The Other Half

The Dursleys were perfectly happy living in a perfectly normal neighborhood, in a perfectly normal house with a perfectly normal family. And that seemed to be the case for them until they took in their niece and nephew, who just so happened to be the exact opposite of normal. Harry and McKenzie were the twin children of Lilly and James Potter who tragically died just after the twins were born. Petunia, being the only living relative of the two, took the twins into her care along with her husband Vernon and their son Dudley.


3. 2

"Expeliarmous." McKenzie screamed as she blew a strand of her brown, curly hair out of her face. Joshua's wand flew out of his hand and he looked over at her, gasping for air.

"Alright, I guess that's enough for the day." He managed to say, his heart racing and lungs trying to catch some oxygen. McKenzie was just the same. She had her hands rested on her knees, sweat sliding down her face, her blood racing through her veins.  "Give." Joshua said gesturing toward her. She handed him her wand, which wasn't really hers, and walked over to the door. He took her wand and the collar of her shirt as he unlocked the door. He pulled her outside and walked her to a room only a couple of doors down. "You wont be getting food tonight because of what happened earlier today but I'll give you this because you worked so hard today." He handed her a water bottle and before his hand reached out toward her, she had snatched it out of his hand. She opened the bottle and within only a few seconds the water was gone. He looked her up and down and licked his lips. McKenzie shivered but tried to act like she didn't notice.

"Even when you're drenched in sweat you're still a babe." He said getting closer to her. She jumped away from him and against the wall. He let out a few slow chuckles. "Fine. Then you can just stay in that horrid, dark , cold room you call home. Just go to sleep and rest for tomorrow's training." He said as he shoved her through the door. Once again she collapsed onto the floor and was unable to pick herself up. He slammed the door shut and McKenzie could hear the click of the lock as she slowly closed her eyes. "Good night pet." Joshua said laughing and walking away.

The small, cold room suddenly filled with silence. The floor she was lying on was cold as ice, but since she had been training for hours it was a nice relief. She rolled over onto her back to cool the other side of her body. Her head was facing straight up toward the ceiling. She then looked out the small, circular sky light. Out of everything in the house, this was the thing she liked. This was her only way to see into the outside world. Many times at night, instead of lying on the old mattress she was given to sleep on, she would lay directly under the sky light so she could gaze at the stars as she fell asleep. While she usually was quite sore the next day, she thought it was worth it to gaze up at the beautiful night sky. 

She had no idea what time it was but, she could tell night was coming as they sky was turning from a nice light blue into a deep sea blue. She noticed a single cloud in the sky and watched as it slowly drifted out of view of the sky light. She sighed and sat up, pulling her knees close to her chest. 

Her light blue eyes soon filled with tears and she began to cry. Seven years. It had been seven long years since she had eaten correctly, had a proper full nights sleep, been outside the cramped little house and worst of all, had a positive interaction with another human being. She missed her brother everyday and thought about him all the time. He was the only thing keeping her going. Just simply knowing that he was out there, living and happy, kept her moving. 

McKenzie knew what she was being trained to do. Help kill her brother. She knew this and when the time came, she was going to do everything in her power to stop them. That's why she tried when she was trained. That's why she gave it her all and really tried to learn and do well in her training. Not because if she didn't she would be beaten, not because she wouldn't get fed, because she knew she had the chance to help her brother in the end when it really mattered. When it was going to come down to life or death, she was going to be there to make sure the choice was life. 

As she snapped out of her thoughts, McKenzie noticed that the sky was completely black, with the exception of the many starts that filled the sky. She smiled as she gazed up at the stars and thought about the hope of seeing and saving her brother in a matter of years. Her eyes were slowly starting to shut as she began to drift off to sleep when suddenly a loud bang came from a couple rooms down. She sat straight up her eyes now focusing on the door. Her heartbeat began to pick up. This was very unusual. Every now and then she would hear her captives smashing wine bottles as they drank the night away. But this was no wine bottle. It sounded like a door being busted in half. 

McKenzie then heard an unfamiliar voice and two other familiar voices screaming back. Next came a dozen curses and crashes of objects flying from the walls and crashing to the floor. What she assumed was fighting suddenly stopped. The lock on the door was suddenly being messed with, but who ever it was, was unsuccessful at unlocking the door. Then, what sounded like a man's voice was cleared and he caste a spell, making the door split in half, creating the same loud noise from earlier. McKenzie's back was now pressed firmly against the wall and her eyes were wide open with fear. A dark figure entered the door and walked over to her. She expected the figure to harm her, but instead a hand was extended to her. She cautiously starred at the man and didn't accept his offer. 

"Take my hand." A deep, slow voice said to her.

"W-who are you?" McKenzie questioned before making any rash decisions.

"My name is Severous Snape. I'm a professor at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I've been sent by Dumbledore to save you." He said, his arm still extended to help her up. She slowly took his hand and she was pulled quickly to her feet. "There is no time to waste, we must leave. Now." He said turning on his heels and swiftly making his way toward the entrance to the house. McKenzie followed, though still hesitant.

"Why did you all wait til now to come save me? I've been gone for seven years." She asked walking out of the little room she has called her own. She entered the grand room of the house and saw her three captives lying on the floor. She could tell two were dead. Bellatrix was the only one living, though unconscious.

"The dark lord is gone, and this is the most opportune time for us to complete the task."

"How do I know I can trust you?"

"Do you really have a choice?"

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