The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

Michael, a humble, devoted, kind husband and a caring father was struck by a tragedy that weakens his faith in good. He abandons everything to seek and to serve cold justice to those behind it. As he joins forces with a powerful and mysterious deity on the condition that he has to save mankind and most importantly, track down his real enemies. The battle he faces makes him embrace his sole purpose in life, but what he later discovers will either make or break him.


9. The Camp


As they appeared inside the walls, they were all startled by the sight that was before them—an evergreen landscape with fresh beautiful fruit-bearing trees, all the people that made it to the camp were running, picking up fruits from the ground and others plugged from the trees, fruits they have never seen nor tasted before. All the physically challenged were healed as they stepped into the camp, the blind could see and the deaf could hear, exotic succulent fruits were scattered all around the camp and many children were seen playing and some of the parents saw their children and were filled with joy, all sorts of animals were also seen, even animals known to be ferocious and extinct were seen playing with the children on the camp, most of the children did not even bother about the people who were making their ways into the camp for they all seemed happy and filled with bliss.

From a distance came the Ambassador who walked down toward Paul, Samantha, and Michael welcoming and embracing those that made it to the camp.

Some men came with oil and water along with him. Michael was then anointed with the oil and was given a drop of water to take. He became fine and strong again and was able to walk and smile. Michael asked where he was and Paul, the men, the Ambassador, and Michael himself laughed together.

Gillian ran toward Michael and hugged him joyfully. Michael gave her a warm kiss and embraced her and both didn’t want to let go. Michael noticed that all the women who made it to the camp had smoother and longer hair running down and beyond their waist and so did all the children. Everyone was looking like a new born, and a great scent filled the air, beautiful birds and breeds never seen were flying in the camp and on the trees singing beautiful songs.

There was clean water from many wonderfully flowing streams and the children who drank from it said it tasted like milk and honey combined, and the adults who thirstily drank from it could not compare it with any liquid they had ever tasted. The water flowing from rocks in the camp made the old men strong and the young men wise and quenched the thirst their flesh carried, many beautiful fountains were scattered around the camp, and all the children of all colours played together as one race not a single difference was seen or sensed amidst them. The people spread around in the beautiful land and marvelled at its wonder, the atmosphere and temperature in the camp was very conducive and favourable throughout the entire land that they needed no tent to rest or sleep in, there were many people in the camp but all organised and in order, and many kept coming through the walls in groups and all felt the presence of peace within them.

The sun stood in one spot inside the camp, it shined beautifully as many were grasped by this marvel, looked at it as though they had never seen it before. Angels of many wings and many shapes, beauty, and sizes were seen in the camp and each stood guard of every human in the camp and walked wherever they went.

The Ambassador made his way to Michael and as He stared at him in the face, He asked Michael to discharge the last drop that tainted his heart but Michael did not understand what the Ambassador meant, so the Ambassador touched Michael on the shoulder and said, ‘yea shall be able to soar higher if yea grasp not to what thy heart gives refuge.’ The Ambassador smiled and walked away while Michael still couldn’t comprehend why he was told so.

A sweet horn echoed through the camp. The men, women, children, land animals and birds both on land and in the air, ran in their multitudes to the direction the sound came from and gathered around all looking beautiful in their numerous radiant colourful dresses. The people were allured by the place and the men and women standing by their side and joy filled the place like the day the creator introduced Eve to Adam, their senses were heightened and all were filled with great knowledge and love.

The Ambassador stood and many of them sat down on the beautiful sweet-scented grass. ‘After a while, a short while . . . the final hour is come, and the walls shall rise to the heavens after the son of man fought and conquereth darkness, the glory of the Father shall be seen in the son of man and through men, when the war cometh, which hath already been won before time was first recorded.

Darkness and its entire army and its warlords and the tongue that birtheth lies shall lift their swords against the sons of men but then, the glory of the Father shall cometh through man and be made manifest and the beast shall loseth its power. The place were sons of Adam were created to sit shall be restoreth upon the realms that be to them both on the new earth and the new heavens. A place where no eyes have ever seen and no ears have heard shall be inhabited by them who put their trust in the Father above who is seated upon his throne radiating the love that is in Him that is He to all that came to be from the beginning to the end. Be yea not fooled, for it is not about the place but with whom thy spirit shall be with up above in the place call peace, for it is a place where love and truth is seateth upon the glorious throne! Fear has no place in this gathering, evil has no root in this gathering for this is the hour of the son of man, the hour that the glory of the Father shall come forth through men. There is a body thy spirit shall inhabit that had no tear gland in a place where only love reigneth. A place I built for my own that I kept for the Father and all who loveth peace, and what is mine is of the Father, for what is of the Father is therefore of the son, and the son called thee his friends . . . thou art family of the son, the Father, and the spirit! My sheep heard my voice and endureth the journey of life set to test their love for peace, tranquillity, and love for the reign of the Father, who is love. After the battle of the last hour, which hath already cometh, I shall take thee all and these beautiful young ones whom I sent as peace ambassadors to the place reserved for my own, and there, only love ruleth, no pain, no agony, and no place for evil, no death . . . for the end of evil has cometh! The truth through love reigneth from this hour not long,’

These words were spoken by the Ambassador who stood addressing the crowd that gathered around him and even those who were far and were not seen heard his great voice. His voice filtered through their hearts like a sweet perfume and it made their hearts light and warm.

‘Tomorrow, when the sun endeth its blessed age, it shall cut through the blessed horizon in every part of the world which is made to be as one in the glory of the Father, after the last seed of Adam walketh into the safety of my arms on the grounds of this camp and ones I set for all that are mine around the beds of the worlds. Seven times the battle is won when the final hour cometh and seven times the key is snatched from the father of lies and seven times victory remaineth victorious, and yea, my friends, are more than conquerors! My word shall be lifted as sword in the hands of man, and glory of the Father shall be made manifest upon the earth for the last time before the earth and all of its age sinketh into the abyss. The hearts of my people shall be renewed, they shall walk in glory forever and ever glorifying the name of the Father who shall be their only source of light to and upon man from the beginning of the end, to the infinite new beginning! When these all come to pass, which hath already been recorded in the book of books man shall give everlasting praise and worship to the Father and be one with the Father through me, the way the truth and the light! For I cometh not to take thee to heaven, but to make yea one with the Father, who is love and light and truth! In the eyes of every man, there is what he thinketh and believeth is heaven, the son is the only bridge that stretcheth forth from the dying worlds to the living world of truth and light where the Father, who is love, reigneth forever.

Neither the Father nor the son above shall rejoiceth on the victory over they that hath faileth or the fallen or they who have chosen the ways of the fallen, the sons of men who chose darkness over light and they whose hearts yieldeth not to the truth cannot inhabit the place built for the lovers of peace. Once the trumpets soundeth on the last hour, those who refuseth to eat from the bread of life and those who walketh not in the path of truth shall be one with the damned. Know yea not that the words of the Father cannot returneth empty,’ added the Ambassador.

The ambassador spoke with his eyes like a thousand diamonds hanging like two stars from the heavens at night, the people watched as his body gradually transformed into a beautiful shining light, every word that came out of his mouth was full of life and as bright as he stood in his majesty and splendour, all the people could see him and were not blinded by his brightness. There was peace, there was love, and there was total tranquillity in the camp, after his speech, his light departed and walked away from their presence and into his tent at the centre of the camp and all the people went back talking to one another as one family. There was no guard, not a single angel around the tent, all the angels were scattered around the camp talking with the people and others playing with the children.

Michael, Paul, and some other men were helping people who newly walked into the camp, welcoming them. He then saw someone who appeared to be Cannon Johnson Jr., with some group of men and women making their way into the camp, he walked down slowly hoping his eyes lied but as he approached closer, his vision got clearer and there came Junior.

Michael let out a painful cry and rushed toward him with such anger to attack him but was held by some of the men. His voice carried along with it a sorrowful and a vengeful aura. Junior stood motionless out of fear as Michael stretched his hand in tears but the rest of the men grabbed Michael and lay him down, no one could stop him from crying and the light in him dimmed.

Paul and Samantha walked up to him and tried to console him, but Michael walked away and into the Ambassador’s tent wiping his tears, he fell to his knees speechless as his body rested on the ground shaking.

The Ambassador sat down on the ground next to where Michael knelt and said to him, ‘to ride on your glorious wings my child, forgive you must! Thy heart harbours the past.’

Michael cried heavily, saying, ‘you tricked me, why did you trick me?’

As the Ambassador lifted his hand to touch Michael, Michael moved back. The Ambassador smiled and said,

‘lies cometh not from this tongue, and vengeance shall yea have, to stand for and fight alongside the broken hearted, to fight for the weak, to fight the good fight against the cause of man’s agony, not against those used as devices to deliver it, though the sword of truth shall pierce through the hearts of they who turned not from their evil ways, there is more joy and glory fighting the cause than the tool, my son!’

Michael was weak and overwhelmed, it was obvious he could not lay his hands on Junior but the Ambassador was not happy seeing the way the light was not well lit in

Michael’s heart. ‘I want vengeance, I need to satisfy that part in me,’ he added, and the light in Michael dimmed the more, his eyes begun to change and his heart became heavy.

‘Forgiveness is the key to thy freedom my child, harbour not revenge, it is of the Father! This war shall be carried in both thy presence and absence, but only one way yea can be free to soar high to thy place of purpose. Do what thou must, for even thy thought I planted in thee because I knew them before yea thinketh of them, as I have known thee before thou was conceived,’ this he said, looking straight into Michael’s eyes. ‘The children of the light are not fighting to win or lose! The battle hath already been won and yea have come this far and have seen the glory of the Father and beyond are greater things to come here and above promised by the Father,’ the Ambassador added, but Michael stood up and walked out of the tent and as he made his way out of the camp, some of the people watched him go, Gillian called him and ran to him and he spoke a few words to her, kissed her and walked away, she did not cry as she watched him go. She smiled as she and the others watched him until he disappeared beyond the walls. Michael’s absence did not affect Gillian in any way, she was seen smiling and looked happier than ever before, never worried, no one knew what her father said to her and she did not tell anyone.

The Ambassador stepped out and welcomed the men who got into the camp. As he approached them, they took to their knees in praise and the Ambassador fully embraced them all, the looks from the rest of the men made Junior feel unwelcomed, though he appeared humble than never seen before and he found peace. ‘Embrace them, for they were lost and now found, they are your brothers now,’ said the Ambassador. The Ambassador comforted Gillian and held her hand as they walked into his tent accompanied by many other children.

Paul excused himself into the Ambassador’s tent, he was worried about Michael. Paul asked for permission to go after Michael to bring him back but the Ambassador refused to let him, telling him that Michael was far stronger out there alone than dozens of the men in the camp combined and Paul stood still and said nothing.

‘Do yea fear thy friend shall change grounds? I am concerned about he than thou art, for one lost sheep I value as much as the ninety nine in mine hands, for where I cometh from, a hundred is but one as a thousand, and ninety nine is lost as one that was not seen. However, I expect understandings from yea not . . . for now!’ said the Ambassador. Paul interrupted the Ambassador, saying, ‘but, Lord, he is all alone out there, at least command one of your angels to go after him and guard him, there are many of them out there or he can’t survive one second outside the walls in the dark.’

The Ambassador smiled and added, ‘whom yea think isn’t there arriveth before thou thought of.’ Looking straight into Paul’s eyes, ‘I’m with my lost sheeps as I’m with the ones under my wings. Do not give up on one another! Pray for whom you cared for. Now, your brothers need your service.’

Immediately, someone called out to Paul outside the tent, Paul sighed, bowed, then walked out of the tent to attend to the one who called his name, but his mind was on Michael.

Samantha was in labour and many women have gathered around her to see, beautiful birds flew and created a beautiful temporary house covering her and some of the women. Paul rushed in smiling and within minutes she delivered and the infant’s voice was heard all over the camp and all the women in the camp were delighted.

Paul was very happy and all the people in the tent were stunned by what they saw, the little infant had something that looked like a tattoo of a tiny golden wings on its back, some of the women ran out of the tent and told the people around and the news spread into the camp like a flood and many more came to see if it was true. Many women envied Samantha but they rejoiced joyfully with her as if the child was their own, the little baby kept a smiling face and rested in its mother’s warm arms as it sucked from her blessed breasts with its tiny beautiful golden wings clung to its soft body, the child had the most beautiful feet all the women had ever seen and all the children went to see the new born, and all the birds in the camp sang a beautiful song.

The men’s attention on the camp was shifting to the issue between Michael and Junior, although none harboured hatred for Junior but it got clear that many felt for Michael and sympathized with him. Paul knew how bad Michael wanted to crush Junior, to avenge his wife but with the realisation that Junior has changed for good and was remorseful of his wrongs, it was no time to hold grudge. Even Michael knew that well enough to cry out seeing Junior in the same camp and so did all the men.

On the camp all shared a common enemy which made them all one, every man learnt to lay down his difference, grudge, and pride. Victims of rape were made to forgive and embrace those who hurt them and have genuinely changed from their old ways.

Women who were abandoned by their husbands, children forsaken by their earthly fathers forgave, embraced, and accepted each other. It seemed easier for bad men to turn from their old ways, than it was for the victims to forgive those who did them wrong but as hard as it appeared, all who made it to the camp forgave and embraced each other, with the exception of Michael who has fled the camp and far away from it.

The hearts of many that were broken were all healed, all those who walked into the camp, forgiveness freed them from such hateful burden they carried and everybody understood why Michael reacted the way he did, but would he ever come back or would he join the other camp? For he must belong to one as every man must, as had all chosen sides. A great number, two-third of the entire human race sided with the dark ones and this was known to all on both sides. Knowing the great number that stood on the other side, none of the men felt outnumbered within the camp because of the great power they have seen and felt.








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