Everything about you

Jackson is a boy who comes from a middle class family, Emily is royalty but the love between these two people is new and exciting. Emily is keeping her secret of being royalty from Jackson to protect him...

Her father the King disapproves and lets slip that Emily is royalty.

Will these two souls be able to conquer the obsticles they face?


5. Jackson's P.O.V


    I arrived at the meadow ten minutes early to set everything up. I bought a blanket to sit on, a few pillows to lie on, some water and cupcakes that I baked myself and a white rose for Emily.

    Before I left the house mum asked “Where are you off to?”

    I replied “Just out, mum, don’t wait up.”

    It had chilled a bit since I last saw Emily but the first thing I thought when Emily left was what am I going to wear. After an hour I decided to wear a navy blue, V-neck sweater over a white top and dark blue denim jeans.


    I turned around and saw Emily walking towards me. I was stunned, her skin was glowing in the light and her hair looked redder than it did earlier, her eyes shimmered like water in the sun light and her smile looked so angelic. “Wow! You look absolutely beautiful, Emily.”

    “Thank you, so do you...I mean...handsome.” Emily said as she blushed.

    I laughed and said “I get what you mean and thank you.”

    We stood there for a second then I nervously said “I bought a blanket, pillows, water and...” I handed Emily the rose. “This rose is for you.”

    Emily gracefully took the rose I gave her and said “It’s beautiful, thank you.”

    She looked down and asked “Are those cupcakes?”

    Emily looked at me then I replied “Yes...I made them myself. Would you like to try one?”

    “Yes, please.”

    We both sat down on the blanket, Emily placed the rose down next to her on the blanket as I gave her a cupcake. She peeled back the paper cup then took a bite, a little sigh escaped her and I knew she liked it.

    “This is amazing...is it vanilla?” She asked when she swallowed the rest of the mouthful.

    “It is...my favourite actually.” I said before I took another bite of my cupcake.

    “Mine too...” Emily and I looked at each other then she looked up at the sky.

    “When I was younger I would come here at night and watch the stars. I would try and make objects out of them...I’ve never seen the sunset though.”

    “Really” I asked shocked.

    “Really...can I ask you something personal, Jackson?” Emily asked and I was honestly worried but Emily feels like the type of person I could tell anything to, I replied “I guess.”

    “Was your dad...in the coalmine accident?”

    As soon as Emily asked that my world came crashing down. It still hurt to talk about my dad, even to my mum but we were finally moving forward.

    I looked at Emily and nodded but then she asked “What was he like?”

    For at least two or three hours I talked about my dad to Emily, I told her memories of dad and I. “I miss him, you know. To me he was my best friend but...the day of his funeral something happened.”

    “You met the Princess...” Emily said.

    I smiled and said “Yes but at the same time I didn’t care that she was...I still don’t.”

    “That’s good to know...” Emily stood up and said “I have to get home.”

    I stood up and asked “Why do you have to do that?”

    She hesitated for a second then replied “My parents don’t know that I’m here so...I’m probably going to be in trouble.”

    Emily started to walk off then I saw the rose on the blanket. “Emily, wait!” I picked up the rose and ran up to her. “Don’t forget this.”

    I gave her the rose which she took and said “Thank you, Jackson.” Emily kissed my cheek then she walked off into the night.

    I definitely wasn’t going to forget that anytime soon and I can’t wait until I see her again.

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