Styles Inc.

I met someone.
He made me feel something. He made me feel my feelings. He wanted to show me the true meaning of love feelings. But he was a player. Could I trust him? Am I willing to trust him? What if I'm too late to tell him that I care?

Read to find out Emma Warren's and Harry Styles' story of how they built up a wall of trust, loyalty, love, lust, passion and so on....


7. Chapter Seven


Emma's P.O.V.


"Mom? Hi!," I said, picking up my phone from my bed.

Harry followed me in and sat down on my bed.

"Honey, how are you? We haven't talked in such a long time!," she said, sounding slightly disappointed.

"I know mom, I'm so sorry. It's just that my life got so busy right now...I became the manager at the Styles Company and I'm currently on a business trip, in Miami, with Mr. Styles himself..-"

"At the Styles Company!?," Mom exclaimed.

I saw Harry chuckled in the corner of my eyes. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. 

"Sorry, sorry," he whispered, getting up to get the remote.

"Yes mom, I got a job, as a manager, at the Styles Company," I repeated myself.

"Honey! That's so....I'm so proud of you!!!" 

"Thank you mom. I've been working at the company for almost three weeks now," I said.

"Wow, how's everything going so far?"

"Very good, I'm enjoying it," I said, looking at Harry. He smirked.

"What about Mr. Styles? What's he like?, "she asked

"EMMA KNOWS MR. STYLES!!??," I heard my younger sister, May, yell.

"Yes sweetheart, go back to your homework now," mom said. I giggled.

"EMMA! You just GOTTA marry him. Oh my gosh! Please tell me you guys are dating!?," she asked, now clearly by the phone.

"No May, we are not dating, we are friends though," I answered. Harry coughed, but I didn't look at him.

"May! Go do your homework, young lady!," mom said, a little louder now.

"Okaayyy, love you Em, and I miss you so so muchies!!," May said.

"Love you and miss you tons too May," I said, smiling.

"Sorry about that honey. Can I ask where is Mr. Styles now?," mom asked.

"Currently watching TV, beside me," I said.

"Goodness! Did he hear what May said!?"

"Yes, but it's fine mom. He doesn't mind," I said.

"You must be really good friends then."

"Yeah...," I said, trailing off a bit.

"Well, I don't want to disturb anything. After all you are on a business trip..."

"Mom no, it's fine really. How's Jaz?," I asked, mentioning my older, married, sister, Jasmine.

"She's doing fine. Although, she wants you here, when the baby comes," mom said.

"I'll be sure to come home for that. When's the baby due?,'' I asked.

"In a month, I'm pretty sure."

"Yeah, I'm sure I'll be able to take a vacation and come home."

Harry looked at me, already nodding his head, looking at my legs. I snapped my fingers at him to snap him out of it, and mouthed, "My face is up here". He smirked at that.

"So, I asked before...what's Mr. Styles like?," mom asked.

"He's very nice. Intelligent. Smart. Very kind and polite," I said.

"That's good to hear. Do you and him could...?"

"Mom no! He has a girlfriend!," I said.

Harry threw a pillow at me this time. I frowned at him, mouthing "You know it's true".

"Oh, well that changes everything. know any other guys?," mom asked.

"No mom. I still didn't find anyone whom I have feelings for. I question myself almost every day if I do have feelings at all. Mom what is a feeling? How do you feel a feeling?," I asked.

"Honey, a feeling is an emotional state or reaction. It shows emotion and sensitivity.  How do you feel a feeling?...well honey, that's something only you can figure out on your own. For example, if you'll find the right one, you get all these tingling sensations in your body. You want to be with him every hour, minute, second, of every day, month, year. That's how i felt when I met your father," she said.

"I want to be in love, like you and dad were and are in love, 'till today," I said, smiling.

"You'll find the one honey, don't worry. Jazzy, found hers, and you'll find yours too," she said.

"Thanks mom...for having hope in me," I laughed.

"Now honey, I know my beautiful daughter will find someone, I don't need hope. I just know it," she said.

"Yeah, well mom, I'm going to go now, I'll be sure to call you back when I get back to New York on Monday, or Tuesday," I said.

"Okay honey, have fun....if you can," mom said.

"I will mom. They have an outdoor pool in this hotel, and I'm so ready to try it out," I said.

"Sweet beans! Then go, go, go. Have fun in your spare time, don't waste it on me," she said.

I laughed.

"Bye mom," I said.

"Bye honey. I love you."

"I love you too," I said and we hung up.

I sighed and put my phone on the bed, looking at Harry, who was looking directly at me.

"What?," I asked.

"Your conversation got me interested," he said.

"What about it?"

"About the feelings."

I blushed and looked down.

"Have you ever been in all?," he asked.

"I don't know...I don't know whats it like to be in love," I said.

Harry got up, and walked in front of me.

"I can show you what it's like to be in love, if you want me to," he said, slowly backing me up onto the bed.

"Harry no," I said, shaking my head, losing eye contact with him.

"Why not?"

"Because, you have a girlfriend," I said, getting up.

"Em, I told you...I don't love her," he said.

I gulped. He used a nickname on me, and I must say, it was darn cute.

"But she does, and like I told you... It'll break her heart into millions of pieces more, if she figures out you've been cheating on her, because Harry, the truth always comes out," I said, looking at him.

He frowned.

"Now if you'll please excuse me, I want to get changed and go to the pool," I said.

And just as I said it, Harry's phone started ringing. He sighed and left my room. I smiled and closed and locked the door, going over to my suitcase and pulling out the one piece blue bikini that Lily got me.

I put it on, and I realized that she got me one of those, sexy ones. The kinds that I've seen the Kardashian s wear. 

I looked myself in the mirror. Well, my butt looked good. I was always proud of my body.

I got a bikini wax before I left, so my bikini line was nice and smooth.

I pulled out a pair of shorts and grabbed my beach bag, putting all my stuff from my bag into it, including sunscreen, my phone and sunglasses. I got my flip-flops and I was ready to roll.

I walked out, still without my shorts on and walked over to see if there was anything in the fridge. Surprisingly there was.

"Emma the-....Damn," Harry said, walking into the small kitchen.

I turned around.

"Can I help you?," I asked, tilting my head sideways.

"I never knew you looked," he said, still scanning my body with his eyes.

"Harry my face is up here, what were you saying?," I asked.

"That the president, moved our meeting from the morning to the late afternoon, so around four'o'clock is the meeting," he said, finally looking at my face.

"Okay, gives us time to sleep in and then eat a good breakfast," I said.

"I'll take care of breakfast," Harry said.

"Fine. Anyways...the fridge is like did it...-"

"I ordered it all," he said.

"Oh...well that makes sense," I said, looking into in and bending down to get a cold water, not meaning to stick my butt at Harry, but then realizing it when I felt his hand on my bum.

"Harry...," I said.

He squeezed my bum, making me bite my lip.

"Wish I could eat that ass of yours out, until you're screaming, so that the whole hotel will know how good I make you feel," Harry whispered into my ear.

I felt wetness in my lower area.

Harry turned me around and quickly got me on the counter-top, making out with me.

I tried pulling away, but like always, my brain said no, my body said yes.

Harry took the hint to kiss down to my neck, earning a small moan that managed to escape my lips. He trailed down to the opening where you could see my boobs, when I quickly pushed him away.

"No...," I said, breathing heavily.

"Why are you saying no, when I know that you damn well want it Emma," Harry said, walking closer to me again.

I jumped off the counter.

"No," I repeated, grabbing my bag and water, heading to the door, slipping my shorts on.

Harry pushed me up against the door, before I could opened it. He slid his hand into my pants and massaged over my private place with two of his fingers.

"I can feel how damp this part is Emma....why are you saying no?," he asked, trying to read my eyes.

I just bit my lip and whimpered, as his fingers brushed against my clitoris.

Harry removed his hand and pressed something hard against my private-ness. I looked down and realized it was his boner. I gulped, looking up to meet his eyes.

"Look what you did to me," he said.

My eyes fluttered and I couldn't utter a word.

"You made that happen love," he said.

My heart almost exploded when he said that word.

Harry noticed this somehow, and grinned.

"You like it when I call you love. Well I could call you anything you'd baby, babe, darling, sweetheart," he said, pressing his forehead to mine, cupping my face with his hand.

I felt weak in the knees.

"Do you know what's going on right now Emma? You are experiencing feelings for me...this is what it feels like to have feelings....this is your weakness baby," he said, and kissed me tenderly.

I gave in. I needed him. I wanted him. There's nothing else that I want more then this man to make love for me. This is so wrong, yet so right. My brain screamed no, my body screamed yes.

I kissed him back, reaching up to tangle my fingers in his hair. He smiled on the kiss and picked my up, wrapping my legs around his waist, pressing me harder against the door.

He quickly slipped his tongue in my mouth, and explored my body with his hands.

I whimpered when he squeezed both of my bum cheeks in his hands. That made him chuckle and he pulled away to look me in the eyes.

"I'll let you go to that pool," he said, placing me down on my feet.

I wanted to say that I want to stay and continue this, but I finally shook myself out of it, and nodded my head.

Harry grinned and walked over to his room.

I took my bag into my hand again, and turned to leave out the door.




         *                               *                               *                              *                                  *                              *            



"Ah, hello Miss Warren," Liam said, opening the pool door for me.

"Hello again," I smiled at him, sliding my sunglasses off a bit.

"Glad that you decided to come outside and enjoying some nice sun, and the water," he said.

"I wouldn't miss it," I said.

He smiled big, and gave me a towel.

I picked a table with two chairs, in a small corner and got undressed, then took my phone out, along with my headphones and laid down on the lounge chair-bed.

After a while I felt a small tap on my back.

I looked up to find Liam crouching down beside me with something black in his hand. Quickly, I pulled my headphones out.

"I was just wondering if you'd like to order anything?," Liam asked, giving me the black thing, which turned out to be a menu.

"Oh thank you. I'll look and see if there's anything I'd like," I said.

"Okay, if you want to order, just wave me over," he said.

I nodded and he left.

I sat up and scanned through what they had to offer. Tequila? Beer? Cocktails? I shook my head. No alcoholic beverages for me.

I waved over to Liam, who quickly came over.

"I'd just like to order a simple lemonade," I said.

"The normal one, or the pink one?," he asked, taking my order.

"Um, the pink one,"  I said.

Liam nodded and wrote it down.

"It'll be ready in a few minutes," he said, taking the menu from me and quickly walking into the small restaurant.

I laid down again, this time on my back, and starred into the blue sky, until Liam came back with my drink.

"Thank you," I smiled, taking it from him.

"My pleasure. So, mind if I sit down over here?," he asked, pointing to the other chair next to me.

"Not at all," I smiled.

"So where are you from?," he asked.

"I'm from California, but I study in New York, were I also have a job at the Styles Company, one of the biggest companies in New York," I said.

"Sweet! How long have you been working there?," he asked.

"A little more then two weeks."


"What about you?," I asked him.

"Well, I'm from England originally. I came to study here in Florida, and this is my summer job," he said.

"Ah, I can tell by your accent that you're not from around here," I said.

He nodded.

"Mr. Styles is also from England, but his father moved here and started a business. When his father was no longer able to run the company, Harry came to America to continue it," I said.

"Interesting. Is this Mr. Styles, a nice guy?," Liam asked.

"Yes, he's very good to his workers," I said.

"I heard he's a womanizer," Liam said.


"I know about the Styles family and company. I've read about them online. Lots of people say that he changes his partner every night." 

"All I know is that he has a girlfriend and is afraid to break up with her cause he'll break her heart," I said.

"That wouldn't stop the man from playing around with other girls. Media says that he's such a charmer, that every girl can fall in love with him, by the way he speaks about her, and before she knows it, she's been used by him."

"Where do you read these things!?," I asked.

"Give me your phone, I'll show you."

I gave him my phone and quickly he found an article about a girl who claimed that she slept with Harry, just last week.

"If you go back a page, there's like ten more articles," Liam said.

"This is insane," I whispered.

"Why? The guys got everything, can't he have every women?," Liam asked.

I got mad. Harry was only trying to charm me. He just wants to charm me, test me, and dump me.

"Changing the's your relationship life?," I asked, then blushed.

Liam laughed.

"It's fine, but rather lonely," he said, finally taking his sunglasses off.

I gasped. 

"Everything okay?," he asked.

"Yes, it's just.....I didn't know such a handsome face was hiding under those glasses," I said.

He chuckled.

"Thank you for the compliment," he smiled.

"LIAM!?," I heard someone yell.


"You're shift just ended, enjoy the rest of your day!"

"Thanks John! See you tomorrow!," Liam yelled.

"Your in work right?," I asked.

Liam nodded.

"Mind if I take my shirt off?," he asked.

"Not at all, you are outside by the pool Liam," I said.

He smiled and pulled his shirt over his head.

I gulped. His body looked so much different from Harry's. It looked like he trained in a gym two times a day, seven days a week. His abs were more visible then Harry's, and his biceps where even bigger.

Liam caught me starring.

"I decided to start working out. People thought I wouldn't be able to ever look fit," he said.

"Why would anyone say that?," I asked, meeting his eyes with mine.

He shrugged. I stretched myself out.

"Wanna go take a dip in the pool with me?," I asked.

"You bet I do," he smiled, getting up and helping me up.




         *                               *                               *                              *                                  *                              *                        


Liam and I spent the rest of the day together by the poolside. We got dinner together at the outdoor restaurant, we took a walk down the board walk by the hotel, then we took another dip in the pool.

The sun was setting already and Liam brought me out to the beach. We laid down on two towels and enjoyed the last seconds of the sunlight.

"Today was amazing," I said.

Liam turned his head to look at me.

"I can agree," he smiled.

"Thank you for spending time with me, when you could of gone and spent some better time with people you know better," I said.

"Nonsense! Spending time with you was better then if I spent it with fifteen of my best buddies," he said.

I blushed and smiled, hiding my face.

"Hey...Emma...," he said, gently touching my skin.

I looked up at him, the sun rays beaming on his face.

He found my hand and intertwined our fingers together.

"Wanna do something crazy, yet fun?," he asked.

I nodded.

He got up and helped me up.

"Let's run into the water then, and chase after the sun," he said.

I giggled but nodded.

We ran all the way to the shoreline and into the warm sea water.

I of course tripped and fell into the water, but Liam came back to me and helped me up.

That was the moment I realized how close we were to each other.

"'re the most beautiful girl I have ever met.."

"Shh," I silenced him with my finger and slowly replaced it with my lips.

Liam smiled and quickly kissed back, picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist.

We kissed for a long time, until the sun was long gone.

"Hey kids, you might wanna get a room, the beach will be closed soon," some lady said, who was walking by.

Liam looked at her.

"Yes ma'am," he said.

I giggled and Liam put me down, taking my hand in his.

"Let me take you to your room," he smiled.





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