Cameron Dallas Imagines

If you love Cameron then you probably like imagines. I will take request. Much love to you all❤️


7. Leaving...

(Y,n) looked at The house as she parked the car. She smiled as she could finally spend time with her boyfriend. She was so in love with him. She was crushing on him since the 5th grade and now that she is 20, she still can't believe that he noticed her and now they were in a relationship.

She walked up to her house. Her smile dropped. There was a vibe around her that felt like something was going to happen. Not a good vibe. She thought it was all in her head. She felt her heart ache as she walked into the house. She looked around at the familiar living room. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Cam, I'm home!" Her voice echoed into a faded whisper through the house. She heard no response. She just heard rustling of things being moved around upstairs. She knew something was happening. She was scared. She took a deep breath as she walked up the stairs. Her heart thumped faster at every step she took. She was a wobbling mess. Her knees buckling at every step she took. When she finally got up the stairs she looked to the opening of her room to see luggage. Was Cameron going on tour and he didn't let her know? She saw his body bent over, grabbing his clothes from his drawers.

"Baby, where are you going?" She asked, her breath got caught in her throat. Her eyes welling up.

"I'm leaving (y,n). I can't take it any longer." He said with a serious face. His beautiful brown chocolate eyes had no emotion. They were blank.

"W-what? W-why? W-what did I do?" She asked, feeling her heart break in half and her eyes water.

"I just can't. I don't feel the same (y,n). You are just not what I am looking for." He said. Her eye averted to the floor. Her tears making her vision blurry.

"I-it took you four years to see that I was not what you asked for. I gave you everything you asked and more. I'm sorry that My love was not enough. I told you in the beginning. I told you every single fucking day." She said as her finally let go of tears she was trying to hold. He furrowed his eyebrows together at her statement.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

She looked down, shaking her head slowly before looking up at his eyes. There was something in his eyes. She could not recognize. It was a different emotion. She could not stop the tears falling down her cheeks. She took a deep breath, shakily.

"That you would give up on me eventually. Like everyone else in my life has." She said looking into his eyes that went a bit wide. "You can leave if you want. I am not going to stop you. I'd rather see you happy with someone you actually love than with someone you don't love and are suffering with. Just know I still and always will love you." She looked at the promise ring on her finger. She looked at it with love in her eyes. She slid her finger around it and smiled sweetly at the memory of when Cameron first got the ring. She slid the ring off her finger and looked up at Cameron. She walked over to him and took his hand, opening it so his palms can be visible. "Here. Give it to the person that you actually love. She deserves it. You deserve to be happy with her, something I could not give to you. H-have a nice life. I will always love you." She said sobbing as she hugged him and let go of him. "I love you too." She shook her head. "Don't lie to yourself. You don't love me. You love her . Who ever she may be. Goodbye Cameron." She said as he took his luggage and walked out of the door leaving a broken-hearted and sad girl behind.

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