Cameron Dallas Imagines

If you love Cameron then you probably like imagines. I will take request. Much love to you all❤️


5. Fan Fiction!

You were on your phone sitting on the couch with your boyfriend Cameron. You were still a virgin. Cameron said he will wait as long as you need.

Cameron was also on his phone. When he's on his phone nothing can take his attention away from it.

You were on tumbl.r as You're scrolling through you see a dirty Fanfiction of the one and only Cameron Dallas. You were curious as to what it would say. So You started reading it.

"I felt his erection touch my thigh as he kissed me." Okay straight to the dirtiness You thought.

"I reached down to pump his erection. Once I touched he moaned a throaty moan. I'll have to admit it was hot" damn this is intense shit.

You start shifting around in the feeling a very weird sensation in the downstairs compartment. Cameron looked at you confusingly but then looked at his phone.

You kept reading...

"He kissed down my jaw to my neck finding my sweet spot and making me moan." As I read that I touched my neck feeling goosebumps rise all over my body.

"He started kissing right above the hem of my undergarments. Painfully slowly he started pulling my undergarments down kissing the skin as it got exposed."

You could feel the wetness on your underwear. You're trying so hard not to moan because Cam is right next to you.

"He plunges his tongue into you making you moan his name." You couldn't you lost it You moaned. You looked at Cam he slowly looked away from his phone.

C: "What are you doing on that phone?"

Y: "Uhmm Nothing." You say nervously.

He took your phone reading what you reading. He looked at you is eyes were darker than usual. You were scared. His eyes never got that dark.

He crawled on top of you. You guys were face to face. So closed your lips brushed against each other.

C: "Why read it when you could have it." His eyes were so blown out with lust.

You feel yourself get soaked in your underwear.

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