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Jackson is a boy who comes from a middle class family, Emily is royalty but the love between these two people is new and exciting. Emily is keeping her secret of being royalty from Jackson to protect him...

Her father the King disapproves and lets slip that Emily is royalty.

Will these two souls be able to conquer the obsticles they face?


9. Jackson's P.O.V


    Every Saturday for five months Emily and I saw each other and now it was our sixth month anniversary. I have fallen for her so quickly, Emily and mum get on like they had known each other forever but there’s still one thing I didn’t know about Emily and that was who her parents were.

    For our anniversary tonight I figured we should celebrate it in the meadow where we had our first date. We were going to meet at six o’clock like last time, have dinner and lay under the stars. Emily was special to me and tonight I am going to tell her I love her.

    “You should go. You wouldn’t want to be late.” Mum said as she rushed me out the door.

    “Alright...I’m going.”

    I made my way to the meadow with a basket full of food and a drink for us. I had a blanket and two small pillows for us to lay our heads on.

    When I got there at six, Emily wasn’t there but there were two people standing where I was going to set everything up. They turned and looked at me, one of them I recognized, and it was the King.

    “King Tony.” I said shocked.

    “Good afternoon, Jackson. May I ask what brings you to the meadow?”

    I looked at the King and he looked like someone I knew. “I’m having a date here, my Highness.”

    “Jackson, please call me Tony.”

    Just then Emily came running through the trees and towards the King and I but then she stopped.

    “Emily!” I called but she just looked at me. I put the basket and everything down, walked towards her then said “It’s the King. You don’t need to be afraid of him.”

    She looked me and started panicking when she saw the King making his way towards Emily and I. “Jackson, you need to understand something, it’s very important...” before she could carry on the King said “Yes, Emily my daughter do tell young Jackson here who I am.”

    I looked at Emily confused. “I wanted to tell you...” Emily started to cry. “I hated lying to you and I was going to tell you tonight...” Emily put her hands on my arm but I pushed them away. “Jackson, please.”

    “Please what, Emily? You had six...seven months to tell me and then I find out like this. The King is your father which makes you the Princess...so what? I told you long ago that I didn’t care not that I actually knew it was you...”

    I started walking off then Emily gently grabbed my arm. “Jackson...I can’t lose you.”

    I stopped, looked at Emily and said “You just have.”

    I turned away from her and my heart broke into pieces. I guess I know why she didn’t tell me about her parents but still, she hid something that big from me. I picked up the basket, blanket and pillows then walked away, as I did I heard Emily crying and it hurt me to hear that.

    I fell in love with the Princess but now I’m never going to marry her. I had to say what I said to let Emily forget me and I know it’s not going to be easy for her or me.

    I got home and mum asked “What happened?”

    “Nothing, you knew...” It had just hit me that she knew Emily was the Princess. “You knew she was the Princess.”

    Mum replied softly. “Yes but she made you smile even when you didn’t know, I thanked her for that, Jackson.”

    I went to my room and stayed there for the rest of the weekend. On Monday, I got to work and Mr Heller asked “How did it go?”

   “It didn’t, turns out she’s the Princess...” I said as I put the apron on. Mr Heller said “I know son, I’m sorry for not telling you.”

   “Its okay, Mr Heller. I’m just

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