Cameron Dallas Imagines

If you love Cameron then you probably like imagines. I will take request. Much love to you all❤️


3. Pranks on you!

Jamie's (P.O.V)

I got a surprise for Cameron. Or more of a prank! I'm planning to prank him,by making him believe I'm pregnant. I just wanna see his reaction. Hahaha,I can't wait!

Cameron's (P.O.V)

I finally got home from work. When I walked in I saw Jamie sitting on the couch with a sad expression.

C: "Hey Babe,What's wrong?"

J: "Look Cam I need to talk to you about something serious. I hope you won't get mad." She said as tears filled her eyes.

C: "Babe you're scarring me. What's wrong?"

J: Remember three weeks ago,When we had sex?"

C: "Yes." Why do I feel like I already know where this is headed.

J: "Well, I think the condom broke....cause I'm... I'm pregnant." She said as tears fell from her eyes.

C: "What!? Omg I'm going to be a dad! Yes! I'm so excited!"

Jamie's ( P.O.V)

I felt so bad. He is so excited and it's all just a prank.

C: "Where's the pregnancy test."

J: "Uhm, I threw it out."

C: "Can you take another one just incase?"

J: "yes,sure." What the hell am I doing he's going to be so sad when he finds out.

I get a pregnancy test and take it.

... 30 minutes later

I ran out the bathroom and ran to Cam.

J: "Omg,I'm actually pregnant!"

C: "well yeah that's what you told me."

J: "At first it was just a prank and now I'm actually pregnant."

C: "Wait so at first it was a prank?"

J: "Yeah and now I'm actually having one." Tears fell from my eyes. Am I even ready to be mom!

I started panicking. I am actually having a child."

C: "Babe calm down. Breath in and breath out you'll be okay."

... 9 months later

C: "Babe calm down. Breath in and breath out. You'll be okay."

Doctor: "One more push Mrs.Dallas Your doing an amazing job."

J: "Ahhhhh!" I screamed. It hurt so bad. It felt like my body was on fire."

Doctor: "There the baby is! It's a girl.!"

C: "Omg I'm finally a father!" Cam said tears falling from his eyes.

J: "She looks like you." I said out of breath from all the pushing.

Cameron gave me a passionate kiss.

C: "I love you so much."

J: "I love you too."

Doctor: "What's her name?"

Cam and I looked at eachother.

We both said "Nashley." We name her that cause Nash wanted the baby to be named after him. What a dork.

Can't wait to go home with my husband and daughter.

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