued saying, ‘this, too, shall pass like any other day to give way to the reign of the Father, the reign of truth, love, and light. This day carries with it a mark, an end to manipulation and lies, an end to violence, bloodshed, and injustice and most important of all, an end to lies fed to the hearts of men. This day shall never be remembered after it has passed neither they that brought evil to the worlds, for days that shall come after this are days of joy, and days of peace. From the day that waited in the future not far from now to the very new beginning that shall remain forever, everyday shall be called Peace! For love, in its magnificent and wonder, love in its truest form and being, is what is seated upon the throne in the kingdom where we shall find ourselves after this day! So take and lift yea the word I speaketh and placeth in thy strong hands, lift thy sword and strike the heart of darkness, brace thy armour and strike the power that looked down on thee, for when the sun kisseth the mountains in the east, thy weakness shall be made a wonder in the eyes of the enemy! The word shall be fulfilled, for only in the eyes of men it is yet to be fulfilled but the time has cometh, equality has cometh, strength has cometh, and love . . . is here to stay.’
The men cheered as the women hit their shields with such great roar. ‘Now go yea forth and thank the Father for this day, for this battle that has been won even before the sword of truth pierceth the roaring winds of darkness! Pray yea, as never prayed before.’ As the Ambassador spoke, the men all knelt and prayed in their hearts, the women bent their heads in their glory and uttered prayers which rose as beautiful scents to the heavens.
The angels who stood tall as walls surrounding the camp turned and faced the people within the walls and began to sing gloriously as the Ambassador soared up into the skies along with all the children, amongst the children was the new born. Samantha’s child flew with its tiny golden wings, she watched him soar high with the rest of the children, laughing and smiling happily, holding their hands together ascending toward where the Ambassador went and they all disappeared as lights into the heavens, and Samantha, too, was endowed with her armour and received great strength, she walked and stood tall next to Paul, smiling. The angels who stood guarding the camp also soared and halt seventy feet above the earth in a perfect circle as they were on the land guarding the camp turned again facing the dark ones who were scattered like sand around the camp, laying a thick siege. The angels stood like great light shining upon the people in the camp when everywhere was dark.
The men and women in their glory turned, facing the valleys looking at the great number of demons, the fetish and wicked men and women that surrounded the camp, they were many and yelled like a great army, scattered like ants the earth puked from its belly, and they outnumbered the men and women in the camp a thousand and eight to one, the number of the dark ones spread across the land, the angels above blew each a trumpet and all the men and women stood still and so did the dark ones. There was a great silence for a moment that lasted not, a great wind arose from the east and the west, the north and the south, the winds clashed and the earth shook greatly, piercing the grounds.
The face of the men and women in the camp glowed, their armour was very light but strong, all ready to fight forth the greatest of all battles and end the war between good and evil and place evil where it belongs. The dark ones carried with them such hefty tools and weapons never before seen and diabolical tools of war both man-made and spirited, the dark ones in their mass had archers of superb strength and giants of all sorts on their side, demons with many heads and wicked limbs, they growled, they roared and some flew into the air.
In the camp, all the men and women were in their great formation, ranks, and positions stood guard fearlessly with a heightened bright spirit connecting each and every soldier to the ones standing around them, looking below at what was before them and were not shaken! As the sun cracked open the first stroke in the horizons on the east, the colours of their armour, swords, and helmets which was finer and outstanding than refined gold, reflected and shone upon the valleys and the demons. The eyes of all the men and women in the camp were like diamonds, their hearts beat as one, all shoulders upright and heads held high. In their midst, fear had no place.
The sun cracked open the second stroke and half way through the horizon with its ray breaking the mountains and hills that hid it, the glory of man shone intensely upon the valleys around the camp and the mountains blinding the dark ones and those flying approaching from above in the skies. Not a sound was heard, not a leaf fell, and not a wind blew from the east, west, north, or south. Only the sound of their hearts as one, beating down like drums from the mountain shaking up the valleys and lands beneath, the dark ones stepped back, confused in such great chaos but at that moment, no white flag was honoured, for the war had begun in the hearts of men and this has been one thing they all looked forward to.
A brilliant smile found its way and tore itself through the face of a young woman standing in front that radiated across the entire faces of the men and women that stood against the dark army, she lifted her sword and hit her shield making a sharp sound with immense spark and shouted in a sharp voice saying, ‘for the future, for tomorrow . . . for good!’ As she charged ahead leading the entire people, all with their swords raised, all synchronized as one voice spreading and running down like a great thick avalanche of shiny gold dust down the lands and into the valleys where the dark ones gathered. The dark ones also hailed, screamed, and growled from down the valley up against the men like ants in their great number then a shadow is seen cast upon them of a huge winged man above them up in the skies. With a little gaze, it appeared vivid in their hearts that Michael was back, riding upon his wings and fully dressed in his armour! He swapped further ahead and with such great and mighty force, his wings cut through the dark ones down the valley with edges of his wings like a sharp blade, leaving a black smoke of dry bones in a straight line as big as his wings cut through, slaying all who stood before it, his wings had such great span and strength.
This made all the men advance and jump into the air with such great leap in their mightiest glory as two wings miraculously appeared on the back of each man, the women and men evoked with great speed of flight, sight, and strength. Within a short time, half of the dark army was turned to dust. Every man and woman had two angels beside them directing the shiny swords they carried at the heart of darkness.
As the war continued, the earth shook and broke open and the dark lord emerged as a giant angry dragon from the earth with a great roar flew up into the clouds with smoke and fire from its tail roaring. The dark lord sparked and evoked a storm which was subsided and calmed by a command from one of the young women in her glorious golden armour. It provoked the dark lord and from where he hovered, the dark lord watched in awe and shock as half of his army was destroyed. ‘Kill them, destroy them! Devour them and rip their souls!’ shouted the dark lord who looked from where he hovered, he watched as his entire army has been defeated.
No harm was brought to a single soul as the war waged on, not even a scratch on the skins of men, they fought in an organized manner, all as one and each eye guiding and guarding the back of the other. There was no fear in their eyes, no, not one, their race became one, their ethnicity became one and all their differences set aside, for the first time they fought side by side as brethren. The strength of every female on the battle ground as strong as the male therein, trails of smoke and black thunderous clouds cover the field but with their new vision and sight, the darkness was as clear as the day, the brightness of their glory blinded the dark ones even those that could fly and from the little that the dark ones could see, the sharp edge of the golden shiny swords and wings was the first and last thing they saw that cut them in half. The men swept all that was before them, annihilating all those who lifted swords against the golden army.
Men and women who chose to fight alongside the dark ones started to flee but there was no place to hide, for the glory of man had surrounded them putting them in the centre, reducing their number to nothing. The lives of the men who fought for the dark one and the demons rested at the mercy of the sword of the golden army. The faith of every man and woman determined their swiftness and skills in the battleground. Some wings were bigger and wider than others, however big or small, all the men carried marvelous wings on their back, and the entire earth was at war.
The dark lord spoke and from the earth a great number of men erupted in the form of hot lava from the earth, arose but were destroyed by the men. The men and women in their golden armour enjoyed the battle galore as they flew up and above striking through the dark ones fiercely without mercy with their sharp-edged wings and strong shiny swords at the same time and Michael and Cannon fought side by side happily.
After a long while, the Ambassador’s voice was heard, he gave a command with a great, beautiful, and glorious voice summoning both the gates of the heavens and gates of hell be made opened, and the entire angels blew a trumpet each shaking the earth beneath the feet of men then all of a sudden a portal opened from above in the heavens in between the giant angels that hovered above the camp and in the middle of it a great white light descended down to earth, shining brightly upon the earth and all the men, women, on both sides and the demons went to their knees praising and worshipping what descended from the portal and so did the angels. He that descended commanded a great force which struck the dragon down from the skies and it fell like thunder, carving a huge crater upon the surface of the earth. It changed its form into that of a beautiful wounded man and back into a dragon and the dragon too bowed, praised, and worshipped He that descended from the skies. All these they did with such great joy and peace, and even the dark ones enjoyed peace and were soaked in its awesomeness, the entire world and all those who were present felt the calmness as the light embraced them all and were all happy.
Through the great light, their hearts sighted the Ambassador in his full crown and glory, his feet did not touch the ground. He gave a command and the men in the golden armour begun to fly one by one gloriously into the portal and through the gates of heaven and those that flew once their body touched the lips of the opened portal, their spirit ascended and their body fell down the earth and is swallowed by the earth. All the people and the demons watched, and all who remained where on their knees offered praise and worship to the Ambassador in his glory. The Ambassador again commanded the earth to be opened and the earth again vomited all that was in it, and brought forth many from within its belly, all burning like fire who also went to their knees in praise glorifying the name of the Father and even the earth, the stars, and the moons were heard praising His name and that of the Father, and so did the mountains, every rock and all that was in the earth and the universe.
There was a moment of peace over the earth, the dark ones were glad and joyfully praised and worshipped singing ‘Hossana in the highest! Oh good Lord take us with thee, take us so we would worship at thy feet and glorify thy name and that of the Father our creator forever and ever!’ They were all filled with a great knowledge of the truth through the light and were filled with peace and love and their eyes were opened and the dark ones begun to moan and gnash their teeth but the Ambassador broke each of their wings and the earth swallowed it all and they cursed his name and lamented in tears, all those who chose to fight along the side of the dark ones were engulfed and devoured by the earth as they begged for mercy, the earth opened beneath with great unsatisfying hunger, swallowing all on its path both the dead and the living on the dark side, the damned, men and women, witches, wizards, and sorcerers who refused to turn away from their dark ways and all the alluring tempters, liars, and seductive people whose hearts were soaked in evil, and all their weapons both carnal and spirited.
Worlds crushed worlds and stars fell and died out. Some of the dark ones ran toward the edge, the gap between the earth and the gates of the heavens in commotion screaming ‘let us in, he lied to us all as he did yea please forgive us oh lamb of God. Our eyes are opened, take us to thy kingdom of peace and love, let us worship at thy feet and feed on thy everlasting and unmatched love.’ But they could not dare touch the gates as their voices were lost and not heard, for to them it was but hot and hotter than gates of hell itself, no one could save them, no one could hear their cry and their spirits and souls and their hearts were lit with great flame, for all who walked through the gates found their way in through grace.
Every man in his glory that flew in through the gates of the new heaven, their spirit departed from their body, their spirits were crowned and their bodies fell to the earth and into it and was swallowed. Their crowned spirits ascended up into the heavens and into the great light as their lifeless body fell down the earth, as all made their way into the gates of heaven, Michael and a few of the soldiers continued to fly gloriously.
The Ambassador walked upon the gates of hell and across toward the dark lord, and the dark lord was in the form the creator created him, trembling on his knees begging for mercy. The Ambassador lifted his hands then there came heavy hot-spirited chains from under the earth that had narrow sharp points and the chains had life and was alive, the hot chains sprang up like living cords and fastened and handcuffed the dark lord, binding and dragging him and making his body one with the earth. Strangled by chains, the dark one struggled to get free. The chain and the dark lord spoke to each other and fought but the chain overpowered him and held him tied to the earth and he was without strength.
Michael and the rest watched as the Ambassador lifted his right foot and placed it upon the dark lord’s head, the dark lord transformed from the beautiful form the creator created him into a big red hideous dragon, with huge black horns, revealing its true beast form with its sharp serpentine tongue hanging out between its wicked sharp teeth. With its head beneath the foot of the Ambassador, it shrieked in agony and its wings broke and burnt, it swung its tail up and down and cried from the burnt pain which was caused by its contact with the foot of the Ambassador. The heat from the light emitted from the garment of the Ambassador melted its horns.
It struggled to free itself from the intense pain because its wings were burnt and broken, the red dragon howled in pain, hailed, and spoke saying, ‘oh great one, what is it about them that made thee love them this much, they don’t deserve the crowns thou has kept for them and neither do they deserve a place next to the Father! You have shown mercy to the filth you call man and none to me.’
The Ambassador lifted his foot off the face of the beast and the beast took a breath of relief, the Ambassador then bent down, looked at it with keen attention, gave a short smile and touched its face. The beast gave a piercing cry and part of its shell on its face burst into flame, it broke and begun to disintegrate.
‘I have shown mercy and sympathy to thee first even before thy fall, more than I have ever shown to all; these lies have cometh to its end! These are the words of the Father and must come to pass and that, thou knoweth as much as I. It is time for those you hold bondage to experience the peace and love of the Father!’ said the Ambassador to the beast, the chains squeezed and tightened the beast harder, calling its name and dragged the dragon down to the earth and it whined and said, ‘but they are not worthy of His love, if had I more time, even the ones you called your chosen would have sided with me, man will defile the holy grounds where the Father liveth . . . man is not worthy of the Father’s blessings, man does not deserve your love and mercy nor the Father’s, man is weak and foolish, who is man and why are you so mindful of him, that yea made him a dweller of light, truth, and love . . . one with the Father?’ The dragon growled and cried with anger.
'Who art thou to say "what the Father should do with what He owns?" Yea knoweth that when thy rebel against the Father, thou loseth his love inside of you and so choseth to go down with many. Thou have been given time and chance to prove if thy reign is as peaceful as thou claimeth, thou have faileth from onset. The reign of the kingdom of the Father has cometh, and thou and those whom put their trust in thee are not beneficiaries,' said the Ambassador.
And the beast was given the right to speak the name of the Ambassador and it said, 'oh, Jesus, son of the most high . . . the Father knoweth this end even from the beginnings . . . why waiteth through the eons, through the ages to end it! Showeth me mercy and keep me within Adam's former realm and lift up the condemnation cast upon me by Jehovah, the Father! Oh, dear good Lord, king of kings let me dwell the old worlds, close the gates of the new against me! Mercy is thy name, you reigneth oh truth, great is thy name and great is thy love, raineth it upon me and I shall praise thy name and worship the Father who is true, love, and light.'
'Oh how great thou were, created in unmatched wonder, I formed thee from the finest of refined stones but now, the total absence of the Father's love awaiteth thee at thy resting place, in the abyss,' said the Ambassador who whispered the true name of the dark lord and the dragon was humbled and was filled with fear, as it trembled.
Michael watched as the Ambassador commanded the left hand of the dragon to open, and it did, something from the dark palm of its hand flew up and unto the Ambassador's hand and was destroyed, life went out of the dragon and it squeaked and shivered. The Ambassador turned and walked away, making his way into the heavens and Michael noticed the sign of a tear drop upon His magnificent face like liquid sparkling stars, he smiled again as the line of tears disappeared saying, 'it is sealed with my name, it is done, Father!'
Michael and the rest bowed before him and followed him then their spirit separated from their body and was crowned the moment their body touched the gates of heavens, their body fell into the earth and was swallowed just like the rest! Then a great separation opened between the heavens and the earth. The earth ate all into its belly and all that was fed to it and gulped and closed its mouth as it turned into a molten fire with tears, then came forth another formidable mouth with tongues made of fire, fire never seen nor heard of. Fire stronger and great with such destructive spirit which opened wide bigger than all that was ever created and its fiery tongues lashed all before it and swallowed the worlds, the heavens, and all that was created into itself,
it was deep and long and without end. The earth and all the universe were heard worshipping the name of the Lord and they moaned and were pulverised and swallowed, the spirit of the earth and all that were, it swallowed and the earth cried and so did the moon, the sun, and the stars and the entire people who chose evil over good and war over love.
From above, the crowned spirit of Michael could be seen embraced by the crowned spirit of Gillian, then came another crowned spirit of a woman, whose crown was bigger than Michael's. The three hugged each other happily and were embraced by the great white light as the gates of the new heavens were commanded shut by a soft sweet tender voice and the abyss that swallowed all into its belly was heard praising the name of the Lord with a beautiful voice, and Jehovah is His name!


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