Styles Inc.

I met someone.
He made me feel something. He made me feel my feelings. He wanted to show me the true meaning of love feelings. But he was a player. Could I trust him? Am I willing to trust him? What if I'm too late to tell him that I care?

Read to find out Emma Warren's and Harry Styles' story of how they built up a wall of trust, loyalty, love, lust, passion and so on....


1. Chapter One


Emma's P.O.V.


What is a feeling? Is it something only one person can feel, or can it be shared among two people? Or three? 
These questions stormed my mind as I got ready one morning. A feeling....what is a do you feel a feeling? Is it when you meet a special person and he or she makes you feel like never before and you experience a wonderful feeling? But do both sides feel the same thing? Well of course they must be in love....what is love? How do you feel love? What's it like to be in love? 

I shook my head. Enough of the overthinking. 

Back to the point. I was getting ready. Oh right, guess you can call it a special morning today because today was my job interview day. Hurray right? 

Anyways, I'm Emma Warren, one of the three children in the Warren family. I could ramble on for a long time, telling you about my life, but let me keep it short and simple...:

   Emma Warren. 19. From California, but currently lives in New York on a college campus with her best friend, Lily. Single. Loves animals, like a lot. Needs a job, well duh. Favorite color: green. Tries to see the good in everyone and everything. Fun and positive person, you'll never get bored with me, except I might be really quiet and shy at first. I judge people (if I must) by their personality never by their looks. And about the weather right now, it's hot and summery...since it's summer here in New York.

That's about it. If I missed anything I'll probably mention sometime later on.

So, back to today. It was a Saturday morning; yes my boss wanted to interview me on a Saturday, which gets me thinking...will I work on weekends? Who knows?

I stumbled out of the bathroom, looking at the time: 8:40 am.

Damn, my interview is in an hour and twenty minutes, and I'm still not ready.

I quickly did my make-up, while putting my clothes on, a pair of ordinary black pants,with a plain white shirt and a thin sweater. I pulled my chocolate-brown hair back into a ponytail and ran down the stairs to find my best friend and roommate Lily, drinking coffee at the table.

I quickly went to get some for myself, but Lily stopped me.

"Heya, coffee and breakfast is already on the table for you, my dear," she said.

"Thank you so much Lily, you're a lifesaver!," I said, sitting down and gulping the food down.

"So, you excited for your interview?," she asked, after a while.

"Why should I be excited?," I asked.

"Because, the Styles Company is run by the owners son, Mr. Harry Styles and I'm not gonna lie, he's pretty hot,"she said.

"Lil, I don't care what he looks like, I just need the job," I said.

"Whatever you say," she said, laughing and getting up, letting her blonde hair out of her messy bun.

I finished my breakfast quickly, and grabbed my job form, purse, and keys, checking myself in the mirror one last time.

"Bye Lil," I called, before I opened the front door.

"Bye Em, have fun," she said. 

 I rolled my eyes and walked out to my blue Fiat. Once I got in I looked at the time 9:25 am.

Damn it! I quickly started the car and gassed away.



*                          *                            *                            *                        *                        *                     *                     *


I arrived at the Styles building, one of the largest buildings in New York, at 10:03 am, which meant I was late. I got my form and purse, and quickly clambered out of my car, locking it behind me.

I looked up at the building.
                                                                          it said on the top.

I gulped and walked inside.  The building was quite fancy inside, lots of elegantly dressed men ready to help you find your way around. The furniture was elegant, some even decorated in gold. Mistresses walking here and there, dressed in skirts and business suits. Right away I felt that I most definitely don't fit in here.

"May I help you miss?," one mistress asked me.

"Yes, I'm looking for Mr. Styles' office," I said.

"Oh, that'll be on the last floor, once you get there someone will escort you into his office," she said, smiling.

"Oh thank you," I said and made my way to the elevator.

I looked at the buttons. Floor #50 - Mr. Styles' Office. I pressed that one.

I got butterflies in my stomach and I immediately started feeling unwell. The door finally opened and I faced a desk where a woman was standing, like one of those 'front desk' desks.

The floor was covered in shiny white tiles. White furniture was almost everywhere, decorated with different colors of orchids. Soft music was playing in the back.

"May I help you?," the woman asked.

"I, uh, I'm here for a job interview with Mr. Styles," I said, still looking around.

"Ah yes. Miss Warren, right?"


"Right this way, Mr. Styles is waiting for you, "she said, leading me down the hallway to two huge doors.

"Hold on," she said, and stuck her head into his office.

"Mr. Styles?"

"Yes?," I heard a deep British accent.

"Miss Warren is here to see you," she said.

"Ah yes, let her in Sophie," he said.

The woman gestured me in.

I walked in to what looked like any ordinary office. Mr. Styles was sitting in his desk chair, his back to me.

I bit my lip, and cleared my throat.

He quickly spun around.

I gasped once I saw him.

He had shoulder-length hair, with piercing green eyes. He was dressed in a darker grey tux, with a white shirt and matching tie. You could see his biceps through his suit. He stood up, buttoning his tuxedo  button. I couldn't help but stare at how big his hands were. My mind began to wonder what it would feel like if his hands......stop it Emma!

"Miss Warren, am I right?," he asked, walking towards me, making me snap out of it.

"Y-yes, that's me," I said.

He chuckled a bit, giving me his hand.

"Mr. Styles, nice to meet you," he said.

"Nice to meet you too," I said, shaking his hand, which was firm and oh-so-soft!

"Have a seat," he said, gesturing me to a chair across from his.

I sat down and placed my job form on my lap.

"Is that the form?," he asked, after sitting down and eyeing the folder.

"Yes, it is...I filled out everything and I hope I can qualify for the job," I said, giving him the form.

He opened it and read it through.

I took that time to look around the room.

He had a TV in here, with a couch, and also a small table with a chair, which I assume is where he ate his food. I must mention that the view was amazing, he didn't have walls in his office just windows, well except the one wall with the door out, so you mainly could see all of New York.

"I must say, you're form interests me," he said after a while.

"What do you mean by that?," I asked.

"I still need to think it over, I'll probably call you tomorrow if you qualify or not," he said.

"Oh, I understand," I said.

"But until you have any specific questions?," he asked.
"Uh, yes...will I work on weekends?," I asked.

"Would that suit you?"

"No. I'd like to have my weekends off, please," I said.

"Very well, I'll make sure of that."

I nodded, biting my lip.

"Is there anything else?"

"I don't think so..."

"Tell me about yourself," he asked, getting up.

"Wh-what?," I asked, kind of shocked at his question.

He chuckled.

"Tell me about you," he repeated himself.

"There is not much to know about me. I'm just me," I said.

"Just you?"

"Yeah," I said, looking up to meet his eyes.

"How do you judge people?," he asked, leaning against the desk in front of me.

"I try not to judge them...but if I do, I always judge them by their personality not by their looks."

"Are you single?," he asked.

"Yes," I said, a little above a whisper.

He nodded and looked out the window.

"Are you?," I said, still in a tiny voice.

He quickly turned to look at me.

"I'd prefer not to state," he said, straightening up and walking back behind his desk.

I nodded, and looked down at my hands.

"So, how did you hear about the position here?," he asked, sitting down.

"I got an email from a friend of mine that works here in the city, but I don't know where she heard it from," I answered.

"Must of been going 'round the city. Since our company is quite famous and pays well. People line up in lines to get even the smallest job here," he said.

"I care a lot about your workers...even the lowest ones. I was quite lucky to get an interview with you today, about the manager position," I said.

He raised an eyebrow.

"How do you know that I care really well for my workers, even the lowest ones?"

"I don't know for sure, but maybe it's cause you have a heart...and you're moved with pity for those people," I said.

"Indeed that is so. You do know how to judge people," he said, smiling a bit.

"I'm not judging only you seem as a wonderful person, since I haven't heard anyone complaining about your business or about you," I said.

"Really? So you did heard about my company before?"

"Well, some of my friends talk about it, since they keep talking and rambling on on how hot you are," I said, and then quickly covered my mouth.

Mr. Styles chuckled.

"I-I'm sorry," I said.

"Do you think I'm hot?," he asked.

"No....I mean....yes," I said, whispering the last part.

He grinned a bit.

"Okay, let's change the subject. Have you had any former jobs before applying to this one?," he asked.

"I was an assistant manager in one of the stores near my house during my first two years of college, but then the owner had to close the store down, because he moved away to his home county in Germany," I said.

"Oh, interesting, so are you interviewing with other companies, stores, or other places to work besides my company?," Mr. Styles said.

"Not currently, this is the first job interview I've come to ever since I lost my other job," I said.

"What do you like to do outside of work?," he asked, eyeing me.

"I like to spend time with my friends and family. I enjoy spending my free time with my nose in a good book, or going to the gym," I said.

"What are your weaknesses?," he asked.

I bit my lip.

"My weaknesses.....," I said, thinking.

Mr. Styles leaned back in his chair awaiting my response, quite curious.

" this question necessary?," I asked.

"If it makes you uncomfortable, then I won't force you into answering," he said, grinning.

"Thank you," I said, looking down.

"But, I'd like an answer to that by the end of next week, if I hire you," he said, standing up.

"Okay," I said.

He looked outside the window, thinking.

"Well, Miss Warren, I'll let you know by late tomorrow if you have the job as the manager or not," he said.

"Okay," I said, standing up, kind of happy to be leaving.

"It was nice to meet you in person," he said.

"Mr. Styles, you have a call on line one," a woman said, peeking in through the door.

"Tell them to hold," Mr. Styles said.

I looked back at him once the woman left.

"Let me lead you to the elevator," he said.

"N-no, there's no need for that," I said.

"Of course there is, you are my guest after all," he said, leading me to the door and opening it, and then leading me towards the elevator.

"I'll call you somewhere in the late afternoon tomorrow. I still need to reread the form and see if you qualify. Also, if I accept you, I'll be training you on Monday, so be prepared," he said, looking at me intently.

"Okay," I said, biting my lip.

He looked down at my lips and back at my eyes, just as the elevator door opened.

"Goodbye, Emma," he said, using my first name.

"Goodbye, Harry," I said.

He smiled and slightly nodded his head, as the elevator doors closed.

"Oh my gosh," I breathed, looking up at the ceiling of the elevator, trying to catch my breath.

Lily was right! He's so hot that the room even gets steamy when he's in it.

Once the door opened, I ran to my car outside. Rain started pouring down, but I just stood there and gasped for air.

"Ma'am, would you like to use my umbrella?," a lady asked.

"N-no thank you ma'am, I'm just getting in my car," I said, opening it.

"Okay," she smiled and went on.

I got into my car and started it, then I gassed off towards my apartment.



*                         *                                *                            *                            *                                 *                            *


"I told you!," Lily said, as I put dinner on the table.

"Yes, I know...and I should of listened to you," I said.

" he as charming as they say he is?"

"He's okay," I said, sitting down.

"Okay? The hottest guy probably in the whole world and you say he's okay!?"

"Well yeah, you know I don't care how a guy looks like, I care about his personality," I said.

"Girl you need to stop with that. He's probably the nicest, kindest, most amazing human being. And I think he's also a good lover, if you know what I mean," Lily said, winking.

"Lil, he's my boss and manager, so stop it, okay?," I said.

"Well you still don't know if you got the job," she said.

"I know, I know...but if I do get it, you need to stop, okay?," I asked.

"Fine," she said.

I sighed and started eating.

"Are you going to the gym tomorrow?," Lily asked.

"You know my Sunday schedule," I said.

"Just asking, because Mr. Styles will be calling," she said.

"I'll have my phone with me at all times, so I'll be ready to answer it," I said.

"Especially if you're running. Ohhhh Mr. Styles....deep breath....yessssss it's meeeee," Lily said.

"Lily stop it!," I said, throwing a crumbled up napkin at her.

"Sorry, sorry," she said.

"I hate you," I said.

"I hate you too darling," she said.

"So....he asked me if I'm single, during the interview," I said.

"You know that that wasn't part of the interview girl."

"I know, so I asked him if he's single..."


"And he said "I prefer not to state"," I said.

"Oh c'mon!," Lily whined.

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking."

"Do you think he has a girlfriend?"

"I really don't know...," I said, taping the fork on my plate, while gazing out into the distance.

"Down to earth for Emma!," Lily said, waving her hand in my face.

"Sorry, it's just that his hands....are so big," I said, prompting myself on my hand.

"Imagine just what it would be like to feel them-"

"Stop! He's my boss Lily! It's not going to happen," I said, finally snapping out of it.

"Whatever you say," she said, finishing her food and carrying the empty plate to the sink.

I sighed and finished mine.

"I'm going to take a shower now, see you later. Maybe we could watch a movie tonight?," Lily asked, before going up the stairs.

"Sure, sounds fun to me," I said, nodding.

"Okay then, it's a girls night. Get the popcorn popping!," she said, over her shoulder.

I walked into the kitchen and placed a popcorn bag into the microwave. Then I went up to my room and took a shower too.

Hopefully Mr. Styles will call me tomorrow and I'll get the job. And hopefully I don't die too fast while being in his presence.






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