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1. Showing Castiel Pokemon Go (SFW)

The little red ball wiggled once.


With a flash the blue turtle popped out of the ball again before running away.

"Aw man!" You exclaimed, rolling your eyes. "That's the third Squirtle that's fled!"

Dean glanced at you in the rear view mirror. "Now I don't know about you Y/N but the names of those things you keep saying get more and more suggestive each time." He smirked.

Sam laughed and glanced back at you, humor filling his big brown eyes. You sighed. "Let me have my fun Dean. I'm trying to be the very best like no one ever was and you're making it really difficult with that attitude." You smiled at his reflection before returning your attention to the game. Ever since it came out you'd been hooked. Traveling with the boys gave you lots of opportunities to catch new Pokemon across the US. It was addicting and being a fan of the original games, it brought the inner child in you back out again. Sure, Sam and Dean may not understand it, but you were still giddy about the game regardless.

Dean pulled into a Motel parking lot and you and the brothers got out of the car, heading inside. "I told you I would drive," you said, plopping onto one of the beds. "I don't mind."

Dean raised an eyebrow at you. "The last time you tried to drive you almost backed into a tree. Im not taking any chances with Baby, she's been through too much as it is." You laughed and rolled your eyes.

Sam couldn't drive for very long because he kept getting really bad headaches that made him almost pass out.

The fluttering of wings was heard and your favorite angel appeared in thin air. "Dammit Cas, what now?" Dean grumbled. He was still angry at Cas for something he said later that day. It annoyed you because Dean should lighten up sometimes and take a joke. He was so grouchy lately and it killed your mood all the time.

"I was just checking in." Cas said, looking at Dean with those beautiful blue eyes. His gaze shifted to you. "Just making sure everyone is okay."

Your heart fluttered at his words even if they weren't entirely directed to you. "Yeah yeah we're fine." Dean said before going into the bathroom. You heard the water turn on and assumed he was taking a shower.

"I'm gonna make a run." Sam said. You knew he was tired but he knew about the crush you had on Castiel and figured this was a good time for you to be alone together. Even though he was having headaches and you were worried, you let him go. There was a place not too far from here he could get stuff from. It would take him 10 minutes at the longest to get back.

He left you and Castiel in silence. Cas slowly made his way over to the bed and sat down, smoothing his trench coat out. "I missed you." He said softly. You sat up, smiling. "I missed you too Castiel. It hasn't been as fun without you around."

You scooted closer to him and put your head on his shoulder. "Check this out." You said, pulling up the Pokemon GO app. Castiel seemed fascinated by the blue Gyarados on the loading screen. A map popped up with a person in the middle of it and you rotated it to see what was around. After a few moments a pidgey appeared. You tapped it and it pulled up the capture screen. "What is that?" He asked, pointing at the screen.

"It's a pidgey, a kind of Pokemon." You said, swiping a ball towards the small bird. "Pokemon?" Cas asked. "Are they real?"

You laughed. "I wish. They're really cool little monsters. I always wished they were real." The pidgey broke out of the pokeball and you threw another one at it."

"Can I try?" He asked, eyes full of curiosity. You smiled and handed him your phone. "Sure. But I don't think there's much around here. We might have to go find more." You said.

He looked at you in confusion. "What do you mean 'go find more'? I thought they weren't real?"

You giggled, thinking his unawareness of the game made you excited. He seemed like he truly cared about it unlike Sam and Dean. You finally had a Pokemon GO buddy.

"The game works using a GPS. Pokemon spawn in different areas and you have to walk around in the real world to find them in the game." You explained. He didn't seem to grasp the subject and stared at you blankly.

Dean came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. You had to admit he was good looking, but he was kind of scary. Not the person you'd want to fuck with if he was in a bad mood.

"Cas and I are going to look for Pokemon. We'll be back in a while. Sam went for a run." You said, standing. Castiel did the same and Dean grunted in acknowledgement. Cas followed you outside and you continued to explain the works of the game as the two of you walked. A Ratatta appeared and you let Cas catch it. You showed him all the ones you'd already caught and pronounced the names for him.

Soon enough there was a gym on the map and Castiel asked what it was. "It's a Pokemon gym. Pokemon trainers battle their Pokemon as a test of strength and strategy. There's 3 teams in this game and that gym belongs to team Valor. I'm on team Instinct so I can't take that gym unless I battle it."

"Battle it then!" He said enthusiastically. "You have to be the best!"

You laughed, "I don't like taking over gyms. I like hatching eggs and catching them."

"You have to teach me more, Y/N." He said, "this is a really cool game. Almost as cool as you."

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